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Volume 22 , 12 Issues, 2015

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Protein & Peptide Letters

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Prof. Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Florida
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A New Phospholipase A2 from Lachesis muta rhombeata: Purification, Biochemical and Comparative Characterization with Crotoxin B
Francielle Almeida Cordeiroa, Tiberio Gracco Kazuhiro Perinia, Cristiane Bregge-Silvaa, Caroline Marroni Cremoneza, Renata Santos Rodriguesb, Johara Boldrini-Francaa, Karla de Castro Figueiredo Bordona, Dayane Lorena Naves De Souzab, David Collares Acheb, Veridiana de Melo Rodriguesb, Wagner Ferreira dos Santosc, Jose Cesar Rosad and Eliane Candiani Arantesa
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Synthesis of new peptide derivatives of galanthamine designed for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
L. Vezenkov, L. Ilieva, D. Danalev, A. Bakalova, N. Vassilev, N. Danchev and I. Nikolova
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Thermodynamic and saccharification analysis of cloned GH12 endo-1,4-β-glucanase from Thermotoga petrophila in a mesophilic host
Ikram ul Haq, Bushra Muneer, Zahid Hussain, Mahmood Ali Khan, Sumra Afzal, Sana Majeed, Fatima Akram and Saira Akmal
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Identification and Characterization of Novel Antioxidant Peptides Involved in Redox Homeostasis of Frog, Limnonectes fragilis
Haining Yu, Xue Qiao, Chen Wang, Shasha Cai, Xuelian Liu, Lan Feng, Hui Wang and Yipeng Wang
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Preparation and Characterization of Monomodal Grapevine Virus A Capsid Protein
V.S. Santana, R.B. Mariutti, R.J Eberle, A. Ullah, I.P. Caruso and R.K. Arni
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Phosphoproteins with Stability against All Urinary Phosphatases as Potential Biomarkers in Urine
Mindi Zhao, Kehui Liuand and Youhe Gao
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Understanding the dual inhibition of COX-2 and Carbonic anhydrase-II by Celecoxib and CG100649 using Density functional theory calculations and other Molecular Modelling approaches
Omkar Singh, Kumar Reddy Kakularam, Pallu Reddanna and Polamarasetty Aparoy
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Analogue of Melanotan II (MTII): A Novel Melanotropin with Superpotent Action on Frog Skin
Liqian Gao, Zhiqiang Yu, Dan Meng, Fang Zheng, Yong Siang Ong, Peng Miao, Su Seong Lee and Longping Wen
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Smac-derived Aza-peptide As an Aminopeptidase-resistant XIAP BIR3 Antagonist
Mohamed A. Elsawy, Irina G. Tikhonova, S. Lorraine Martin and Brian Walker
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Classification of peptides according to their blood-brain barrier influx
Sofie Stalmans, Bert Gevaert, Evelien Wynendaele, Joachim Nielandt, Guy De Tre, Kathelijne Peremans, Christian Burvenich and Bart De Spiegeleer
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Codon and Propeptide Optimizations to Improve the Food-grade Expression of Bile Salt Hydrolase in Lactococcus lactis
Zixing Dong, Juan Zhang, Huazhong Li, Guocheng Du, Jian Chen and Byonghoon Lee
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Para-tyrosine supplementation improves insulin- and liraglutide-induced vasorelaxation in cholesterol-fed rats
Eszter Selley, Szilard Kun, Maria Kurthy, Tibor Kovacs, Istvan Wittmann and Gergo A. Molnar
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Micelle Bound Structure and Model Membrane Interaction Studies of the Peptide Hylin a1 from the Arboreal South American Frog Hypsiboas albopunctatus
Eliane Santana Fernandes Alves, Edson Crusca Junior, Eduardo Maffud Cilli, Mariana S. Castro, Wagner Fontes, Mariana T. Q. de Magalhaes, Luciano Morais Liao and Aline Lima de Oliveira
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Characterization and cloning of an 11S globulin with hemagglutination activity from Murraya paniculata
Anamika Singh, Purushotham Selvakumar, Akhilesh Saraswat, Prabhat PS Tomar, Manisha Mishra, Pradhyumna K Singh and Ashwani Kumar Sharma
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Effect of Mg2+and Al3+ions on thermodynamic and physiochemical properties of Aspergillus niger invertases
Habibullah Nadeem, Muhammad Hamid Rashid and Muhammad Hussnain Siddique
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Heterologous Expression of MeLEA3, a 10 kDa Late Embryogenesis Abundant Protein of Cassava, Confers Tolerance to Abiotic Stress in Escherichia coli with Recombinant Protein Showing in vitro Chaperone Activity
Nicolle Louise Ferreira Barros, Diehgo Tuloza da Silva, Deyvid Novaes Marques, Fabiano Melo de Brito, Savio Pinho dos Reis and Claudia Regina Batista de Souza
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Cloning of a Novel Feruloyl Esterase from Rumen Microbial Metagenome for Substantial Yield of Mono- and Diferulic Acids from Natural Substrates
Dominic W. S. Wong, Gary Takeoka, Victor J. Chan, Hans Liao and Mario T. Murakami
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HIV-Enhancing Factors are Secreted by Reproductive Epithelia Upon Inoculation with Bacterial Vaginosis-Associated Bacteria
Alexander M. Cole, Colleen R. Eade, Camila Diaz, Sixue Chen and Amy L. Cole
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Purification, characterization and in vitro application of a thermostable oxidant- and SDS-stable uricase from a newly isolated Bacillus firmus DWD-33
Essam Kotb
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New Insight on the Synthesis of Neurotoxins Domoic Acid and Kainic Acid
Adriano Mollica, Roberto Costante, Azzurra Stefanucci and Ettore Novellino
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Analysis of Interactions and Dissection of Interfaces Involved in RNA-Protein Recognition
Pinak Chakrabarti and Sumit Biswas
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Ranachensinin:a Novel Aliphatic Tachykinin from the Skin Secretion of the Chinese Brown Frog, Rana chensinensis
Yuxin Wu, Renjie Li, Jie Ma, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, Timothy I McClure, Jiqun Cai, Tianbao Chen and Chris Shaw
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Editorial: Protein Folding, Stability and Interactions
M. Michael Gromiha
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