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Volume 13, 6 Issues, 2016

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Current Organic Synthesis

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L.-N. He
Nankai University
P.R. China

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An overview on polylactic acid, its cellulosic composite and applications

Naheed Saba, Mohammad Jawaid and Othman Y Alothman.

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Effect of Natural Fibers Surface Treatment and their Reinforcement in Thermoplastic Polymer Composites: A Review

Deepak Verma and Siddharth Jain.

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Effect of Agar on Flexural, Impact, and Thermogravimetric Properties of Thermoplastic Sugar Palm Starch

RIDHWAN JUMAIDIN, Salit Mohd Sapuan, Mohammad Jawaid, Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak and Japar Sahari.

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Review on Rice Husk Polymer Composites


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Polyamides: Developments and Applications towards Next-generation Engineered Plastics

Muhammad Pervaiz, Mohammad Faruq, Mohammad Jawaid and Mohini Sain.

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Novel Synthesis of 2-Arylbenzothiazoles via Condensation of Disulfides with Aldehydes Catalyzed by Na2S under Microwave Irradiation

Chenjie Bai, Ning Zhu, Bo Liu, Hailong Hong and Limin Han.

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Synthesis of Polytetrazines, Pyrazoles and Polypyrazoles Based on 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition

Abdelwahed R Sayed.

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A Review on Polyurethane and its polymer composites

Atiqah Afdzaluddin, Mastura Taha, B.A. Ahmed Ali, Muhammad Jawaid and Mohd Sapuan Salit.

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CNT Embedded Polymer Composite: Properties and Applications

Sarat K Swain and Fanismita Mohanty.

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Nanoindentation and the low velocity impact response of biofibre, biopolymer and its biocomposite derived from sugar palm tree

Sahari Japar, Mohd Sapuan Salit, Edi Syams Zainudin, Mohd Ridzwan Ishak, Md. Abd. Maleque, Mohd Zuhri Mohamed Yusoff and Riaz Akhtar.

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Synthesis and Medicinal Applications of Benzimidazoles: An Overview

Kaushik Chanda, Sreerama Rajasekhar, Barnali Maiti and Balamurali MM.

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Chiral Ionic Liquids: Design, Synthesis and Applications in Asymmetric Organocatalysis

Avtar Singh and Harish Kumar Chopra.

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New page to access pyrazines and their ring fused analogues: Synthesis from N-propargylamines

Esmail Vessally, Akram Hosseinian, Ahmadreza Bekhradnia and Mehdi D Esrafili.

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Synthesis and antimicrobial activity evaluation of some heterocycles derived from pyrrole drivative bearing two functionalities

Wael Abou-Elmagd, Ahmed Abdel-Aziz and Ahmed Hashem.

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The utility of hydrazonoyl halides in the synthesis of bioactive heterocyclic compounds

Thoraya A. Farghaly, Magda A. Abdallah and Huda K Mahmoud.

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Computation-Assisted Disconnection Approach for the Synthesis of Neoantimycins, 15-Membered Macrocyclic Depsipeptides

Shuhei Yamakoshi, Masako Okamoto, Hiroaki Sawamoto, Yuuki Arai, Eiji Kawanishi, Michiko Sasaki and Kei Takeda.

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Total Synthesis of (–)-Tatarinoid B

Olga Inozemteva and Claudia G Lucero.

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An efficient one-pot synthesis of benzo[1,4]thiazines, benzo[1,3]thiazoles and benzo[1,5]thiazepines

Ahmed Fikry Mohamed EL-Mahdy, Omima S. Mohamed, Hassan A. H. El-Sherif and Zeniab A Hozien.

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