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Volume 18, 12 Issues, 2017

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Current Protein & Peptide Science

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Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Florida
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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Physicochemical and structural studies on shaping of β-hairpin in proteins as a first stage of amyloid formation

Joanna Makowska.

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Biomarkers for sarcopenia: reductionism vs. complexity

Riccardo Calvani, Anna Picca, Matteo Cesari, Matteo Tosato, Federico Marini, Ester Manes-Gravina, Roberto Bernabei, Francesco Landi and Emanuele Marzetti.

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Mini heme-proteins: Designability of structure and diversity of functions

Jagdish Rai.

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Computational Methods to predict protein functions from protein-protein interaction networks

Bihai Zhao, Jianxin Wang and Fang-Xiang Wu.

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Genetic modifications of icosahedral plant virus-based nanoparticles for vaccine and immunotherapy applications

Kannan Badri Narayanan and Sung Soo Han.

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Redox systems, antioxidants and sarcopenia

Bertrand Fougère, Gabor Abellan van Kan, Bruno Vellas and Matteo Cesari.

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Protein Kinases in Shaping Plant Architecture

Juan Wu, Bo Wang, Xiaoyun Xin and Dongtao Ren.

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Phosphoproteomics: protein phosphorylation in regulation of seed germination and plant growth

Xiaojian Yin, Xin Wang and Setsuko Komatsu.

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Molecular mechanisms of anticancer effects of phytoestrogens in breast cancer

Chia-Jung Hsieh, Ya-Ling Hsu, Ya-Fang Huang and Eing-Mei Tsai.

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Antioxidant peptides from terrestrial and aquatic plants against cancer

Marquez-Rios Enrique and Del-Toro-Sánchez Carmen Lizette.

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Walking a Tightrope: A Perspective of Resveratrol Effects on Breast Cancer

Caterina Bartolacci, Cristina Andreani, Augusto Amici and Cristina Marchini.

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Natural Product Inhibitors of Topoisomerases: Review and Docking Study

L. Scotti, F.J. B. Mendonça Júnior, F. F. Ribeiro, J. F. Tavares, M. S. Da Silva, J. M. Barbosa Filho and M T Scotti.

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Antitumor activity of isosteroidal alkaloids from the plants in the genus Veratrum and Fritillaria

Yuanhong Shang, Qingdan Du, Simei Liu, Maksorvor Staadler, Shu Wang and Dongdong Wang.

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Alkaloids as Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors in Anticancer Drug Discovery

Muhammad Ali Hashmi, Afsar Khan, Umar Farooq and Sehroon Khan.

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Natural Products as Anticancerous Therapeutic Molecules with Special Reference to Enzymatic Targets Topoisomerase, COX, LOX and Aromatase

Swati Singh, Manika Awasthi, Veda P. Pandey and Upendra Dwivedi.

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Natural Product Inhibitors of Histone Deacetylases as New Anticancer Agents

Aysegul Hanikoglu, Ferhat Hanikoglu and Tomris Ozben.

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Recombinant approaches for microbial xylanases: recent advances and perspectives

Moumita Basu, Vishal Kumar and Pratyoosh Shukla.

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Microbial P450 enzymes in bioremediation and drug discovery: Emerging potentials and challenges

Sukanta S. Bhattacharya and Jagjit S Yadav.

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