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Volume 23, 12 Issues, 2016

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Protein & Peptide Letters

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Design and development of nanoemulsion systems containing interferon gamma

Elton B. Ribeiro, Adenilda C. Honorio-França, Eduardo L. França and Maria A G Soler.

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Ribosome-inactivating Proteins from Root Tubers and Seeds of Trichosanthes kirilowii and Other Trichosanthes Species

Xiujuan Ye, Charlene Cheuk Wing Ng, Tzi Bun Ng, Gabriel Hoi Huen Chan, Suzhen Guan and Ou Sha.

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α-Lactalbumin: Of camels and cows

Jennifer M. Redington, Leonid Breydo, Hussein A. Almehdar, Elrashdy M. Redwan and Vladimir N Uversky.

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Evaluation of Moringa oleifera Seed Lectin as a Metal Remover in Aqueous Solutions

José Henrique Edmilson Souza Freirasa, Keissy Vanderley de Santana, Pollyanna Michelle da Silva, Maiara Celine de Moura, Luana Cassandra Breitenbach Barroso Coelho, Aline Elesbão do Nascimento, Patrícia Maria Guedes Paiva and Thiago Henrique Napoleão.

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Anosmin 1 interacts with the prokineticin receptor 2 in vitro indicating a molecular link between both proteins in the pathogenesis of Kallmann syndrome

Verónica Murcia-Belmonte, Verónica Astillero-López and Pedro Felipe Esteban.

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A comprehensive proteomic study of the skin secretions of the frog Lithobates spectabilis

Griselda Demesa Balderrama, Erika Patricia Meneses, Lorena Hernández Orihuela, Victoria Pando-Robles, María Carmen Rodríguez, Carolina Barrientos-Salcedo, Manuel B. Aguilar and Cesar V F Batista.

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Cryptic Peptides from Collagen – A Critical Review

Pradipta Banerjee and C Shanthi.

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Designing, Expression and Immunological Characterization of a Chimeric Protein of Mycoplasma pneumonia

Chen Chen, Qi Yong, Guo Jun, Pan Ying, Li Suqin, Li Jiameng, Chen Hongxia, Li Sumei, Li Yuexi and Wang Min.

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Insights into Antimicrobial Peptides from Spiders and Scorpions

Xiuqing Wang and Guangshun Wang.

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Anionic host defence peptides from the plant kingdom: their anticancer activity and mechanisms of action

Frederick Harris, Saurabh Prabhu, Sarah R. Dennison, Timothy J. Snape, Robert Lea, Manuela Mura and David A Phoenix.

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Wasp venom toxins as a potential therapeutic agent

Yashad Dongol, B L Dhananjaya, Rakesh Kumar Shrestha and Gopi Aryal.

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C-terminal Lysine-linked Magainin 2 with Increased Activity Against Multidrug-resistant Bacteria

Esteban N. Lorenzón, Norival A. Santos-Filho, Matheus A. S. Ramos, Tais M. Bauab, Ilana L. B. C. Camargo and Eduardo M Cilli.

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Analysis of Interactions and Dissection of Interfaces Involved in RNA-Protein Recognition

Pinak Chakrabarti and Sumit Biswas.

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Ranachensinin:a Novel Aliphatic Tachykinin from the Skin Secretion of the Chinese Brown Frog, Rana chensinensis

Yuxin Wu, Renjie Li, Jie Ma, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, Timothy I McClure, Jiqun Cai, Tianbao Chen and Chris Shaw.

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