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Current Organic Chemistry

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Current State of Natural Polymers Applications for Drug Delivery
Bezirtzoglou, Veronica Lazar and Alexandra Bolocan
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An Overview: Recent Development of Titanium Dioxide Loaded Graphene Nanocomposite Film for Solar Application
Chin W.Lai, F. Wah Low, Soon W. Chong, Christelle P.P. Wong, Siti Z. B.M.Siddick, Joon C. Juan and Sharifah B.A. Hamid
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Assembling of Supramolecular Capsules with Resorcin[4]arene and Calix[n]arene Building Blocks
Chiara M.A. Gangemi, Andrea Pappalardo and Giuseppe T. Sfrazzetto
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Fungal laccases and their Biotechnological Significances in the Current Perspective: A Review
Pankaj Kumar Chaurasia, Shashi Lata Bharati, Sudha Yadava, Manisha Sharma, Sunil Kumar Singh and Rama SS Yadav
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N-Sulfonic Acids: New, Efficient and Reusable Catalysts for the Acceleration of Organic Reactions
Masoumeh Abedini, Farhad Shirini and Azadeh Shahriari
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Selective Synthesis of β-Lactams via Catalytic Metal Carbene C-H Insertion Reactions
Kuiyong Dong, Lihua Qiu and Xinfang Xu
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Current Advances in Prebiotic Chemistry under Space Conditions
Eleonora Carota, Giorgia Botta, Luca Rotelli, Ernesto Di Mauro and Raffaele Saladino
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Cyclization: A Useful Approach for the Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocyclic N-Oxides
Ning Liu, Yuan-Jie Shu, Bo-Zhou Wang, Xiang-Zhi Li and Fu-Qiang Bi
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Developments of Corey-Fuchs Reaction in Organic and Total Synthesis of Natural Products
Majid M. Heravi, Shima Asadi, Niousha Nazari and Boshra Malekzadeh Lashkariani
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Calix[5]arene-based Supramolecular Polymers
Giuseppe Gattuso, Nadia Manganaro, Anna Notti, Ilenia Pisagatti, Sebastiano Pappalardo and Melchiorre F. Parisi
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Biological Activity of Macrocyclic Cation Transporters
Ryan Cantwell, Evan C. Garrad, Michael R. Gokel, Michael J. Hayes, Joseph W. Meisel, Saeedeh Negin, Mohit B. Patel and George W. Gokel
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Recent Advances in Difluoromethylation Reaction
Yang Lu, Chao Liu and Qing-Yun Chen
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Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Properties of 1- or 2-Alkyl Substituted 5- and 6-Nitroindazoles
Assoman Kouakou, Gabriele Micheletti, Carla Boga, Matteo Calvaresi, Hakima Chicha, Paola Franchi, Lorella Guadagnini, Marco Lucarini, El Mostapha Rakib, Domenico Spinelli and Domenica Tonelli
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Enynal/Enynone:A Safe and Practical Carbenoid Precursor
Jun Ma and Shifa Zhu
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Catalytic Enantioselective Constructions of Trifluoromethylated Chiral Stereogenic Centers via the Conjugate Addition to CF3-Alkenes: Overview of Current Progress
Kazutaka Shibatomi
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Cellular and In Vivo Biological Activities of The Calix[N]Arenes
Yannick Tauran, Anthony W. Coleman, Florent Perret and Beomjoon Kim
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Peptide Self-Assembly for Therapeutic Applications
Joana Durao and Luis Gales
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Synthesis and Characterization of Ferrocenyl Carboxilic Surface-Functionalized Resorcinaren-PAMAM Dendrimers
S. Cortez-Maya, E. Klimova, R. I. Puente Lee, A. Borja-Miranda and M. Martinez-Garcia
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Photocatalytic NOx Abatement: A Short Review
Sounak Roy and Giridhar Madras
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Utility of Unsaturated Terminal Epoxides in Cyclopropane Synthesis
David M. Hodgson and Saifullah Salik
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Immobilization of Proteins in Silica Gel: Biochemical and Biophysical Properties
Luca Ronda, Stefano Bruno, Barbara Campanini, Andrea Mozzarelli, Stefania Abbruzzetti, Cristiano Viappiani, Antonio Cupane, Matteo Levantino and Stefano Bettati
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Reactions of Organic Pentafluorosulfanyl-Containing Compounds
Cortney N. Von Hahmann, Paul R. Savoie and John T. Welch
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Synthesis of Diastereomers of Alliin, Selenoalliin, and Isoalliin
Lasanthi Jayathilaka, Shalini Gupta, Jin-Sheng Huang, Jenny Lee and Bao-Shiang Lee
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Graphene Nanoribbons: Towards Graphitic Materials with Predefined Dimensions and Electronic Properties
Eleftherios K. Pefkianakis, Georgios Sakellariou and Georgios C. Vougioukalakis
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Recent Advances in Graphene-Based Materials for Lithium Batteries
George S. Pappas, Stefania Ferrari and Chaoying Wan
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Polymer Functionalized Graphene Oxide: A Versatile Nanoplatform for Drug/Gene Delivery
George V. Theodosopoulos, Panayiotis Bilalis and Georgios Sakellariou
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Polyelectrolyte-Graphene Nanocomposites for Biosensing Applications
Dimitrios Priftis
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Non-Covalent Graphene/Polymer Functional Materials
Theodosis Skaltsas, Nikos Tagmatarchis and Stergios Pispas
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Non-Covalent Interactions of Graphene with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Panagiota Zygouri, Georgia Potsi, Eleftherios Mouzourakis, Konstantinos Spyrou, Dimitrios Gournis and Petra Rudolf
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Metallic Particle Assemblies on Graphene
Manos Gkikas
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Surface Initiated Polymerization from Graphene Oxide
Nikolaos Politakos, George Liontos, Apostolos Karanastasis, George Zapsas, Dimitrios Moschovas and Apostolos Avgeropoulos
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Anti-Cancer Drug Design Using Natural and Synthetic Pharmacophores
Pinaki S. Bhadury and Jun Pang
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Recent Advances in C-H Trifluoromethylthiolation and Trifluoromethoxylation Reactions
Jin-Hong Lin, Yun-Long Ji and Ji-Chang Xiao
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Microwave-assisted 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions to nitrogen containing heterocycles
Wioleta Cieslik, Maciej Serda and Robert Musiol
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Recent Advances in Biopolymer Supported Palladium in Organic Synthesis
Arjun Kumbhar and Rajashri Salunkhe
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Fluorination and Fluoroalkylation of Organolithium, Magnesium, and Zinc Reagents
Munenori Inoue and Masahiro Shiosaki
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Proteins in Saccharides Matrices and the Trehalose Peculiarity: Biochemical and Biophysical Properties
Lorenzo Cordone, Grazia Cottone, Antonio Cupane, Antonio Emanuele, Sergio Giuffrida and Matteo Levantino
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Immobilization of Proteins in Ormosil Gels: Functional Properties and Applications
Luca Ronda, Stefano Bettati and Stefano Bruno
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Immobilization of Proteins in Alginate: Functional Properties and Applications
Sandeep A. Chaudhari, Jayaranjan R. Kar and Rekha S. Singhal
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Immobilization of Proteins in Biopolymer-Silica Hybrid Materials: Functional Properties and Applications
Sarah Christoph, Francisco M. Fernandes and Thibaud Coradin
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Immobilization of Proteins in Poly-Styrene-Divinylbenzene Matrices: Functional Properties and Applications
Rafael C. Rodrigues, Karel Hernandez, Oveimar Barbosa, Nazzoly Rueda, Cristina Garcia-Galan, Jose C. S. dos Santos, Angel Berenguer-Murcia and Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
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Recent Developments in the Fluorofunctionalization of Alkenes
Xiu-Hua Xu and Feng-Ling Qing
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Recent Advances in Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative Cross-Coupling Chemistry
C. Uma Maheswari, G. Sathish Kumar and K. Rajender Reddy
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Recent Progress in Design and Application of Functional Ordered/Periodic Mesoporous Silicas (OMSs) and Organosilicas (PMOs) as Catalyst Support in Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions
Babak Karimi, Fariborz Mansouri and Mojtaba Khorasani
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Palladium Deposited on Naturally Occurring Supports as a Powerful Catalyst for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions
Arash Ghaderi, Mohammad Gholinejad and Habib Firouzabadi
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Ruthenium-Catalyzed C–H Activation and Coupling Reactions in Organic Synthesis
Arpad Molnar and Attila Papp
View Abstract
Recent Progress in Metal-Mediated Trifluoroethylation
Jia-Bin Han, Jian-Hong Hao, Cheng-Pan Zhang and Hua-Li Qin
View Abstract
Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative and Decarboxylative Acylations through sp2 C–H Bond Activation
Satyasheel Sharma, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, Youngmi Shin and In Su Kim
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