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Volume 13, 8 Issues, 2016

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Current Drug Delivery

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Istvan Toth
School of Pharmacy,University of Queensland
Brisbane, 4072

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Reflections on the Insertion and Fracture Forces of Microneedles

Kevin Ita.

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New Preparative Approaches for Micro and Nano Drug Delivery Carriers

Gaetano Lamberti, Anna Angela Barba, Sabrina Bochicchio, Annalisa Dalmoro and Matteo d’Amore.

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An Overview on Bacteriophages: A Natural Nanostructured Antibacterial Agent

Vaibhav Rastogi, Pragya, Navneet Verma, Arun Kumar Mishra, Gopal Nath, Praveen Kumar Gaur and Anurag Verma.

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Influence of PEG Molecular Weight on Drug Delivery of Gemcitabine Conjugated to SWCNT-PEG

Ali Razzazan, Fatemeh Atyabi, Bahram Kazemi and Rassoul Dinarvand.

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Topical Analgesic Nanolipid Vesicles Formulation of Capsaicinoids Extract of Bhut Jolokia (Capsicum chinense Jacq): Pharmacodynamic Evaluation in Rat Models and Acceptability studies in Human Volunteers

Khomendra Kumar Sarwa, Bhaskar Mazumder, Preeti K. Suresh and Chanchal Deep Kaur.

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Simultaneous bilateral basal ganglia hemorrhage

Jun Mu, Zesong Yang and Jianjun Chen.

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Controlled release oral delivery of apigenin containing pellets with antioxidant activity

Zsófia Edit Pápay, Nikolett Kállai-Szabó, Emese Balogh, Krisztina Ludányi, Imre Klebovich and István Antal.

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Chemical Engineering in the “BIO” world

Gianluca Chiarappa, Mario Grassia, Michela Abrami, Roberto Andrea Abbiati, Anna Angela Barba, Anja Boisen, Valerio Brucato, Giulio Ghersi, Diego Caccavo, Sara Cascone, Sergio Caserta, Nicola Elvassore, Monica Giomo, Stefano Guido, Gaetano Lamberti, Domenico Larobina, Davide Manca, Paolo Marizza, Giovanna Tomaiuolo and Gabriele Grassi.

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Photothermal ablation of cancer cells using folate-coated gold/grapheme oxide composite

Nicolò Mauro, Anna Li Volsi, Cinzia Scialabba, Mariano Licciardi, Gennara Cavallaro and Gaetano Giammona.

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Competition between tumor and mononuclear phagocyte system cause the low tumor distribution of nanoparticles and strategies to improve tumor accumulation

Bin Yang, Xiaopeng Han, Bin Ji and Rong Lu.

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ADMET-Multi-Output Cheminformatics Models for Drug Delivery, Interactomics, and Nanotoxicology

Humberto González-Díaz.

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Cytotoxicity and Cellular uptake of 5-Fluorouracil loaded methylcellulose nanohydrogel for treatment of oral cancer

Chintan Dalwadi and Gayatri Patel.

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Effect of liposomes with different double arms polyethyleneglycol on hepatic metastasis model mice and evaluation using a fluorescent imaging device

Ikumi Sugiyama, Hiroki Oikawa, Tomoyuki Masuda and Yasuyuki Sadzuka.

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Biomimetic Mineralization of Tumor Targeted Ferromagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Used for Media of Magnetic Hyperthermia

Siyu Xie, Guangfu Yin, Ximing Pu, Yang Hu, Zhongbin Huang, Xiaoming Liao, Yadong Yao and Xianchun Chen.

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Zero-order controlled delivery of Gliclazide from polyethylene oxides matrix tables: In vitro and in vivo evaluation

Lijie Wang, Xinggang Yang, Yan Di, Kai Chen, Haoyang Wen and Weisan Pan.

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Promote Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer Healing With Low Dose Prednisolone Bilayer Mucoadhesive Buccal Film

Ragwa M. Farid and Ming Ming Wen.

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Ursolic acid nanocrystals for dissolution rate and bioavailability enhancement: influence of different particle size

Jiaxin Pi, Zhidong Liu, Hao Wang, Xing Gu, Shuya Wang, Bing Zhang, Hansen Luan and Zhuangzhi Zhu.

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Fabrication of Eu-doped Gd(OH)3 Nanorods with Enhanced Magnetic-Resonance and Luminescence Imaging

Yuanwen Zou, Zhi Wu, Zhongbing Huang, Guangfu Yin, Lei Wang and Fabao Gao.

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Potential of Liposomes for Enhancement of Oral Drug Absorption

Marjan Daeihamed, Simin Dadashzadeh, Azadeh Haeri and Masoud Faghih Akhlaghi.

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Biodegradable polymericnanoparticlesas the delivery carrier for drug

Kai Zhao, Dan Li, CiShi, Xueling Ma, Hong Kang, Xiaohua Wang and Bin Sun.

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Chitosan Functionalized CuS Nanoparticles Boots Gene Transfection via Photothermal Effect

Li Lin, Xiaoda Li, Yongbo Yang, Lijia Jing, Xiuli Yue, Xuzhu Chen and Zhifei Dai.

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Tumor Thermal Ablation Enhancement by Micromaterials

Fan Zhao, Hongying Su, Xiangjun Han, Han Bao and Ji Qi.

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Micro-Nano Materials for Tumor Microwave Hyperthermia: Design, Preparation, and Application

Xue Chen, Xianwei Meng, Longfei Tan and Tianlong Liu.

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Insight into the Development of Dissolution Media for BCS Class II drugs: A Review from Quality Control and Prediction of In Vivo Performance Perspectives

Chunnuan Wu, Yan Liu, Zhonggui He and Jin Sun.

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Formulation and Evaluation of Rifampicin Liposomes for Buccal Drug Delivery

Srinivas Lankalapalli and V S Vinai Kumar Tenneti.

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