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CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets

Formerly: Current Drug Targets - CNS & Neurological Disorders

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Stephen D. Skaper
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University of Padova

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Down Regulated Expression of Claudin-1 and Claudin-5 and Up Regulation of β-catenin Protein is Associated with Human Glioma Progression
H K Karnati, M Panigrahi, N A Shaik, N H Greig, S AR Bagadi and N Kapalavayi
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Current Challenges to Overcome the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Neurological Disorders
N M Khan, A Ahmad, M A Kamal, G Mushtaq and G M Ashraf
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Flavonoids Isolated from Rumex aquaticus Exhibit Neuroprotective and Neurorestorative Properties by Enhancing Neurite Outgrowth and Synaptophysin
O Orbán-Gyapai, A Raghavan, A Vasas, P Forgo, J Hohmann and Z A Shah
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Implication of Gut Microbiota in Human Health
I Khan, M Yasir, E I Azhar, T Kumosani, E K Barbour, F Bibi and M A Kamal
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The Implications of Sortilin/Vps10p Domain Receptors in Neurological and Human Diseases
C M Wilson, T Naves, S Saada, S Pinet, F Vincent, F Lalloué and M O Jauberteau
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Fetzima (levomilnacipran), A Drug for Major Depressive Disorder as a Dual Inhibitor for Human Serotonin Transporters and Beta-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme-1
SM Rizvi Danish, S Shaikh, M Khan, D Biswas, N Hameed and S Shakil
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Molecular Dynamics and Regulation of Butyrylcholinesterase Cholinergic Activity by RNA Binding Proteins
I Sohail and S Rashid
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Sub-Chronic Exposure of No-Observable Adverse Effect Dose of Terbufos Sulfone may Cause Neuroinflammation in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Rats
S M Nurulain, E Adeghate, A Shamsulislam, J Yasin, M A Kamal, C Sharma, A Adem and S Ojha
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Status of Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase in Alzheimer’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
G Mushtaq, N H Greig, J A Khan and M A Kamal
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Gene Expression Analysis Approach to Establish Possible Links between Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases
S Karim, Z Mirza, M A Kamal, A M Abuzenadah and M H Al-Qahtani
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Effect of Electromagnetic Radiations on Neurodegenerative Diseases - Technological Revolution as a Curse in Disguise
G M Hasan, I A Sheikh, S Karim, A Haque, M A Kamal, A G Chaudhary, E Azhar and Z Mirza
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Identification of Potent Caspase-3 Inhibitors for Treatment of Multi-Neurodegenerative Diseases using Pharmacophore Modeling and Docking Approaches
K Ahmad, V M Balaramnavar, M H Baig, A K Srivastava, S Khan and M A Kamal
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Role of Nanomedicines in Delivery of Anti-Acetylcholinesterase Compounds to the Brain in Alzheimer's Disease
M Z Ahmad, J Ahmad, M Rahman, M Anwar, N Mallick, F J Ahmad, Z Rahman, M A Kamal and S Akhter
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Inflammation in Ischemic Stroke: Mechanisms, Consequences and Possible Drug Targets
M Ahmad, N J Dar, Z S Bhat, A Hussain, A Shah, H Liu and S H Graham
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The Neuroprotective Mechanism of Erythropoietin-TAT Fusion Protein Against Neurodegeneration from Ischemic Brain Injury
P Liu, X Liu, A KF Liou, J Xing, Z Jing, X Ji, X Liu, H Zhao, F Yan, J Chen, G Cao and Y Luo
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Activation of Adenosine Receptor Potentiates the Anticonvulsant Effect of Phenytoin Against Amygdala Kindled Seizures
Z Sun, X L Zhong, Y Zong, Z C Wu, Q Zhang, J T Yu and L Tan
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Effect of Probenecid on the Pain-Related Behaviour and Morphological Markers in Orofacial Formalin Test of the Rat
A Fejes-Szabo, Z Bohar, G Nagy-Grocz, E Vámos, L Tar, B Pődör, J Tajti, J Toldi, L Vécsei and A Párdutz
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Poly (D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles Loaded with Cerebrolysin Display Neuroprotective Activity in a Rat Model of Concussive Head Injury
B Ruozi, D Belletti, F Forni, A Sharma, D Muresanu, H Mössler, M A Vandelli, G Tosi and H S Sharma
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Is Human Immunodeficiency Virus-mediated Dementia an Autophagic Defect that Leads to Neurodegeneration?
E Passeri, I Mocchetti and C Moussa
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The Protective Effects of Crocetin on Aβ1-42-Induced Toxicity in Ht22 Cells
Y Kong, L P Kong, T Luo, W Jiang, S Li, Y Zhou and H Q Wang
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Propofol Promotes Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown and Heat Shock Protein (HSP 72 kd) Activation in the Developing Mouse Brain
H S Sharma, E Ponten, T Gordh, P Eriksson, A Fredriksson and A Sharma
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Potential targets for the development novel antidepressants: Future Perspectives
V N Thakareb and B M Patel
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The Potential Role of Morus Alba Leaves Extract on the Brain of Mice Infected with Schistosoma Mansoni
A Bauomy
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The Neuroprotective Mechanism of Erythropoietin-TAT Fusion Protein Against Neurodegeneration from Ischemic Brain Injury
P Liu, X Liu, Liou AKF, J Xing, Z Jing, X Ji, X Liu, H Zhao, F Yan, J Chen, G Cao and Y Luo
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