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Volume 9, 4 Issues, 2014

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Current Clinical Pharmacology

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Arduino A. Mangoni
Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre
Adelaide, SA

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Lung Transplantation: Perioperative Pharmacology and Anesthetic Considerations
Eduardo S. Rodrigues, Harish Ramakrishna and Octavio E. Pajaro
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Heart Transplantation- Anesthetic Pharmacology and Perioperative Considerations
Harish Ramakrishna, Kent H. Rehfeldt and Octavio E. Pajaro
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Analgesic Considerations for Liver Transplantation Patients
Sher-Lu Pai, Stephen Aniskevich, Eduardo S. Rodrigues and Timothy S. Shine
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Anesthetic Pharmacology for Kidney Transplantation
Stephen Aniskevich, Sher-Lu Pai and Timothy S. Shine
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Medicinal Chemistry of New Compounds to Treat Tuberculosis
Marina Candido Primi, Natanael Dante Segretti and Elizabeth Igne Ferreira
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Vanadium Complexes with Hydrazone or Thiosemicarbazone Ligands as Potential Anti-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Agents
Paula C. de Souza, Pedro I. S. Maia, Heloisa B. de Barros, Clarice Q. F. Leite, Victor M. Deflon and Fernando R. Pavan
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Tuberculosis: Challenges to Improve the Treatment
Jean Leandro dos Santos, Mariana Moreira Lima, Ariane Biolcati Trindade, Flávia Carnavalli, Aylime Castanho Bolognesi Melchior and Chung Man Chin
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Diagnostic Boundaries of Autism Disorder Vs Pervasive Developmental Disorder Nos Comparative Observational Study and Literature Review
T Carigi, F Muratori, C Termine, P Veggiotti, L Derhemi, R Di Nardo, G Rossi, P Fusar Poli and U Balottin
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Clinical Relevance of the Interaction When Switching Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors in Patients Infected with HIV
Eric Dailly, Clotilde Allavena, Guillaume Deslandes, Régis Bouquie, Pascale Jolliet and François Raffi
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Sources of Information Used When Prescribing for Children, a Survey of Hospital Based Pediatricians
Tareq L. Mukattash, Khawla Q. Nuseir, Adnan S. Jarab, Karem H Alzoubi, Sayer I Al-Azzam and Mohd Shara
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K-Ras, Intestinal Homeostasis and Colon Cancer
Sanjay Goel, Jie Huang and Lidija Klampfer
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Management of Hypertension – Journey from Single Drug Therapy to Multitargeted Ligand Therapy: A Clinical Overview
Prashant Naik, Hardik Gandhi, Vijay Pawar, Rajani Giridhar and Mange Ram Yadav
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