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Volume 17, 9 Issues, 2017

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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

HIF1A is overexpressed in medulloblastoma and its inhibition reduces proliferation and increases EPAS1 and ATG16L1 methylation

Gustavo Alencastro Veiga Cruzeiro, Maristella Bergamo dos Reis, Vanessa Silva Silveira, Régia Caroline Peixoto Lira, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Jr, Luciano Neder, Ricardo Santos Oliveira, José Andres Yunes, Silvia Regina Brandalise, Simone Aguiar, Agda Karina Eterovic, Luiz Gonzaga Tone, Carlos Alberto Scrideli and Elvis Terci Valera.

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Clinical Trials with Oncolytic Measles Virus: Current Status and Future Prospects

Pavlos Msaouel, Mateusz Opyrchal, Angela Dispenzieri, Kah Whye Peng, Mark J. Federspiel, Stephen J. Russell and Evanthia Galanis.

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The development of oncoltyic adenovirus therapy in the past and future - For the case of pancreatic cancer

Mizuho Sato-Dahlman and Masato Yamamoto.

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Emergence of Ad-mediated combination therapy against cancer: What to expect?

JinWoo Hong and Chae-Ok Yun.

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The Real Impact of Target Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients: Between Hope and Reality

Sebastiano Bordonaro, Massimiliano Berretta, Antonino Carmelo Tralongo, Silvia Clementi, Brigida Stanzione and Paolo Tralongo.

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The Role of Target Therapy in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Non Colorectal Cancers: Clinical Impact and Cost Consideration.

Massimiliano Berretta, Raffaele Di Francia, Chiara De Diviitis, Guglielmo Nasti, Vincenzo Canzonieri, Michele Caraglia, Gaetano Facchini and Umberto Tirelli.

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Lung cancer stem cells: An epigenetic perspective

Samriddhi Shukla, Sajid Khan, Sonam Sinha and Syed Musthapa Meeran.

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Mechanisms for inhibition of colon cancer cells by sulforaphane through epigenetic modulation of microRNA-21 and human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) down-regulation

Samantha L. Martin, Rishabh Kala and Trygve O Tollefsbol.

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Multimodal HDAC inhibitors with improved anticancer activity

Rainer Schobert and Bernhard Biersack.

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Transforming Cancer Epigenetics Using Nutritive Approaches and Non-coding RNAs

Centdrika R. Dates and Trygve O Tollefsbol.

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Epigenetics in clinical management of children and adolescents with brain tumors

Andres Morales La Madrid and Mark W Kieran.

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Outlook on epigenetic therapeutic approaches for treatment of gastric cancer.

Petra Hudler.

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Epigenetic Regulation of EMT in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Karen O’Leary, Alice Shia and Peter Schmid.

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Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer: Recent Progress and Future Prospects

Avineesh Singh, Preeti Patel, Vijay Patel, Deepak K Jain, Ravichandran Veerasamy, Prabodh Chandere Sharma and Harish Rajak.

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