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Medicinal Chemistry

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Antiproliferative Effects of Novel Aminoacridine-Based Compounds
Anna Munder, Yoni Moskovitz, Boris Redko, Ariel Rachel Levy, Sharon Ruthstein, Gary Gellerman and Arie Gruzman
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Anti-Cancer Activity of 2,4-Disubstituted Thiophene Derivatives: Dual Inhibitors of Lipoxygenase and Cyclooxygenase
Rakesh K Sathya, Jagadish Swamy, Swaroop T Ramesh, Mohan C Dhananjaya, Ashwini Nanjundaswamy, Harsha K Bhadraiah, Farhan Zameer, Girish K Subbaiah and Rangappa K Subbegowda
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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-4-ones as a New Class of Topoisomerase II Inhibitors
Mojgan Aghazadeh Tabrizi, Pier Giovanni Baraldi, Stefania Baraldi, Filippo Prencipe, Delia Preti, Giulia Saponaro, Romeo Romagnoli, Stefania Gessi, Stefania Merighi, Angela Stefanelli, Debora Fazzi, Pier Andrea Borea, Rodolfo Couto Maia, Nelilma C. Romeiro, Carlos A. M. Fraga and Eliezer j. Barreiro
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Fluorescent Porphyrin with an Increased Uptake in Peripheral Blood Cell Subpopulations from Colon Cancer Patients
Carolina Constantin and Monica Neagu
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Diagnostic Recognition of Escherichia coli Septicemia in In-Vivo Vascular Blood
Dal Woong Choi and Suw Young Ly
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Design, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Methyl Pyridyl-2,4-Dioxobutanoates and Some New Derived Ring Systems
Perihan A.S. Elzahhar, Raafat Soliman, Soad A.M. El-Hawash, Hanan M.A. Ragab, Amal M. Youssef and Abeer E. Abdel Wahab
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New Benzimidazole-Derived Isothioureas as Potential Antileukemic Agents - Studies In Vitro
Mirosława Koronkiewicz, Anna Romiszewska, Zdzisław Chilmonczyk and Zygmunt Kazimierczuk
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Synthesis and Biological Potential Assessment of 2-Arylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones as Inhibitors of Phosphodiesterase-I and Carbonic Anhydrase-II
Syed Muhammad Saad, Muhammad Saleem, Shahnaz Perveen, Muhammad Tanveer Alam and Khalid Mohammed Khan
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Discovery of 9,10-Dihydroacridines as Novel Class of ABCB1 Inhibitors
A. Hilgeroth, M. Hemmer, S Neuber, J. Molnár and H. Lage
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Practical Application of Antidiabetic Efficacy of Lycium barbarum Polysaccharide in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Huizhen Cai, Fukang Liu, Pingguo Zuo, Guiling Huang, Zhixiu Song, Tingting Wang, Huixia Lu, Fei Guo, Chao Han and Guiju Sun
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5-Aryl-1,3,4-Thiadiazole-Based Hydroxamic Acids as Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Antitumor Agents: Synthesis, Bioevaluation and Docking Study
Tran Lan Huong, Do Thi Mai Dung, Dao Thi Kim Oanh, Tran Thi Bich Lan, Phan Thi Phuong Dung, Vu Duc Loi, Kyung Rok Kim, Byung Woo Han, Jieun Yun, Jong Soon Kang, Youngsoo Kim, Sang-Bae Han and Nguyen-Hai Nam
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The Neuroprotectıve Role of Vesıcular Monoamıne Transporter 2 In Neurodegeneratıve Dıseases
Burak Yulug, Lütfü Hanoğlu and Ertugrul Kilic
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New and Under Explored Epigenetic Modulators in Search of New Paradigms
Mohammad Abrar Alam, Y. Suman Reddy and Akbar Ali
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Synthesis and Endothelin Receptors Binding Affinity of New 1,3,5-Substituted Pyrrole-2-Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Loredana Salerno, Maria N. Modica, Giuseppe Romeo, Valeria Pittala, Alfredo Cagnotto and Maria A. Siracusa
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Identification of Imidazoquinoline Derivatives as Potent Antiglioma Agents
Shivaputra A. Patil, Susan R. Pfeffer, William L. Seibel, Lawrence M Pfeffer and Duane D. Miller
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Discovery of Novel Dinitrobenzotrifluoride Containing o-Hydroxybenzylamine Derivatives as Potential Antibacterial Agents
Qing-Shan Li, Hai-jun Ni, Yang Yang, Xian-Hai Lv and Ban-Feng Ruan
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Modulation of γ2-MSH Hepatoprotection by Antisense Peptides and Melanocortin Subtype 3 and 4 Receptor Antagonists
Petra Turčić, Nikola Stambuk, Paško Konjevoda, Tomislav Kelava, Mario Gabričević, Ranko Stojković and Gorana Aralica
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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Caudatin Analogs as Potent Hepatitis B Virus Inhibitors
Li-Jun Wang, Hao Chen, Yun-Bao Ma, Xiao-Yan Huang, Chang-An Geng, Xue-Mei Zhang and Ji-Jun Chen
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Virtual Screening for Novel Staphylococcus aureus NorA Efflux Pump Inhibitors from Natural Products
Khac-Minh Thai, Trieu-Du Ngo, Thien-Vy Phan, Thanh-Dao Tran, Ngoc-Vinh Nguyen, Thien-Hai Nguyen and Minh-Tri Le
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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some New Coumarin Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents
Lav Kumar Singh, Priyanka, Vineeta Singh and Diksha Katiyar
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Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of Aromatic Diketone Derivatives as HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors
H u Liming, L i Zhipeng, Wang Zhanyang, Liu Gengxin, H e Xianzhuo, Xiaoli Wang and Chengchu Zeng
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Discovery and Evaluation of Efficient Selenazoles with High Antifungal Activity against Candida Spp
Krzysztof Z. Łączkowski, Konrad Misiura, Anna Biernasiuk and Anna Malm
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Structure-Activity Relationships of N-benzylsalicylamides for Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport
Katarina Kralova, Milan Perina, Karel Waisser and Josef Jampilek
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Design, Synthesis, and Antitumor Activity of Novel Acylate of 6-OH at 1-O-Acetylbritannilactone
Shouxin Liu, Jun Feng, He Liu, Junzhang Li and Xia Tian
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Synthesis and Evaluation of Benzimidazole Derivatives as Selective COX-2 Inhibitors
Ankita Rathore, Mujeeb -Ur- Rahman, Anees A. Siddiqui, Abuzer Ali and Mohammad Shahar Yar
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Synthesis, in Vitro Biological Screening and Molecular Docking Studies of Novel Camphor Based Thiazoles
Krzysztof Z. Łączkowski, Konrad Misiura, Anna Biernasiuk, Anna Malm, Agata Siwek, Tomasz Plech, Emilia Ciok-Pater, Krzysztof Skowron and Eugenia Gospodarek
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Green Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Novel γ-Cyano-α-Hydroxyphosphonate Derivatives
Iyadh Aouani, Karima Lahbib and Soufiane Touil
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