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Volume 14, 9 Issues, 2014

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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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Analogs of Cinnamic Acid Benzyl Amide As Nonclassical Inhibitors of Activated JAK2 Kinase
Marcin Mielecki, Małgorzata Milner-Krawczyk, Krystyna Grzelak, Damian Mielecki, Krystiana A. Krzysko, Bogdan Lesyng and Waldemar Priebe
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Deregulated Expression of miR-224 and its Target Gene: CD59 Predicts Outcome of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Patients Treated with R-CHOP
Guoqi Song, Guorong Song, Hunyun Ni, Ling Gu, William C. Cho, Hong Liu, Baoan Chen, Bangshun He, Yuqin Pan and Shukui Wang
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Overview and Perspective of Proteasome Inhibitor-Based Anti-Cancer Therapies: Bortezomib and Second Generation Proteasome Inhibitors Versus Future Generation Inhibitors of Ubiquitin-Proteasome System
Q. Ping Dou and Jeffrey A. Zonder
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CRIM1, The Antagonist of BMPs, is a Potential Risk Factor of Cancer
Hui Zeng and Liling Tang
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Deubiquitinating Enzyme Inhibitors and their Potential in Cancer Therapy
Bernat Crosas
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Arsenic Trioxide Exerts Anti-lung Cancer Activity by Inhibiting Angiogenesis
Yang Meng-Hang, Zang Yuan-Sheng, Huang Hai, Chen Kun, Sun Guang-Yuan and Li Bing
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Zachary Miller, Wooin Lee and Kyung Bo Kim
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Structure, Function, and Pathogenesis of SHP2 in Developmental Disorders and Tumorigenesis
Wen-Qing Huang, Qing Lin, Xuan Zhuang, Liang-Liang Cai, Run-Sheng Ruan, Zhong-Xian Lu and Chi-Meng Tzeng
View Abstract
Efficacy and Safety of Combined Radiotherapy with EGFR Inhibitors and Chemotherapy for Laryngeal Organ Preservation in Patients with Locally Advanced Hypopharyngeal Carcinomas
Xinxin Zhang, Jailing Wang, Wenming Wu, Mingbo Liu, Feifang Zhao, Lei Du, Deliang Huang, Shiming Yang and Lin Ma
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