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Current Pharmaceutical Design

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Unravelling the Power of Omics for the Infertile Ageing Male

Paulo Bastos, Maria João Freitas, André Gomes, Rui Vitorino and Margarida Fardilha.

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Hormones and Sarcopenia

John E Morley.

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Stress, neuropeptides and gastric mucosa

Klara Gyires and Ágnes Fehér.

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miR-126 as a therapeutic agent for Diabetes Mellitus

Elham Pishavar and Javad Behravan.

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Percutaneous treatment of aortic valve disease: contemporary overview and future trends

Marko Banovic, Jozef Bartunek, Serge D. Nikolic, Vladan Vukcevic, Srdjan Aleksandric and Bernard Iung.

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Xanthine oxidase and its role as target in cardiovascular disease: cardiovascular protection by enzyme inhibition?

Mirjam Schuchardt, Jaqueline Herrmann, Markus Tölle and Markus van der Giet.

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Targeted drug delivery based on gold nanoparticle derivatives

Mazaher Gholipourmalekabadi, Mohammadmahdi Mobaraki, Maryam Ghaffari, Amir Zarebkohan, Vahid F. Omrani, Aleksandra M. Urbanska and Alexander Seifalian.

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The role of exosomes and exosome-derived microRNAs in atherosclerosis

Xinjie Lu.

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Therapeutic potential of heme oxygenase-1/carbon monoxide system against ischemia-reperfusion injury

Yuanyuan Cheng and Jianhui Rong.

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Multimeric system of RGD-grafted PMMA-nanoparticles as a targeted drug-delivery system for paclitaxel

Gibbens-Bandala Brenda Vianey, Ocampo-García Blanca Eli, Ferro-Flores Guillermina, Morales-Avila Enrique, Ancira-Cortez Alejandra and Jaimes-Aguirre Laura.

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Nanocarriers in improving chemotherapy of multidrug resistant tumors: Key developments and perspective

Dimitry A Chistiakov, Veronika A Myasoedova, Alexander N Orekhov and Yuri V Bobryshev.

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Approaches of the transcriptomic analysis in astrocytes: Potential pharmacological targets

George E. Barreto , Rosa M. Gómez, Rosa Helena Bustos, Diego A. Forero, Gjumrakch Aliev, Jerzy Leszek, Valentina Echeverria and Janneth Gonzalez.

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New Imaging Frontiers in Cardiology: Fast and Quantitative Maps from Raw Data.

Maria Filomena Santarelli, Nicola Vanello, Michele Scipioni, Giuseppe Valvano and Luigi Landini.

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Effect of intranasal administration of galanin-like peptide (GALP) on body weight and hepatic lipids accumulation in mice with diet-induced obesity.

Satoshi Hirako, Nobuhiro Wada, Haruaki Kageyama, Fumiko Takenoya, Hyounju Kim, Yuzuru Iizuka, Akiyo Matsumoto, Mai Okabe and Seiji Shioda.

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Vitamins in Heart Failure: Friend or Enemy?

George Georgiopoulos, Christina Chrysohoou, Georgia Vogiatzi , Nikolaos Magkas, Ippokratis Bournelis, Sofia Bampali, Damien Gruson and Dimitris Tousoulis.

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Synthesis and characterization of a new benzo indole derivative with apoptotic activity against colon cancer cells

Fatemeh Hajiaghaalipou, Fadhil Lafta Faraj, Elham Bagheri, Hamid Khaledi, Hapipah Mohd Ali, Nazia Abdul Majid and Mahmood Ameen Abdulla.

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Diabetes-related neurological implications and pharmacogenomics

Rojas Carranza Camilo Andrés, Bustos Cruz Rosa Helena, Pino Pinzón Carmen Juliana , Ariza Marquez Yeimy Viviana, Gómez Bello Rosa Margarita and Cañadas Garre Marisa.

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Effect and mechanism of curcumin on EZH2 – miR-101 regulatory feedback loop in multiple myeloma

Chuanqing Wu, Tuo Ruan, Weizhen Liu, Xiaojie Zhu, Juan Pan, Wen Lu, Chen Yan, Kaixiong Tao , Weikang Zhang and Chun Zhang.

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Myocardial Infarction. Pathological Relevance and Relationship with Coronary Risk Factors

Aurelio Leone.

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Medicinal plants as protective strategies against Parkinson’s Disease

Natalia Areiza Mazo, Valentina Echeverria, Ricardo Cabezas, Marco Ávila-Rodriguez, Gjumrakch Aliev, Jerzy Leszek and George E Barreto.

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Olfactory loss management in view of Avicenna: Focus on neuroprotective plants

Farnaz Sinaei, Seyed Ahmad Emami, Amirhossein Sahebkar and Behjat Javadi.

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Implications of photophysical and physicochemical factors on successful application of photodynamic therapy

Shubhajit Paul, Paul Wan Sia Heng and Lai Wah Chan.

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Role of melatonin in body weight: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Seyed-Ali Mostafavi, Shahin Akhondzadeh, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Abbas-Ali Keshtkar, Saeed Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Eshraghian, Fahimeh Ahmadi, Roya Alipour and Seyed Ali Keshavarz.

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Global Effects Of Early Life Stress On Neurons And Glial Cells

Dueñas Zulma, Caicedo-Mera Juan Carlos and Torner Luz.

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Mur Ligase Inhibitors as Anti-bacterials: A Comprehensive Review

Jaiprakash N. Sangshetti, Suyog S. Joshi, Rajendra H. Patil and Devanand B Shinde.

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Adiponectin as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Prostate Cancer

Hanuma Kumar Karnati, Manas Kumar Panigrahi, Yazhou Li, David Tweedie and Nigel H Greig.

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Sulfated glycans in HIV infection and therapy

Vitor H. Pomin, Francisco F. Bezerra and Paulo AG Soares.

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Plasmodial Hsp40s: New Avenues for Antimalarial Drug Discovery

Michael O Daniyan and Gregory L Blatch.

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Microbubbles: a novel strategy for chemotherapy

Mu-hua Luo, Chih-Kuang Yeh, Bing Situ, Jin-sui Yu, Bing-cheng Li and Zhi-yi Chen.

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Dendritic Cells Modulate Iron Homeostasis and Inflammatory Abilities Following Quercetin Exposure

Vanessa Galleggiante, Stefania De Santis, Elisabetta Cavalcanti, Aurelia Scarano, Maria De Benedictis, Grazia Serino, Maria Lucia Caruso, Mauro Mastronardi, Aldo Pinto, Pietro Campiglia, Dale Kunde, Angelo Santino and Marcello Chieppa.

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A comprehensive review of mTOR-inhibiting pharmacotherapy for the treatment of non-infectious uveitis

Joshua Blair, Robert Barry, David J Moore and Alastair K Denniston.

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Vegetable Organosulfur Compounds and their Health Promoting Effects

Spyridon A. Petropoulos, Francesco Di Gioia and Georgia Ntatsi.

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Curcumin and lung cancer: the role of microRNAs

Diana Lelli, Claudio Pedone, Muhammed Majeed and Amirhosssein Sahebkar.

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Chemical Properties of Caffeic and Ferulic Acids in Biological System: Implications in Cancer Therapy. A Review

Sarah S. Damasceno, Bruna B. Dantas, Demetrius Antônio M. Araújo and José Galberto M da Costa.

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Long-circulating liposomal delivery system targeting at PDGFR-β enhances the therapeutic effect of IFN-α on hepatic fibrosis

Qinghua Li, Qi Yu, Jing Ju, Tiangeng You, Zhiqiang Yan, Xiangli Nan, Jie Zhong and Jing E Zhou.

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Potential Application of 5-Aryl-Substituted 2-Amino- benzamide Type of HDAC1/2-Selective Inhibitors to Pharmaceuticals

Shinichi Uesato, Yoshiyuki Hirata and Tsutomu Sasaki.

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Optimal Pre-treatment for Acute Exposure to the Organophosphate Dicrotophos

Dietrich Ernst Lorke, Syed M. Nurulain, Mohamed Y. Hasan, Kamil Kuča and Georg A Petroianu.

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Macrocyclic Antimicrobial Peptides Engineered from ω-Conotoxin

Xinya Hemu and James Tam.

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