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Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Towards Next Generation Adenosine A2A Receptor Antagonists
G B Jones and G Yuan
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Biotransformation of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds by Selected Phase I and Phase II Enzymes – Formation of Estrogenic and Chemically Reactive Metabolitesby Cytochromes P450 and Sulfotransferases
Jelle Reinen and Nico P.E. Vermeulen
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Idiosyncratic Drug Hepatotoxicity: Strategy for Prevention and Proposed Mechanism
Toshihiko Ikeda
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Current Developments in Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Biomedical Applications
J. J.T.M. Swartjes, P. K. Sharma, T. G. van Kooten, H. C. van der Mei, M. Mahmoudi, H. J. Busscher and E. T.J. Rochford
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Procyanidins and their Healthy Protective Effects against Type 2 Diabetes
Noemí González-Abuín, Montserrat Pinent, Àngela Casanova-Martí, Lluís Arola, Mayte Blay and Anna Ardévol
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Antibacterial Activities of Flavonoids: Structure-Activity Relationship and Mechanism
Yixi Xie, Weijie Yang, Xiaoqing Chen and Licheng Ren
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p38 MAPK:A Potential Target of Chronic Pain Running title: p38 targeting for chronic pain
Xiaofeng Lin, Mingxi Wang, Junping Zhang and Ruian Xu
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PARP1: a promising target for the development of PARP1-based candidates for anticancer intervention
Yongzhou Hu
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Sixteen-Years of Clinically Relevant Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) Inhibitors for Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes: A Perspective
Ram Najar Kushwaha, Wahajul Haq and Seturam Bandhacharya Katti
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Development of EGFR Family Small Molecular Inhibitors for Anticancer Intervention: an Overview of Approved Drugs and Clinical Candidates.
Weiyan Cheng, Yongzhou Hu and Rong Sheng
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Nicola Volpi
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Redox-active and redox-silent compounds: synergistic therapeutics in cancer
Marco Tomasetti, Lory Santarelli, Renata Alleva, Lan-Feng Dong and Jiri Neuzil
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Nanotechnology and antioxidant therapy: an emerging approach for neurodegenerative diseases
Carlos Fernandes Catarina Oliveira, Sofia Benfeito, Pedro Soares, Jorge Garrido and Fernanda Borges
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Cannabinoid receptor type 2 activation in atherosclerosis and acute cardiovascular diseases
Federico Carbone, Francois Mach, Nicolas Vuilleumier and Fabrizio Montecucco
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Association between Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Metabolic Syndrome
Leandro Martín Velez and Alicia Beatriz Motta
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Glycation of Human Serum Albumin in Diabetes: Impacts on the Structure and Function 88888
Hui Cao, Tingting Chen and Yujun Shi
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Nanomedicine for the Viral Reservoir Drug Delivery and the Fight Against HIV Infection
Benson J. Edagwa, Tian Zhou, JoEllyn M McMillan, Xin-Ming Liu and Howard E. Gendelman
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Gauging Reactive Metabolites in Drug-Induced Toxicity
Marsha R. Eno and Michael D. Cameron
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α-glucan pathway as a novel Mtb drug target: structural insights and cues for polypharmcological targeting of GlgB and GlgE
Pushpa Agrawal, Pawan Gupta, Kunchithapadam Swaminathan and Raman Parkesh
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Cellular changes, molecular pathways and the immune system following photodynamic treatment
Paulina Skupin-Mrugalska, Lukasz Sobotta, Malgorzata Kucinska, Marek Murias, Jadwiga Mielcarek and Nejat Duzgunes
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Fluorescent GPCR Ligands as New Tools in Pharmacology – update, years 2008- early 2014
Kamil J. Kuder and Katarzyna Kiec-Kononowicz
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Polyphenols-rich natural products for treatment of diabetes
Simona Dragan, Florina Andrica, Maria-Corina Serban and Romulus Timar
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Antagonists of IAP Proteins: Novel Anti-tumor Agents
Yichao Wan, Tingting Liu, Xuben Hou, Yanyan Dun, Peng Guan and Hao Fang
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Smoking and Atherosclerosis: Mechanisms of Disease and New Therapeutic Approaches
Gerasimos Siasos, Vasiliki Tsigkou, Eleni Kokkou, Evangelos Oikonomou, Manolis Vavuranakis, Charalampos Vlachopoulos, Alexis Verveniotis, Maria Limperi, Vasiliki Genimata, Athanasios G. Papavassiliou and Dimitris Tousoulis
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Title Body mass index, lipid metabolism and estrogens: their impact on coronary heart disease
Genovefa D. Kolovou, Vana Kolovou, Peggy M. Kostakou and Sophie Mavrogeni
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Colloidal Supramolecular Aggregates for Therapeutic Application in Neuromedicine
Donato Cosco, Luisa Di Marzio, Carlotta Marianecci, Elena Trapasso, Donatella Paolino, Christian Celia, Maria Carafa and Massimo Fresta
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Recent Advances in the Structure-Based and Ligand-Based Design of IKKβ inhibitors as Anti-inflammation and Anti-cancer Agents
Jing-Jie Huang, Hong-Xi Chu, Zheng-Yu Jiang, Xiao-Jin Zhang, Hao-Peng Sun and Qi-Dong You
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Nanofiber scaffolds for treatment of spinal cord injury
Jia-Song Guo, Chang-Hui Qian, Eng-Ang Ling and Yuan-Shan Zeng
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Chondroitin Sulfate Glycosaminoglycans for CNS Homeostasis - Implications for Material Design
Lohitash Karumbaiah, Tarun Saxena, Martha Betancur and Ravi V. Bellamkonda
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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Uses of Nanomaterials in the Brain
Elisa Garbayo, Ander Estella-Hermoso de Mendoza and María J. Blanco-Prieto
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Anthocyanins as a potential therapy for diabetic retinopathy
Seyed Fazel Nabavi, Solomon Habtemariam, Maria Daglia, Nasrollah Shafighi, Alistair J. Barber and Seyed Mohammad Nabavi
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Having a Promising Efficacy on Type II diabetes, It’s Definitely a Green Tea Time
Hen Jiao, Guohua Hu, Dayong Gu and Xiaoling Ni
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Potential application of non-flavonoid phenolics in diabetes: anti-inflammatory effects
Jonatan Miranda, Arrate Lasa, Leixuri Aguirre, Alfredo Fernández-Quintela, Iñaki Milton and Maria P. Portillo
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Effect of natural compounds on insulin signaling
Paoli Paolo, Caselli Anna, Camici Guido and Cirri Paolo
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Intracranial Aneurysms; in Need of Early Diagnostic and Treatment using Bio- and Nanotechnology
Shima Salmasi and Alexander Marcus Seifalian
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Intracranial Stents Past, Present and the Future Trend: Stents Made with Nano-particle or Nanocomposite Biomaterials
Junjie Zhao, Deepak Kalaskar, Yasmin Farhatnia, Xiaoxin Bai, Peter E. Bulter and Alexander M. Seifalian
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Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery by Nanoparticles in the Treatment of Neurological Disorders
Wei-Yi Ong, Shalini Suku Maran and Luca Costantino
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Nanomedicine and its Application in Treatment of Microglia-Mediated Neuroinflammation
Nimmi Baby, Radhika Patnala, Eng-Ang Ling and S. ThameemDheen
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Engineered nanomaterials and the Nervous System: An Update
Myrtill Simko and Mats-Olof Mattsson
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Nanotechnology and Alzheimer’s Disease: What Has Been Done and What to Do
B. Ruozi, D. Belletti, F. Pederzoli, P. Veratti, F. Forni, M. A. Vandelli and G. Tosi
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Nanomedicine Based Nanoparticles for Neurological Disorders
Bhasker Sriramoju, Rupinder K. Kanwar and Jagat R. Kanwar
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Chelating Agents for the Sequestration of Mercury(II) and Monomethyl Mercury(II)
Francesco Crea, Concetta De Stefano, Claudia Foti, Demetrio Milea and Silvio Sammartano
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Novel Nor-Homo- and Spiro-Oxetan- Steroids Target the Human Androgen Receptor and Act as Antiandrogens
Marie Thiele, Sebastian Rabe, Wiebke Hessenkemper, Daniela Roell, Sophie Bartsch, Florian Kraft, Tsion E. Abraham, Adriaan B. Houtsmuller, Martin E. van Royen, Athanassios Giannis and Aria Baniahmad
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Effects of Iron and Copper Overload on the Human Liver: an Ultrastructural Study
D Fanni, V Fanos, C Gerosa, M Piras, A Dessì, A Atzei, P Van Eyken, Y Gibo and G Faa
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Toxicity of Nanoparticles
Maria Antonietta Zoroddu, Serenella Medici, Alessia Ledda, Valeria Marina Nurchi, Joanna I. Lachowicz and Massimiliano Peana
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Copper Chelators: Chemical Properties and Biomedical Applications
Matteo Tegoni, Daniela Valensin, Leonardo Toso and Maurizio Remelli
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Tumor Antigen-Derived Peptides Delivery for Cancer Immunotherapy
Ma Wenxue
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Interaction of Crotamine and Protamine, Small Cationic Peptides, With The Retinal Spreading Depression
EmptyYN="Y" Fernandes de Lima V M, P Spencer and W Hanke
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Editorial: Current status and progress of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and targeted therapy
Junbo Zhang
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On the Physiological Role of Cytosolic 5’-Nucleotidase II (Cn-II): Pathological and Therapeutical Implications
Maria Grazia Tozzi, Rossana Pesi and Simone Allegrini
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The role of soluble 5`-nucleotidases in the conversion of nucleotide analogs. Metabolic and therapeutic aspects
Andrzej C Składanowski
View Abstract
The Enzymology of Cytosolic Pyrimidine 5’-Nucleotidases: Functional Analysis and Physiopathological Implications
Giulio Magni, Adolfo Amici and Giuseppe Orsomando
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5'-Nucleotidases, Nucleosides and their Distribution in the Brain: Pathological and Therapeutic Implications
Zsolt Kovács, Árpád Dobolyi, Katalin A. Kékesi and Gábor Juhász
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Therapeutic Perspectives for CN-II in Cancer
Lars Petter Jordheim
View Abstract
Enzymatic Properties and Physiological Roles of Cytosolic 5’-Nucleotidase II
Roichi Itoh
View Abstract
Is The Expression Of Deoxynucleoside Kinases And 5´-Nucleotidases In Animal Tissues Related To The Biological Effects Of Nucleoside Analogs?
Staffan Eriksson
View Abstract
Editorial “ Metabolic, pathological, and therapeutic perspectives intracellular 5’-nucleotidases”
Piero Luigi Ipata
View Abstract
Metal complexes of biologically active ligands as potential antioxidants
Irena Kostova, Stefan Balkansky and Stefan Balkansky
View Abstract
System models, assays, and endpoint parameters to evaluate anticancer compounds during preclinical screening
Juan Sebastian Yakisich
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