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Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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Zeno Foldes-Papp
Visiting Professor of Medical Biochemistry
HELIOS Clinical Center of Emergency Medicine
Department for Internal Medicine
Alte-Koelner-Strasse 9
D-51688 Koeln-Wipperfuerth

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Folate Receptor Targeted Liposomes Encapsulating Anti-Cancer Drugs
Anumita Chaudhury and Surajit Das
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Nanostructured Cubosomes as a Platform for Oral Drug Delivery
Min Liu, Meiwan Chen, Ping Xu and Zhiwen Yang
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Proliposomes for Oral Delivery: Progress and Challenges
Vijaykumar Nekkanti, Natarajan Venkatesan and Guru V Betageri
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Lipid Nanoparticles for the Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals
A. C. Silva, M. H. Amaral, J. M. Sousa Lobo and C. M. Lopes
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Exploring the nutraceutical potential of polyphenols from white, green and black tea infusions – an overview Exploring the Nutraceutical Potential of Polyphenols from Black, Green and White Tea Infusions – An Overview
Gian C. Tenore, Maria Daglia, Roberto Ciampaglia and Ettore Novellino
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Polyphenols and Depression: from Chemistry to Medicine
Antoni Sureda and Silvia Tejada
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The Effect of on-Demand Caffeine Consumption on Treating Patients with Premature Ejaculation: a Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial
Seyyed H. Saadat, Khodabakhsh Ahmadi and Younes Panahi
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Common Pathways in Health Benefit Properties of RSV in Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancers and Degenerative Pathologies
Virginie Aires and Dominique Delmas
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Natural Compounds Used as Therapies Targeting to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Seyed F. Nabavi, Maria Daglia, Giuseppe D'Antona, Eduardo Sobarzo-Sánchez, Zeliha S. Talas and Seyed M. Nabavi
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The Role of Dietary Polyphenols in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Mohammad Hosein Farzaei, Roja Rahimi and Mohammad Abdollahi
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The Effect of Apium Nodiflorum in Experimental Osteoporosis
Ana P. Tsakova, Slavina K. Surcheva, Vasya S. Bankova, Milena P. Popova, Dimitar R. Peev, Plamen R. Popivanov, Kiril L. Surchev, Mariya D. Ratkova, Lachezar K. Surchev and Mila V. Vlaskovska
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Lipid based nanocapsules: A multitude of biomedical applications
Maha Nasr and Sameh Abdel-Hamid
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Folate Receptor Targeted Liposomes Encapsulating Anti-Cancer Drugs
Anumita Chaudhury and Surajit Das
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Naringenin and Atherosclerosis: a Review of Literatures
Ilkay Erdogan Orhan, Seyed Fazel Nabavi, Maria Daglia, Gian Carlo Tenore, Kowsar Mansouri and Seyed Mohammad Nabavi
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Chemical and Molecular Aspects on Interactions of Galanthamine and Its Derivatives with Cholinesterases
H. Ozan Gulcan, Ilkay Erdogan Orhan and Bilge Sener
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Physicochemical Characterization and Analgesic Effect of Inclusion Complexes of Essential Oil from Hyptis
P. P Menezes, A. A. Araújo, G. A.A Dória, L. J. Quintans-Júnior, M. G.B. Oliveira, M. R. Santos, J. F. Oliveira, J. R Matos, F. M.S Carvalho, P. B Alves, I. L. Matos, D. A. Santos, R N. Marreto, G. F. Silva and M. R. Serafini
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Milk Fermented with a 15-Lipoxygenase-1-Producing Lactococcus Lactis Alleviates Symptoms of colitis in a Murine Model
Tessália Diniz Luerce Saraiva, Kátia Morais, Vanessa Bastos Pereira, Marcela de Azevedo, Clarissa Santos Rocha, Camila Castro Prosperi, Ana Cristina Gomes-Santos, Luis Bermudez-Humaran, Ana Maria Caetano Faria, Hervé M Blottiere, Philippe Langella, Anderson Miyoshi, Alejandra de Moreno de LeBlanc, Jean Guy LeBlanc and Vasco Azevedo
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“Current Biotechnological Approaches for Studying G Protein Coupled Receptor Structure, Function and Signaling”
Meng Cui
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Luteolin antagonizes angiotensinII-dependent proliferation and collagen synthesis of cultured rat cardiac fibroblasts
Tingting Wang, Defeng Pan, Yingying Zhang, Dongye Li, Yanbin Zhang, Tongda Xu, Yuanyuan Luo and Yanfeng Ma
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