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Volume 14, 9 Issues, 2014

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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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Looking out for cancer stem cells’ properties: the value-driving role of CD44 for personalized medicines
Sara Horta, Ana Lúcia Agostinho, Rita Mateus, Lucília Pereira, Carolina Pereira, Liliana Capinha, Slavomira Doktorovova, Alexandra Brito and Mafalda Videira
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Irreversible Multitargeted ErbB Family Inhibitors for Therapy of Lung and Breast Cancer
Deepa Subramaniam, Aiwu Ruth He, Jimmy Hwang, John Deeken, Michael Pishvaian, Marion L. Hartley and John L. Marshall
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Nontoxic-dose of Deguelin Induce NPMc+ AML Cell differentiation by Selectively Targeting Mt NPM1/SIRT1 Instead of HDAC1/3
YouPing Wang, Sha Yi, Lu Wen, Ben Ping Zhang, Zichu Zhao, Jing Yu Hu, Fei Zhao, Jing He, Jun Fang, Chun Zhang, Guohui Cui and Yan Chen
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Zebrafish: Predictive Model for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics from Nature
Nursafwana Syazwani Zulkhernain, Soo Hwang Teo, Vyomesh Patel and Pei Jean Tan
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AKT-Pathway Inhibition in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Reveals Response Relationships Defined by TCL1
Alexandra Schrader, Wagma Popal, Nils Lilienthal, Giuliano Crispatzu, Petra Mayer, Dan Jones, Michael Hallek and Marco Herling
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Bioactive Albumin-Based Carriers for Tumour Chemotherapy
Yasser Shahzad, Ikram Ullah Khan, Talib Hussain, M Alamgeer, Christophe A Serra, Syed A ARizvi, Minja Gerber and Jeanetta du Plessis
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TXNL1 Induces Apoptosis in Cisplatin Resistant Human Gastric Cancer Cell Lines
Pan Ni, Wenxia Xu, Yajie Zhang, Qi Chen, Aiping Li, Shouyu Wang and Shan Xu
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Anti-Diabetic Drug Metformin: Challenges and Perspectives for Cancer Therapy
K S Snima, Prathesha Pillai, Aleena Mary Cherian, Shantikumar V. Nair and V K Lakshmanan
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LAT1 Targeted Delivery of Methionine Based Imaging Probe Derived from M(III) Metal Ions for Early Diagnosis of Proliferating Tumors using Molecular Imaging Modalities
Puja Panwar Hazari, Surbhi Prakash, Virendra K. Meena, Ambika Jaswal, Harleen Khurana, Surabhi Kirti Mishra, B.S. Hemanth Kumar, Lokendra Singh and Anil K. Mishra
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MicroRNA-34 Family, Mechanisms of Action in Cancer: a Review Running Title: Function of MicroRNA-34 Family
Hamidreza Maroof, Ali Salajegheh, Robert Anthony Smith and A K Lam
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Heat Shock Proteins as Prognostic Markers of Cancer
Evgeniya V. Kaigorodova and Mariya V. Bogatyuk
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