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Volume 17, 15 Issues, 2016

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Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Simultaneous Determination of Cytochrome P450 Oxidation Capacity in Humans: A Review on the Phenotyping Cocktail Approach

Fernando de Andrés and Adrián Llerena.

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Astaxanthin; a Promising Protector against Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats

Yasser Omar, Naglaa Abd El Khalik Gobba and Mohammed Abdalla Hussein.

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n-Butyl α-D-fructofuranoside isolated from Ulmus davidiana enhances Nrf2 activity through activation of JNK

Hee-Jin Choi, Hee-Jung Choi, Mi-Joo Park, Tae-Wook Chung, Myungsoo Joo, Cheorl-Ho Kim, Hyun-Wook Chang, Jong-Keun Son and Ki-Tae Ha.

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Stereospermum fimbriatum as a potential source of phytochemicals: A review of Stereospermum genus

Anis Fadhlina Izyani Awang, Sahena Ferdosh, Zaidul Islam Sarker, Hassan Ibrahim Sheikh, Kashif Ghafoor and Kamaruzzaman Yunus.

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Optimization of ultrasonic-microwave synergistic extraction of ricinine from castor cake by response surface methodology

Wei Xu, Xiuhua Yan, Rong Shao, Ligen Chen and Zengguang Ke.

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Opposite effects of two-derived antioxidants from Physalis pubescens L. on hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Malhavu

Jing-Jing Wang, Yang Yu, Bai-Qing Zhang, Yu-Hui Du, Roseline Love MacArthur, Ping Dong, Rong-Jian Su and Xu-Qiao Feng.

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A review on flavonoids isolated from Cassia species and their biological activity

Yu Zhao, Kun Zhao, Kai Jiang, Shanshan Tao, Yunxia Li, Wenwen Chen, Shumeng Kou, Chenrong Gu, Zongrui Li, Lusheng Guo and Kelvin Xi Zhang.

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Antitumoral Potential of Snake Venom Phospholipases A2 and Synthetic Peptides

Juliana C. Sobrinho, Rodrigo Simões-Silva, Rudson J. Holanda, Jorge Alfonso, Ana F. Gomez, Fernando B. Zanchi, Leandro S. Moreira-Dill, Amy N. Grabner, Juliana P. Zuliani, Leonardo A. Calderon and Andreimar Soares.

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Pharmaceutical Microbiology 2017

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