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Volume 14, 10 Issues, 2017

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Letters in Organic Chemistry

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Gwilherm Evano
Free University of Brussels

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A new, simple, catalyst-free method for synthesis of pyrazolopyranopyrimidines in magnetized water

Mohammad Bakherad, Rahele Doosti, Ali Keivanloo, Mostafa Gholizadeh and Amir H Amin.

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Asymmetric Hydrogenation Catalyzed by Bifunctional Knölker type Complexes

Raffaella Ferraccioli.

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1,4-Diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octanium diacetate under grinding: efficient and eco-friendly process for the synthesis of symmetric, unsymmetric and new bis di(indolyl)indolin-2-one

Leila Zare Fekri and Mohammad Nikpassand.

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Improved Synthesis of a Terthiophene-Based Monomeric Ligand That Forms a Highly Active Polymer for the Carbon Dioxide Reduction

Pierluigi Quagliotto, Simona Prosperini and Guido Viscardi.

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Mg/Al Hydrotalcite as heterogeneous catalyst for transesterification of Jatropha oil: Theoretical and experimental analysis

Neyda De La Caridad Om Tapanes, Donato Alexandre Gomes Aranda, José Walkimar de Mesquita Carneiro, Rodolfo Salazar Perez and Kleyson Teixeira.

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An Efficient Synthesis of Spiro-Pyrimidines Derivatives Containing a Sulfonyl Scaffold

Manijeh Nematpour, Samira Rasouli Kohi, Elahe Abedi and Mahbob Lotfi.

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Acidic Ionic Liquids Catalyzed One-Pot and Three-Component Synthesis of Octahydroquinazolin-2,5-dione Derivatives Under Ambient Conditions

Behjat Pouramiri, Ali Bazgiri and Behjat Bananejad.

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Highly Selective Cyclohexane Oxidation Catalyzed by Ferrocene in Ionic Liquid Medium

Luísa M.D.R.S. Martins, Ana Paula C. Ribeiro and Armando JL Pombeiro.

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