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Volume 15, 9 Issues, 2015

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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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In Silico Designing and Screening of Antagonists against Cancer Drug Target XIAP
Rahul Kumar, Jagat Singh Chauhan and Gajendra Pal Singh Raghava
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AKT and cytosolic phospholipase A2α form a positive loop in prostate cancer cells
Sheng Hua, Soma Vignarajan, Mu Yao, Chanlu Xie, Paul Sved and Qihan Dong
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Nanobiotechnological approaches to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer
Peyman Ranji, Zahra Heydari and Ali Mohammad Alizadeh
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The Anthelmintic Drug Niclosamide Inhibits the Proliferative Activity of Human Osteosarcoma Cells by Targeting Multiple Signal Pathways
Zhan Liao, Guoxin Nan, Zhengjian Yan, Liyi Zeng, Youlin Deng, Jixing Ye, Zhonglin Zhang, Min Qiao, Ruifang Li, Sahitya Denduluri, Jing Wang, Qiang Wei, Nisha Geng, Lianggong Zhao, Shun Lu, Xin Wang, Guolin Zhou, Hue H. Luu, Rex C. Haydon, Tong-Chuan He and Zhongliang Wang
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An innovative fluorescent semi-quantitative methylation-specific PCR method for the determination of MGMT promoter methylation is reflecting intra-tumor heterogeneity
Natacha Entz-Werle
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Bone Metastasis-Related MicroRNAs: New Targets for Treatment?
Qian Zhao, Fengming Luo, Junrong Ma and Xijie Yu
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Current Drug Targets for Thymic Neoplasms
Xiao-Ling Xu and Wei-Min Mao
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Chemotherapy Delivery Strategies to the Central Nervous System: neither Optional nor Superfluous
Annie Drapeau and David Fortin
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The JNK Signaling Pathway Is a Novel Molecular Target for S-Propargyl-L-Cysteine, a Naturally-Occurring Garlic Derivatives: Link to Its Anticancer Activity in Pancreatic Cancer In vitro and In vivo
Wei Wang, Jianwen Cheng and Yizhun Zhu
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Aerosol Delivery in the Treatment of Lung Cancer
Chiara Storti, Valentino Le Noci, Michele Sommariva, Elda Tagliabue, Andrea Balsari and Lucia Sfondrini
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Identification of Drug Targets in Helicobacter pylori by in silico Analysis : Possible Therapeutic Implications for Gastric cancer
Deepthi Nammi, Ravi C. P. K. Srimath-Tirumala-Peddinti and Nageswara Rao R. Neelapu
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Molecular and Clinical Aspects of the Target Therapy with the Calcimimetic Cinacalcet in the Treatment of Parathyroid Tumors.
Mingione A, Verdelli C, Terranegra A, Soldati L and Corbetta S
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Emerging Drug Target In Pancreatic Cancer: Placing Sirtuin 1 on the Canvas
Marc Giry-Laterriere, Andreia V. Pinho, Nils Eling, Lorraine Chantrill and Ilse Rooman
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The Prognosis of Patients with Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer still Depends on Anatomical Presentation more than on Treatments
Paolo G. Gobbi, Sandro Rossi, Mario Comelli, Valentina Ravetta, Laura L. Rosa, Silvia Brugnatelli, Franco Corbella, Sara Delfanti, Islam Abumalouh and Paolo Dionigi
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CBP-dependent Wnt/β-catenin signaling is crucial in regulation of MDR1 transcription
Zanxian Xia, Mingquan Guo, Han Liu, Luwei Jiang, Qiaoxia Li, Jian Peng, Jia-Da Li, Baoen Shan, Pinghui Feng and Hong Ma
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11-Phenylundeca-5Z,9Z-dienoic Acid: Stereoselective Synthesis and Dual Topoisomerase I/IIα Inhibition
Vladimir A. D'yakonov, Lilya U. Dzhemileva, Aleksey A. Makarov, Alfiya R. Mulukova, Dmitry S. Baev, Elza K. Khusnutdinova, Tatiana G. Tolstikova and Usein M. Dzhemilev
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Bone Metastasis: Molecular Mechanisms Implicated in Tumour Cell Dormancy in Breast and Prostate Cancer
Lewis Quayle, Penelope D. Ottewell and Ingunn Holen
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A novel NGR-conjugated peptide targets DNA damage responses for radiosensitization
Jinlu Ma, Dan Zhang, Xia Ying, Ying Zhao, Chenchen He, Mengjiao Cai, Congya Zhou, Suxia Han and Qing Zhu
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