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Volume 13, 6 Issues, 2016

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Current Organic Synthesis

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L.-N. He
Nankai University
P.R. China

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Synthesis and antimicrobial activity evaluation of some heterocycles derived from pyrrole drivative bearing two functionalities

Wael Abou-Elmagd, Ahmed Abdel-Aziz and Ahmed Hashem.

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Recent Advances in the Applications of SAMP/RAMP as Chiral Auxiliaries in Asymmetric Synthesis

Majid M. Heravi, Vahideh Zadsirjan and Mansoureh Daraie.

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Tetraketones, synthesis and their applications

Fatemeh Karimi Rad and Farahnaz K Behbahani.

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The Diels-Alder Reaction and Its Applications in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Hongyu Ran and Gangliang Huang.

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The utility of hydrazonoyl halides in the synthesis of bioactive heterocyclic compounds

Thoraya A. Farghaly, Magda A. Abdallah and Huda K Mahmoud.

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Computation-Assisted Disconnection Approach for the Synthesis of Neoantimycins, 15-Membered Macrocyclic Depsipeptides

Shuhei Yamakoshi, Masako Okamoto, Hiroaki Sawamoto, Yuuki Arai, Eiji Kawanishi, Michiko Sasaki and Kei Takeda.

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Total Synthesis of (–)-Tatarinoid B

Olga Inozemteva and Claudia G Lucero.

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Constructing Heterocycles by Visible Light Photocatalysis

María E. Budén, Javier I. Bardagi and Roberto A Rossi.

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Novel Palladium-catalyzed Cascade Reaction of 2-Methylindoles with 2-Iodobenzyl Bromide Leading to Indole Fused Tricyclo[7,3,1,02,7]trideca-2(7),3,5-triene Ring System

Edgars Abele, Sergey Belyakov, Tatjana Beresneva, Lena Golomba and Ramona Abele.

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Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction catalyzed by supported palladium

Qing Han Li, Yong Ding, Gang Zhang, Zhen Zhang and Song Mo.

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Semiconducting polymers - a novel trend in organic electronic chemistry

Jadwiga Sołoducho, Dorota Zając and Joanna Cabaj.

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An efficient one-pot synthesis of benzo[1,4]thiazines, benzo[1,3]thiazoles and benzo[1,5]thiazepines

Ahmed Fikry Mohamed EL-Mahdy, Omima S. Mohamed, Hassan A. H. El-Sherif and Zeniab A Hozien.

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The Cyanation of Prochiral Aldehydes with Chiral Copper Complexes of R-(+)/S-(-) -α-Ethylphenyl amine in Methanol

Luo Mei.

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