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Volume 21, 28 Issues, 2017

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Current Organic Chemistry

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An Efficient Gram-Scale Total Synthesis of Neoponkoranol as Potent ɑ-Glucosidase inhibitor

Zihao Wang, Yuhao Huang, Dan Liu, Jinyi Xu, Genzoh Tanabe, Osamu Muraoka, Xiaoming Wu and Weijia Xie.

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Microwave assisted synthesis of Spiro heterocyclic systems: A review

Pankaj Khanna, Leena Khanna, Sean J Thomas, Abdullah M Asiri and Siva S Panda.

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Recent Developments in Enantioselective Organocatalytic Michael Reactions in Aqueous Media

Hélène Pellissier.

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Chitosan and its derivatives as chemical drug delivery carriers

Lei Xing, Lina Du, Cheng-Qiong Luo, Tian-Jiao Zhou, Yong Zhu, Jia-Hui Gong, Yiguang Jin and Hu-Lin Jiang.

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A new multicomponent reaction MCR4 for the synthesis of analogs of staurosporine

Mati Gelman, Tlalit Massarano, Ronit Lavi and Gerardo Byk.

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Organic Reactions under High Pressure: Efficient Multicomponent Syntheses of Novel Tricyclic Pyridazinonaphthyridine Derivatives under High Pressure

Moustafa Sherief Moustafa and Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi.

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Bioactivity of Chitosan and Its Derivatives

Céline Laroche, Cédric Delattre, Narimane Mati-Baouche, Rym Salah, Alina Violeta Ursu, Farida Moulti-Mati, Philippe Michaud and Guillaume Pierre.

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POSS-based Amphiphiles: Synthesis and Use in Self-assembling Nanosystems and Nanomaterials

Jin Han, Yuan Gao, Yaochen Zheng, Zhengguo Gao and Yan Sheng.

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The Novel Medical Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Derived from Chitosan

Ming Kong and Xiguang Chen.

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Supramolecular interactions, a route to control properties and interfaces in PLA based materials

Marek Brzezinski and Tadeusz Biela.

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Recent Advances in Preparation and Application of Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Magnetic Nanocatalysts on Multicomponent Reactions

Kamal Usef Sadek and Mohammad Ali Bodaghifard.

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Recent Developments on Organo-Bicyclo-Bases Catalyzed Multi-Component Synthesis of Biologically Relevant Heterocycles

Bubun Banerjee.

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A Review of Natural Products with Anti-Biofilm Activity

Xun Song, Yi-Xuan Xia, Zhen Dan He and Hongjie Zhang.

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Diffusion NMR: a tool to investigate the dynamics of organic systems

Timothy Stait Gardner, Allan Torres, Mikhail Zubkov, Scott A. Willis, Gang Zheng and William S Price.

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Recent Progress in Metal-containing Silsesquioxanes: Preparation and Application

Jin Han and Riwei Xu.

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Intramolecular Cyclization of N-Arylpropiolamides: A New Strategy for the Synthesis of Functionalized 2-Quinolones

Esmail Vessally, K. Didehban, Akram Hosseinian and Ladan Edjlali.

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Current Chemistry of Cyclic Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes

Jin Han.

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Molecular devices and machines: hybrid organic-inorganic structures

Mihai V. Putz , Margherita Venturi and Mirela Ioana Iorga.

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Microwave-Assisted Copper Powder-Catalyzed Synthesis of Azole-Fused Pyrimidinones

Quang Pham Duy Dao, Chan Sik Cho, Son Long Ho and Ho-Sang Sohn.

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Recent synthetic approaches to N,N-dimethyl-β-ketoenamines

Mark Bagley, Thoraya A. Farghaly, Sobhi M. Gomha, Zeinab Abdelaal Muhammad and Hatem M Gaber.

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Recent Advances in Synthesis of Functionalized β-Lactams through Cyclization of N-Propargyl Amine/Amide Derivatives

Esmail Vessally, Mirzaagha Babazadeh, Akram Hosseinian, Ladan Edjlali and Lakshmaiah Sreerama.

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Electronic Structure of Linear Polyacenes

Mihai V. Putz, Alessandro Stroppa, Michael R. Philpott, Marilena Ferbinteanu, Cristina Buta and Fanica Cimpoesu.

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Antibody developments and immunoassays for organophosphorus chemicals: a review

Xiude Hua, Sergei A. Eremin, Fengquan Liu and Minghua Wang.

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Review of Immunoassay Methods for the Detection of Sulfonamides

Fuyuan Zhang, Bing Liu and Shuo Wang.

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Superparamagnetic γ-Fe2O3-SiO2 Nanocomposites from Fe2O3-SiO2-PVA Hybrid Xerogels. Characterization and MRI Preliminary Testing

Cătălin Ianăşi, Otilia Costişor, Ana-Maria Putz, Jiri Plocek, Daniel Nižňanský, Liviu Săcărescu and Cecilia Savii.

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Topological Modeling of Carbon Nano-Lattices

Bogdan Bumbăcilă, Ottorino Ori, Franco Cataldo and Mihai V Putz.

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Dimroth Rearrangement – Old but Not Outdated

Anna Krajczyk and Jerzy Boryski.

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Fundamentals of hapten-protein conjugate synthesis to obtain high-quality antibodies for analysis of food and environmental contaminants

Peiwu Li, Wen Zhang, Zhaowei Zhang, Zhang Qi and Zhi-Yuan Chen.

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Antibody Development and Immunoassays for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Yan-Feng Zhang and Zhi-Xian Gao.

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Development of antibodies and immunoassays for carbamate pesticides

Chrysoula-Evangelia Karachaliou, Efthymia Nikolaki and Evangelia Livaniou.

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Reactions Leading to Controlled Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity of Surfaces

Teresa Basinska.

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Polypeptide-matrix synthesis and quantum-chemical models of molecular structures of 3d-metalmacroheterocyclic compounds

Oleg V Mikhailov.

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Development of Antibodies and Immunoassays for Monitoring of Nitrofuran Antibiotics in the Food Chain

Kevin M. Cooper, Terry L. Fodey, Katrina Campbell and Christopher T Elliott.

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Silicon Carbide, Silicon Carbonitride, and Silicon Oxycarbide Thin Films Formed by Remote Hydrogen Microwave Plasma CVD

Agnieszka Walkiewicz-Pietrzykowska, Pawel Uznanski and Aleksander M Wrobel.

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Amino-functional Silsesquioxanes (POSS) – Effective Glass Surface Modifiers in Solid-Phase Nucleic Acid Synthesis

Karol Szubert, Marta Piepiórka, Magdalena Jankowska-Wajda, Jolanta Brzezinska, Karol Pasternak, Natalia Remszel, Emilia Frydrych-Tomczak, Hieronim Maciejewski and Marcin K Chmielewski.

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