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Volume 21, 28 Issues, 2017

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Current Organic Chemistry

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György Keglevich
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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A review on chemical advanced oxidation processes for pharmaceuticals with paracetamol as a model compound. Reaction conditions, intermediates and total mechanism

Elisa Leyva, Edgar Moctezuma, Kim M Baines, Saul Noriega and Elvira Zarazua.

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Tissue engineering scaffolds derived from chitosan

Lihua Li and Changaren Zhou.

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Recent Applications of 2,2-Disubstituted-1,3-Dicarbonyls

Dayun Huang , Guobing Yan and Liguo Lu.

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Effective Synthetic Strategies for the Construction of Isoquinoline Scaffold found in Biologically Active Natural Products

Amar G. Chittiboyina, Saqlain Haider and Ikhlas A Khan.

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Synthesis of amphiphilic conetwork through click chemistry reactions

Ali Ramazani, Alaleh Dabbaghi and Farideh Gouranlou.

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Colorimetric Sensor Array for Detection of Iron(II) ion

Honglian Qin, Yaohui Zhang, Yumin Leng, Jiao Wu, Man Dang, Xing Li and Fang Hu.

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Advances in organometallic phthalocyanine compounds and their photochemical and electrochemical properties

Jun Chen, Yong Xu, Pengwei Zhang and Tongxiang Liang.

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Recent Advances In The Application Of The Heck Reaction In The Synthesis Of Heterocyclic Compounds: An Update

Majid M Heravi, Razieh Moradi and Masoumeh Malmir.

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Synthesis and application of stimuli-responsive polymer membranes

Zheyi Meng and Jin Zhai.

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Mass spectrometry of non-allomerized chlorophylls a and b derivatives from plants

Isabel Viera, Maria Roca and A Perez-Galvez.

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Mass Spectrometry of Chlorophylls from Phototrophic Prokaryotes

Ruth Airs.

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Seven-membered rings with three heteroatoms: Chemistry of 1,2,5- and 1,4,5-thiadiazepines

Başak Doğru Mert and Khaled M Elattar.

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A Comparative Study of Synthetic Approaches Towards Total Synthesis of Mandelalide A, An Anti-Lung Cancer Metabolite From Lissoclinum Ascidian

Ghulam Shabir and Aamer Saeed.

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Chiral NADH model: design, synthesis, asymmetric reduction reaction and fluorescence characteristics

Nai-Xing Wang, Cui-Bing Bai, Xing-Wang Lan, Yan-Jing Wang and Tong Zhang.

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Chitosan and its derivatives as chemical drug delivery carriers

Lei Xing, Lina Du, Cheng-Qiong Luo, Tian-Jiao Zhou, Yong Zhu, Jia-Hui Gong, Yiguang Jin and Hu-Lin Jiang.

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