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Volume 16, 8 Issues, 2015

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Current Protein & Peptide Science

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Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Florida
College of Medicine, P.O. Box 100245, Gainesville
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Disintegrins and their applications in cancer research and therapy.
Jessica Arruda Macedo, Mariana S Castro and Jay William Fox
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The sactibiotic subclass of bacteriocins: an update.
Harsh Mathur, Mary C. Rea, Paul D. Cotter, Colin Hill and R. Paul Ross
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Isolation and characterization of L-tryptophan ammonia lyase from Rubrivivax benzoatilyticus strain JA2
Ranjith N. Kumavath, Ch.V. Ramana, Ch. Sasikala, Debmalya Barh, Alan Prem Kumar and Vasco Azevedo
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In silico protein-protein interactions: avoiding data and method biases over sensitivity and specificity
Edson Luiz Folador, Alberto Fernandes de Oliveira Junior, Sandeep Tiwari, Syed Babar Jamal, Rafaela Salgado Ferreira, Debmalya Barh, Preetam Ghosh, Artur Silva and Vasco Azevedo
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Computational Biology tools for identifying specific ligand binding residues for novel agrochemical and drug design
Izabella Agostinho Pena Neshich, Leticia Nishimura, Fabio Rogerio de Moraes, Jose Augusto Salim, Fabian Villalta-Romero, Luiz Borro, Inacio Henrique Yano, Ivan Mazoni, Ljubica Tasic, Jose Gilberto Jardine and Goran Neshich
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Structural insights into substrate binding of brown spider venom class II phospholipases D
M.A. Coronado, A. Ullah, L.S. da Silva, D. Chaves-Moreira, L. Vuitika, O.M. Chaim, S.S. Veiga, J. Chahine, M.T. Murakami and R.K. Arni
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DNA Binding Proteins and Drug Delivery Vehicles: Tales of Elephants and Snakes
Richard L. Karpel
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Biophysical Characterisation and Quantification of Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions: EMSA, MST and SPR
Janine K. Flores, Ruvini Kariawasam, Adrian X. Gimenez, Stephanie Helder, Liza Cubeddu, Roland Gamsjaeger and Sandro F. Ataide
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Using QCM and SPR for the kinetic evaluation of the binding between a new recombinant chimeric protein and specific antibodies of the visceral leishmaniasis
Denio E. P. Souto, Angelica R. Faria, Helida M. de Andrade and Lauro T. Kubota
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From conformation to interaction: techniques to explore the Hsp70/Hsp90 network.
Fernanda A.H. Batista, Lisandra M. Gava, Glaucia M. S. Pinheiro, Carlos H.I. Ramos and Julio C. Borges
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Protein-protein and peptide-protein interactions of nudE-like 1 (Ndel1): a protein involved in schizophrenia
Hayashi MAF, Felicori LF, Fresqui MAC and Yonamine CM
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ADP-Ribosyltransferases and Poly ADP-Ribosylation
Chao Liu and Y u Xiaochun
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The Role of Structural Flexibility and Stability in the Interaction of Serine Proteases with their Inhibitors
László Gráf, Tamás Molnár, József Kardos, Zoltán Gáspári and Gergely Katona
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Targeting EZH2 for Cancer Therapy: Progress and Perspective
Chi Han Li and Yangchao Chen
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The Common Molecular Players in Plant Hormone Crosstalk and Signaling
Puja Ohri, Renu Bhardwaj, Shagun Bali, Ravinderjit Kaur, Shivam Jasrotia, Anjali Khajuria and Ripu D Parihar
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Crosstalk among Jasmonate, Salicylate and Ethylene Signaling Pathways in Plant Disease and Immune Responses
You-Xin Yang, Golam Jalal Ahammed, Caijun Wu, Shu-ying Fan and Yan-Hong Zhou
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Role of Brassinosteroid in Plant Adaptation to Abiotic Stresses and Its Interplay with Other Hormones
Golam Jalal Ahammed, Xiao-Jian Xia, Xin Li, Kai Shi, Jing-Quan Yu and Yan-Hong Zhou
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Phytohormone Crosstalk Research: Cytokinin And Its Crosstalk With Other Phytohormones
Samir A. Seif El-Yazal, Mohamed A. Seif, Emad F. Dwidar and Mostafa = M. Rady
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Abscisic acid: a versatile phytohormone in plant signaling and beyond
Aurelio Gomez-Cadenas, Vicente Vives, Sara Izquierdo Zandalinas, Matías Manzi, Ana M. Sanchez-Perez, Rosa M. Perez-Clemente and Vicent Arbona
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Gibberellins - a multifaceted hormone in plant growth regulatory network
Saikat Gantait, Uma Rani Sinniah, Md. Nasim Ali and Narayan Chandra Sahu
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Role of various Hormones in Photosynthetic Responses of Green Plants under Environmental Stresses
Poonam Poonam, Renu Bhardwaj, Ravdeep Kaur, Shagun Bali, Parminder Kaur, Geetika Sirhindi, Ashwani Kumar Thukral, Puja Ohri and Adarsh Pal Vig
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Auxin crosstalk to plant immune networks: a plant-pathogen interaction perspective
Muhammad Naseem, Mugdha Srivastava, Muhammad Tehseen and Nazeer Ahmed
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Integrase Interactor 1 in Health and Disease
Supratik Das
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Proteins for Breaking Barriers in Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Production
Kandasamy Ulaganathan, Burragoni S. Goud, Mettu M. Reddy, Vanaparthi P. Kumar, Jatoth Balsingh and Surabhi Radhakrishna
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Polysaccharide-Protein Nanoassemblies: Novel Soft Materials for Biomedical and Biotechnological Applications
Juan P Fuenzalida and Francisco M. Goycoolea
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Twenty Years of Alcohol Septal Ablation in Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
Angelos G. Rigopoulos and Hubert Seggewiss
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The RAMP-interacting Family B G protein-coupled receptors and their specific bioactive peptides
Ignacio M. Larráyoz, Sonia Martínez-Herrero, Laura Ochoa-Callejero, Josune García-Sanmartín and Kenji Kuwasako
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