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Volume 18, 15 Issues, 2017

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Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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Davide Prosperi
Department of Biotechnology and Bioscience
University of Milano-Bicocca

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Cell-mediated and humoral immune responses to Bordetella Pertussis inactivated whole-cells encapsulated alginate microspheres as a new vaccine candidate

Naser Mohammadpour Dounighi, Fereshteh Shahcheraghi, Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh, Mojtaba Nofeli and Hossein Zolfagharian.

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The impact of elevated progesterone at the initiation of an artificially prepared frozen embryo transfer cycle: a case series.

Panagiotis Drakopoulos, Corina Mat, Nikolaos P. Polyzos, Samuel Santos-Ribeiro , Arne van de Vijver, Liesbet Van Landuyt, Herman Tournaye and Christophe Blockeel.

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Contribution of Large Animals to Translational Research on Prenatal Programming of Obesity and Associated Diseases

Gonzalez-Bulnes and Chavatte-Palmer.

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Therapeutic Enzymes: Applications and Approaches to Pharmacological Improvement

Maryam Yari, Mohammad Bagher Ghoshoon, Bahareh Vakili and Younes Ghasemi.

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Tocotrienols Stimulate Insulin Secretion of Rat Pancreatic Isolated Islets in a Dynamic Culture

Ling Li Chia, Ibrahim Jantan and Kien Hui Chua.

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Gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists or antagonists for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)? A prospective randomised trial.

W Verpoest, A De Vos , M De Rycke, S Parikh , C Staessen , H Tournaye , M De Vos, V Vloeberghs and C Blockeel.

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Random Start Ovarian Stimulation for Oocyte or Embryo Cryopreservation in Women Desiring Fertility Preservation Prior to Gonadotoxic Cancer Therapy

Rachel B. Danis, Nigel Pereira and Rony T Elias.

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