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Volume 17, 14 Issues, 2017

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Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

Formerly: Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents

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Michelle Prudhomme
Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand
Université Clermont Auvergne

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1, 3, 6-Trihydroxy-7-Methyl-9, 10-Anthracenedione Isolated from genus Lindera with Anti-Cancer Activity

Guoqing Wei, Hui Chen, Fangyuan Nie, Xiaofeng Ma and Hezhong Jiang.

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Research Progress in Reversal of Tumor Multi-drug Resistance via Natural Products

Qi Guo, Hongyan Cao, Xianghui Qi, Huikai Li, Peizhi Ye, Zhiguo Wang, Danqiao Wang, Hua Zhou, Jingui Xue and Mingyu Sun.

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Immunopharmacological activity of betulin in inflammation-associated carcinogenesis

Anja Schwiebs and Heinfried Radeke.

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New ferrocene compounds as selective cyclooxygenase (COX-2) inhibitors: design, synthesis, cytotoxicity and enzyme-inhibitory activity

Shabnam Farzaneh, Elnaz Zainalzadeh, Bahram Daraei, Soraya Shahhosseini and Afshin Zarghi.

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4-aryl/heteroaryl-4H-fused pyrans as Anti-proliferative Agents: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation

Dinesh Kumar, Gurpreet Singh, Pooja Sharma, Arem Qayum, Girish Mahajan, M. J. Mintoo, Shashank Kumar Singh, Dilip Manikrao Mondhe, PMS Bedi, Subheet K Jain and Girish Kumar Gupta.

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The Measurement and Mathematical Analysis of 5-Fu Release from Magnetic Polymeric Nanocapsules, following the Application of Ultrasound

Ziaeddin Abed, Samideh Khoei, Behafarid Ghalandari, Jaber Beik, Ali Shakeri-Zadeh, Habib Ghaznavi and Mohammad Bagher Shiran.

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Anticancer properties of a new hybrid analog AD-013 combining a coumarin scaffold with an α-methylene-δ-lactone motif

Angelika Długosz, Katarzyna Gach-Janczak, Jacek Szymański, Dariusz Deredas, Henryk Krawczyk, Tomasz Janecki and Anna Janecka.

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Targeting cell necroptosis and apoptosis induced by Shikonin via receptor interacting protein kinases in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cell line, MCF-7

Zahra Shahsavari, Fatemeh Karami-Tehrani and Siamak Salami.

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The Antitumor Potential of Marine Natural Products: A Mechanistic Investigation

Liping Hu, Jie Ying, Miaomiao Zhang, Xiaoyan Qiu and Yu Lu.

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Genistein induces alterations of epigenetic modulatory signatures in human cervical cancer cells

Madhumitha Kedhari Sundaram, Mohammad Zeeshan Ansari, Abdullah Al Mutery, Maryam Ashraf, Reem Nasab, Sheethal Rai, Naushad Rais and Arif Hussain.

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Antileukemic Properties of Sesquiterpene Lactones : A systematic review

Elaine da Silva Castro, Lívia Azeredo Alves Antunes, Jonathas Felipe Revoredo Lobo, Norman Arthur Ratcliffe, Ricardo Moreira Borges, Leandro Rocha, Patrícia Federal Burth and Lidia Maria Fonte Amorim.

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Human Fibronectin Extra-Domain B (EDB)-Specific Aptide (APTEDB) Radiolabelling with Technetium-99m as a Potent Targeted Tumour-Imaging Agent

Mohsen Mohammadgholi, Nourollah Sadeghzadeh, Mostafa Erfani, Saeid Abediankenari, Seyed Mohammad Abedi, Iman Emrarian, Narjes Jafari and Ramezan Behzadi.

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Molecular characterization of two polysaccharides from Phellinus vaninii Ljup and their anti-tumor activities

Xuewei Jia, Mingqi Gao, Mingzhe Li, Ying Zheng and Chun-Ping Xu.

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Inhibition of proliferation and induction of Apoptosis by Thymoquinone via modulation of TGF family, p53, p21 and Bcl-2α in leukemic cells

Mona Diab Assaf, Josiane Semaan, Marwan El-Sabban, Soad K. Al-Jaouni, Rania Azar, Mohammad Amjad Kamal and Steve Harakeh.

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α-Aroylketene dithioacetal mediated synthesis of (E)-3-(benzo[d]thiazol-2-ylamino)-2-(1-methyl-1H-indole-3-carbonyl)-3-(methylthio)acrylonitrile derivatives and their biological evaluation "

Pravin Bhale, Hemant Vilas Chavan, Sakharam B Dongare, Sagar T Sankpal and Babasaheb P Bandgar.

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Spices with Breast Cancer Chemopreventive and Therapeutic Potentials: A Functional Foods Based-Review

Aliyu Muhammad, Mohammed Auwal Ibrahim, Ochuko Lucky Erukainure, Ibrahim Malami and Auwal Adamu.

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Novel Findings of Anti-cancer Property of Propofol

Jiaqiang Wang, Chien-shan Cheng, Yan Lu, Xiaowei Ding, Minmin Zhu, Changhong Miao and Jiawei Chen.

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VDAC1 mediated anticancer activity of gallic acid in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells

Aikebaier Maimaiti, Amier Aili, Hureshitanmu Kuerban and Xuejun Li.

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Stereocomplexation Assisted Assembly of Poly(g-glutamic acid)-graft-polylactide Nano-micelles and Their Efficacy as Anticancer Drug Carrier

Shulin Dai, Yucheng Feng, Shuyi Li, Yuxiao Chen, Meiqing Liu, Chao Zhang, Wei Zhang and Yihua Yin.

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Effects of Plasma Activated Medium on Head and Neck FaDu Cancerous Cells: comparison of 3D and 2D response

Merbahi Nofel, Julie Chauvin, Patricia Vicendo and Florian Judée.

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Targeting protective catalase of tumor cells with cold atmospheric plasma-treated medium (PAM)

Georg Bauer.

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The Application of the Cold Atmospheric Plasma-Activated Solutions in Cancer Treatment

Dayun Yan, Jonathan H Sherman and Michael Keidar.

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Anethole Inhibits The Proliferation Of Human Prostate Cancer Cells Via Induction Of Cell Cycle Arrest And Apoptosis

Ayman Ibrahim Elkady.

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Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Tax, NF- κB and MMP-9 in Human T-cell Lymphotropic virus type 1 positive malignant T-Lymphocytes

Steve Harakeh, Jihane Khalife, Elias Baydoun, Rania Azar, Ahmed Al- Hejin, Elie Barbour, Esam Azhar, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Soad Al Jaouni, Mona Diab-Assaf, Mohammad Amjad Kamal and Mathias Rath.

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Recent progress of nano-drug delivery system for liver cancer treatment

Feilong Zhou, Fangfang Teng, Peizong Deng, Ning Meng, Zhimei Song and Runliang Feng.

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Design and discovery of novel quinoxaline derivatives as dual DNA intercalators and topoisomerase II inhibitors

Ibrahim H. Eissa, Abeer M. El-Naggar, Nour E.A. Abd El-Sattar and Ahmed S A Youssef.

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Synthesis of new antibacterial Cubane-based nanocomposite and its application in combination cancer therapy

Elham Zakerzadeh, Roya Salehi and Mehrdad Mahkam.

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Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 1, 3-thiazolidine-2, 4-diones as anti-prostate cancer agents

Ramakrishnan Elancheran, Kuppusamy Saravanan, Selvaraj Divakar, Sima Kumari, V. Lenin Maruthanila, Senthamarikannan Kabilan, Muthaiah Ramanathan, Rajlakshmi Devi and Jibon Kotoky.

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