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Current Protein & Peptide Science

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Ben M. Dunn
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The Multiple Roles of XBP1 in Regulation of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism

Jianjing Yang, Xiaojie Wu, Xiaoting Wu, Dijia Zhou, Tengmei Lin, Saidan Ding, Yu Zhang, Jiangnan Xue and Qichuan Zhuge.

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Discovery of Novel Genes Mediating Glucose and Lipid Metabolisms

Pingting Guo, Yuan Li, Shabnam Eslamfam, Wei Ding and Xi Ma.

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Maintenance of Gastrointestinal Glucose Homeostasis by the Gut-Brain Axis

Xiyue Chen, Shabnam Eslamfam, Luoyun Fang, Shiyan Qiao and Xi Ma.

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From Histones to RNA: Role of Methylation in Signal Proteins Involved in Adipogenesis

Xinxia Wang and Yizhen Wang.

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Nuclear Receptors in Hepatic Glucose and Lipid Metabolism during Neonatal and Adult Life

Demin Cai, Haoyu Liu and Ruqian Zhao.

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“Bridge Proteins” Link Inflammation and Metabolic Diseases: Potential Targets for Therapeutics

Hailong Jiang, Guixin Qin, Xuefeng Zhang and Dongsheng Che.

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Modulation of Protein Metabolism to Mitigate Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emission from Excreta of Livestock

Guangyong Zhao.

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Protein Metabolism and Signal Pathway Regulation in Rumen and Mammary Gland

Ya Jing Wang, Jian Xin Xiao, Shengli Li, Jing Jing Liu, Gibson Maswayi Alugongo, Zhi Jun Cao, Hong Jian Yang, Shu Xiang Wang and Kendall C Swanson.

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The Mechanism of L-Arginine Modulates Signal Proteins Involved in Glucose and Lipid Metabolic Imbalance

Shengdi Hu, Meng Han, Arash Rezaei, Defa Li, W Guoyao and Xi Ma.

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Modulation of Biogenic Amines on Intestinal Signaling Proteins and Its Detection

Peixin Fan, Peixia Song, Linsen Li, Chang Huang, Jingshu Chen, Wenjun Yang, Shiyan Qiao, Guoyao Wu, Guolong Zhang and Xi Ma.

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The Mechanism of AMPK Regulation on Glucose, Lipid and Protein Metabolic Homeostasis and Its Related Physiologically Nutritional Significance

Liuqin He, Xihong Zhou, Niu Huang, Huan Li, Junquan Tian, Tiejun Li, Kang Yao, Guoyao Wu, Clares M. Nyachoti, Sung Woo Kim and Yulong Yin.

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Heterologous Expression Systems for Plant Defensin Expression: Examples of Success and Pitfalls

Luis RS Gazzaneo, Valesca Pandolfi, André LS Jesus, Sergio Crovella, Ana M. Benko-Iseppon and Antonio Carlos Freitas.

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MicroRNA in Skeletal Muscle: Its Crucial Roles in Signal Proteins, Muscle Fiber Type, and Muscle Protein Synthesis

YuLan Liu and Jing Zhang.

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Snakin: Structure, Roles and Applications of a Plant Antimicrobial Peptide

Marx Oliveira-Lima, Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon, José Ribamar Costa Ferreira Neto, Susana Rodríguez-Decuadro, Ederson Akio Kid and Valesca Pandolfi.

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Transcription factors involved in plant resistance to pathogens

Lidiane L. B. Amorim, Romulo da Fonseca-dos-Santos, Mauro Guida-Santos, Sergio Crovella and Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon.

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Signal Proteins Involved in Myogenic Stem Cells Differentiation

Zhiqing Huang, Xiaoyan Wang and Daiwen Chen.

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Unique features of halophilic proteins

Tsutomu Arakawa, Hiroko Tokunaga, Masao Tokunaga and Rui Yamaguchi.

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Marine Depsipeptides as Promising Pharmacotherapeutic Agents

Marisa Rangel, Carlos José Correia de Santana, Andréia Pinheiro, Lilian dos Anjos, Tania Barth, Osmindo Rodrigues Pires Júnior, Wagner Fontes and Mariana S Castro.

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Identification of Disease States and Response to Therapy in Humans by Utilizing the Biomarker EGFR for Targeted Molecular Imaging

Xilin Sun, ShaoWei Li and Baozhong Shen.

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NOD-like receptors: a tail from plants to mammals through invertebrates.

Pontillo Alessandra and Crovella Sergio.

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Alteration of Structure and Aggregation of a-Synuclein by Familial Parkinson’s Disease Associated Mutations

Shruti Sahay, Dhiman Ghosh, Pardeep K. Singh and Samir K Maji.

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Hereditary parkinsonism-associated genetic variations in PARK9 locus lead to functional impairment of ATPase type 13A2

Jin-Sung Park and Carolyn M Sue.

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Other proteins involved in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders

Fernando Cardona and Jordi Pérez-Tur.

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Structure and function of Fbxo7/PARK15 in Parkinson’s disease.

Suzanne J. Randle and Heike Laman.

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Retromer’s Role in Endosomal Trafficking and Impaired function in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Jordan Follett, Andrea Bugarcic, Brett M. Collins and Rohan D Teasdale.

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Pathogenic Role of Serine Protease HtrA2/Omi in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Hui-Gwan Goo, Hyangshuk Rhim and Seongman Kang.

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Disorder in milk proteins: α-Lactalbumin. Part B. A multifunctional whey protein acting as an oligomeric molten globular “oil container” in the anti-tumorigenic drugs, liprotides

Eugene A. Permyakov, Serge E. Permyakov, Leonid Breydo, Elrashdy M. Redwan, Hussein A. Almehdar and Vladimir N Uversky.

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Familial Mutations and Post-translational Modifications of UCH-L1 in Parkinson’s Disease and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Yun-Tzai Cloud Lee and Shang-Te Danny Hsu.

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The Coronin Family and Human Disease

Xiaolong Liu, Yunzhen Gao, Xiao Lin, Lin Li, Xiao Han and Jingfeng Liu.

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