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Volume 14, 8 Issues, 2017

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Current Organic Synthesis

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L.-N. He
Nankai University
P.R. China

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Modification on Fullerene

Zai-Qun Liu.

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Oxidative Aromatization of Pyrazolines

Izamara Casadia, Danilo Yano Albuquerque, Adriana do Carmo Capiotto, Claudio Martin Pereira Pereira and Lucas Pizzuti.

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Pyrrole-based Macrocycles as Molecular Probes for Multimodal Imaging Techniques: Recent Trends

Mário J. F. Calvete, Sara M. Pinto and Mariette M Pereira.

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Synthesis of Phosphonates via Michaelis–Arbuzov Reaction

Gandavaram Syam Prasad, Boppudi Hari Babu, Chamarthi Naga Raju and Mandava Venkata Basaveswara Rao.

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Synthesis of N- and O-containing macrobicycles with central biphenyl moiety via Pd(0)-catalyzed amination reactions

Alexei D. Averin, Alexei N. Uglov, Georgii A. Zubrienko, Elena A. Tarasenko, Alexei K. Buryak and Irina P Beletskaya.

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Kinetic resolution of (R,S)-atenolol with the use of lipases in various organic solvents

Adam Sikora, Wiktor Sroka, Tomasz Siódmiak and Michal Marszall.

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Biginelli Reaction using Propylene Carbonate as Green Solvent: An Elegant Methodology for the Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidinones and Dihydropyrimidinthiones

Joel Jones Junior, Flavia Martins da Silva, Rebecca Jorge Cervasio, Josué Sebastián Bello Forero and July Andrea Hernández Muñoz.

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Synthesis of Polyoxygenated Biphenyls

Meng-Yang Chang and Ming-Hao Wu.

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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Pyrazole Derivatives using Multicomponent Reactions

Suresh Maddila, Sreekantha B Jonnalagadda, Kranthi Kumar Gangu and Surya N Maddila.

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Green synthesis of pyrrole derivatives

Omar Miguel Portilla, Angel Gabriel Sathicq, Jose Jobanny Martínez and Gustavo Pablo Romanelli.

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Formaldehyde Synthesis over Foam Metal Catalysts

Alexey Pestryakov and Valerii Lunin.

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Functionalized Chitosan for Pharmaceutical Applications

Catalina Natalia Cheaburu-Yilmaz, Sinem Yaprak Karavana and Onur Yilmaz.

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Diversifying polyhydroxyalkanoates – end-group and side-chain functionality

Michał Michalak, Iwona Kwiecień, Michał Kwiecień, Grażyna Adamus, Karin Odelius, Minna Hakkarainen and Piotr Kurcok.

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Nanoreactors technology in green organic synthesis

Hamideh Aghahosseini, Ali Ramazani, Farideh Gouranlou and Sang Woo Joo.

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