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Volume 11, 5 Issues, 2016

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Current Bioinformatics

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Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
La Trobe University

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Circadian clock gene of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus): genomic structure and tissue expression pattern of period1 gene

Yuhui He, Xu-fang Liang, Shan He, Xiaochen Yuan, Qingchao Wang, Wenjing Cai and Longfang Sun.

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The complexity of promoter regions based on a vector topological entropy

Shuilin Jin, Zhuo Wang, Junyu Lin, Jia Wang, Xiurui Zhang, Renjie Tan, Chuanbin Zhang, Zhe Wang, Wanqian Guo and Li Xu.

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An Analytical RNA Secondary Structure Benchmark for the RNA Inverse Folding Problem

J. Mohammadzadeh, M. Ganjtabesh and A Nowzari-Dalini.

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ActiveSubnetworkGA: A Two Stage Genetic Algorithm Approach to Active Subnetwork Search

Ozan Ozisik, Burcu Bakir-Gungor, Banu Diri and Osman Ugur Sezerman.

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On the Temporal Effects of Features on the Prediction of Breast Cancer Survivability

Doaa M. Shawky and Ahmed F Seddik.

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Using the residue interaction network improve the classification of thermophilic and mesophilic proteins

Xiaomei Gao and Yanrui Ding.

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Overcoming the limitation of GWAS platforms using systems biology approach

Budheswar Dehury, Santosh Kumar Behera and Sapna Negi.

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Reverse Vaccinology to computationally screen antigenic epitopes as potential vaccine candidates from Clostridium botulinum strain Hall A.

Mehak Dangi, Bharat Singh and Anil Kumar Chillar.

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GPU-based Acceleration of ECG Characterization using High-Order Hermite Polynomials

A. Gil, D. G. Márquez, G. Caffarena, A. Iriarte and A Otero.

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Pair-End Inexact Mapping on Hybrid GPU Environments and Out-Of-Core Indexes

José Salavert Torres, Andrés Tomás, Ignacio Medina, Kunihiko Sadakane and Ignacio Blanquer.

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AutoFlow, a Versatile Workflow Engine Illustrated by Assembling an Optimised de novo Transcriptome for a Non-Model Species, such as Faba Bean (Vicia faba)

Pedro Seoane, Sara Ocana, Rosario Carmona, Rocío Bautista, Eva Madrid, Ana M. Torres and M Gonzalo Claros.

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Chaperone Therapy: New Molecular Therapy for Protein Misfolding Diseases with Brain Dysfunction

Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Kousaku Ohno and Aya Narita.

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Enhancing Scoring Performance of Docking-Based Virtual Screening through Machine Learning

Cândida G. Silva, Carlos J. V. Simoes, Pedro Carreirasd and Rui M M Brito.

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GPU Acceleration of an Entropy-based Model to Quantify Epistatic Interactions between SNPs

Carlos Riveros, Manuel Ujaldón and Pablo Moscato.

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ECMSRC: A Sparse Learning Approach for the Prediction of Extracellular Matrix Proteins

Imran Naseem, Shujaat Khan, Roberto Togneri and Mohammed Bennamoun.

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Content-Based Search on Time-Series Microarray Databases using Cluster-Based Fingerprints

Esma Erguner Ozkoc and Hasan Ogulc.

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In Silico Study of Ethylene Biosynthesis: Seeking new Effectors of 3 ACC Synthase and ACC Oxidase

Nada Ayadi, Sarra Aloui, Rabeb Shaiek, Oussama Rokbani, Faten Raboud and Sami Fattouch.

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Functional Prediction: Gene Filtering based on Multivariate Techniques

Francisco Torres-Avil´es, Rosa Monta˜no and Liliana L'opez-Kleine.

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A Novel Method for Better Bacterial Genome Assembly from Illumina data

Peixiang Ni, Wenkui Dai, Yongfeng Liu, Zhenyu Yang, Tao Zhou, Shuqing Liang, Tong Wang, Jing Xu and Yun Zhao.

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Genomic Islands of Mannheimia Haemolytica – In Silico Analysis

Relangi Tulasi Rao and Kannan Jayakumar.

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Computer Representations of Bioinformatics Models

Tomasz Prejzendan, Szymon Wasik and Jacek Blazewicz.

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Evaluation of Selected DNA Spectral Analysis-Based Gene Prediction Techniques

Sajid A. Marhon and Stefan C Kremer.

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A Review of Gene Selection Tools in Classifying Cancer Microarray Data

Tham Wen Shi, Wong Sou Kah, Mohd Saberi Mohamad, Kohbalan Moorthy, Safaai Deris, Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi, Sigeru Omatu, Juan Manuel Corchado and Shahreen Kasim.

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Amyloid Motif Prediction Using Ensemble Approach

Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair.

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State Grammar and Deep Pushdown Automata for Biological Sequences of Nucleic Acids

Ajay Kumar.

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A Hybrid Binary Cuckoo Search and Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection in Type-2 Diabetes

R RRajalaxmia.

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HSS-Bin: an Unsupervised Metagenomic Binning Method Based on Hybrid Sequence Feature Recognition and Spectral Clustering

Xiao Ding, Chang-Chang Cao, Xu-Ying Liu, Fu-Dong Cheng, Xing Luo and Xiao Sun.

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Application of the Enhanced Replacement Method and Ensemble Learning for the Prediction of BCRP/ABCG2 Substrates

Melisa E. Gantner, Lucas N. Alberca, Andrew G. Mercader, Luis E. Bruno-Blanch and Alan Talevia.

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Predicating Candidate Cancer-Associated Genes in the Human Signalling Network using Centrality

Xueming Liu and Linqiang Pan.

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Identifying Key Regulator Genes for Tuberculosis by Differential Co-expression Analysis of Gene Expression Profiling

Jingming Liu, Wei Wang, Joy Fleming, Lijun Bi, Mengqiu Gao and Chuanyou Li.

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Fast and Practical Algorithms for Searching the Gapped Palindromes

Shivika Gupta, Rajesh Prasad and Sunita Yadav.

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Reverse Vaccinology: An Epitope Based Approach to Design Vaccines

Mehak Dangi, Bharat Singh and Anil Kumar Chhillar.

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A Classification Method for Microarrays Based on Diversity

Xubo Wang, Xiangxiang Zeng, Ying Ju, Yi Jiang, Zhujin Zhang and Wenqiang Chen.

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