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Volume 23, 42 Issues, 2016

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Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Expression and Regulation of Drug Transporters and Metabolizing Enzymes in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract

M. Drozdzik and S Oswald.

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A short overview on the biomedical applications of silica, alumina and calcium phosphate-based nanostructured materials

Younes Ellahioui, Sanjiv Prashar and Santiago Gómez-Ruiz.

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Multitarget opioid/non-opioid ligands in pain treatment: new players in an old game II

Rita Turnaturi, Giuseppina Aricò, Giuseppe Ronsisvalle, Lorella Pasquinucci and Carmela Parenti.

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Resveratrol and Lifespan in Model Organisms

Kathrin Pallauf, Gerald Rimbacha, Petra Maria Ruppa, Dawn China and Insa Wolf.

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The Role of Clusterin in Carcinogenesis and its Potential Utility as Therapeutic Target

T Tellez, M Garcia-Aranda and M Redondo.

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Synthetic Lipoproteins as Carriers for Drug Delivery

Gangliang Huang, Yang Liu and Hualiang Huang.

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Plant Anti-cancer Agents and their Biotechnological Production in Plant Cell Biofactories

Liliana Lalaleo, Abbas Khojasteh, Mohammad Fattahi, Mercedes Bonfill, Rosa M. Cusido and Javier Palazon.

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Recent developments of phototherapy based on graphene family nanomaterials

Baomei Zhang, Yang Wang, Jiyong Liu and Guangxi Zhai.

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Efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of biosimilars in inflammatory bowel diseases: A systematic review

Laura Martelli and Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet.

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Gender Differences in Cancer-Associated Venous Thromboembolism

Silvia Riondino, Fiorella Guadagni, Vincenzo Formica, Patrizia Ferroni and Mario Roselli.

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Computational Modelling of Magnetic Nanoparticle Properties and In Vivo Responses

David A Winkler.

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Nanocellulose and its Composites for Biomedical Applications

Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı.

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Effects of angiotensin II on human physiology and novel ways how to modulate them by synthetic compounds

Iveta Herichová.

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Fructose 1,6-Bisphosphate: A Summary of its Cytoprotective Mechanism

Norma Alva, Ronald Alva and Teresa Carbonell.

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Pharmacological activation of Protein Phosphatase 2 A (PP2A) activity: A novel strategy to fight against human malignancies?

Maria Rosaria Carratù, Anna Signorile, Domenico De Rasmo, Antonia Reale and Angelo Vacca.

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Current and future drug treatments for glioblastomas

Shigeo Ohba and Yuichi Hirose.

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Nanoparticle Based Delivery of Protease Inhibitors to Cancer Cells

Mateja Prunk and Janko Kos.

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Leveraging Structural Diversity and Allosteric Regulatory Mechanisms of Protein Kinases in the Discovery of Small Molecule Inhibitors

Gennady M Verkhivker.

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Sex impact on biomarkers, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Flavia Franconi and Ilaria Campesi.

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Cardiac Biomarkers: Invasive to Non-invasive Assessments

M.K. Md Arshad, M.F.M. Fathil, Subash C.B. Gopinath, A.R. Ruslinda, M. Nuzaihan M.N., H.Y. Lam and U Hashim.

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Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery Using Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Mihad Ibrahim, Rana Sabouni and Ghaleb A Husseini.

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Overview of systems biology and omics technologies

Bensu Karahalil.

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