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Volume 10, 5 Issues, 2015

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Current Bioinformatics

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Alessandro Giuliani
Istituto Superiore di Sanitá (Italian NIH) Environment and Health Dept

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Genomic Islands of Mannheimia Haemolytica – In Silico Analysis
Relangi Tulasi Rao and Kannan Jayakumar
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A Novel Method for Better Bacterial Genome Assembly from Illumina data
Peixiang Ni, Wenkui Dai, Yongfeng Liu, Zhenyu Yang, Tao Zhou, Shuqing Liang, Tong Wang, Jing Xu and Yun Zhao
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Detecting Non-Trivial Protein Structure Relationships
Aleksandar Poleksic
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Functional Prediction: Gene Filtering based on Multivariate Techniques
Francisco Torres-Avil´es, Rosa Monta˜no and Liliana L'opez-Kleine
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In Sight to the Identification and Analysis of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) in Monoterpene Biosynthesizing Plant Species
Anand Mishra, Sanchita, Sunita Singh Dhawan and Ashok Sharma
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A Review of Class Imbalance learning Methods in Bioinformatics
Hualong Yu, Changyin Sun, Wankou Yang, Sen Xu and Yuanyuan Dan
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Machine Learning Approaches for Cognitive State Classification and Brain Activity Prediction: A Survey
Shantipriya Parida, Satchidananda Dehuri and Sung-Bae Cho
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A Classification Method for Microarrays Based on Diversity
Xubo Wang, Xiangxiang Zeng, Ying Ju, Yi Jiang, Zhujin Zhang and Wenqiang Chen
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A Computer-Aided System for Automatic Mitosis Detection from Breast Cancer Histological Slide Images based on Stiffness Matrix and Feature Fusion
Ashkan Tashk, Mohammad Sadegh Helfroush, Habibollah Danyali and Mojgan Akbarzadeh
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A Review on Application of Particle Swarm Optimization in Bioinformatics
Shikha Agrawal and Sanjay Silakari
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Intelligent Methodology Development in Computational Biology
Hong-Bin Shen
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Towards an Experimental and Systems Biology Framework for Cancer Cell Therapeutics
Petar M. Mitrasinovic
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Comparative Genomics and Systems Biology of Malaria Parasites Plasmodium
Hong Cai, Zhan Zhou, Jianying Gu and Yufeng Wang
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Crimean- Congo hemorrhagic fever virus: Strategies to combat with an emerging threat to human
Pratap S, Narwal M, Dev A, Dhindwal S, Tomar S and Kumar P
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Genome To Vaccinome: Role of Bioinformatics, Immunoinformatics & Comparative Genomics
Urmila Kulkarni- Kale, Vaishali Waman, Snehal Raskar, Swati Mehta and Smita Saxena
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Experimental and computational challenges from array-based to sequence-based ChIP techniques
Xun Lan and Victor X. Jin
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Towards creating complete proteomic structural databases of whole organisms
B. Jayaram and Priyanka Dhingra
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Machine Learning Sequence Classification Techniques: Application To Cysteine Protease Cleavage Prediction
David A. duVerle and Hiroshi Mamitsuka
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Using Network-based Approaches to Predict Ligands of Orphan Nuclear Receptors
Zhernan Jiang, Ran Tao, Lei Du, Weiming Yu and Junxiang Wang
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Can Bioinformatic Methods Inform Us about the Molecular Evolution of Different Human Caspases?
Jinny Tomar, Vishnu Kumar Gera and Chiranjib Chakraborty
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Conserved Domains, Residues, WebLogo and Active Sites of Caspase-Cascades Related to Apoptotic Signaling Pathway
Chiranjib Chakraborty, Jinny Tomar and V.K. Gera
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Structure and Function of Enzymes of Shikimate Pathway
Aditya Dev, Satya Tapas, Shivendra Pratap and Pravindra Kumar
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Recent Developments and Prospects for Influenza M2 Ion Channel Inhibitors That Circumvent Amantadine Resistance
Petar M. Mitrasinovic
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Recent progress of molecular docking simulations applied to development of drugs
Linus Santana Azevedo, Fernanda Pretto Moraes, Mariana Morrone Xavier, Eduarda Ozório Pantoja, Bianca Villavicencio, Jana Aline Finck, Audrey Menegaz Proença, Kelen Beiestorf Rocha and Walter Filgueira de Azevedo Jr
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Steered Molecular Dynamics - a Promising Tool for Drug Design
Mai Suan Li and Binh Khanh Mai
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Editorial: Contemporary Trends in Bioinformatics Relevant for Some Important Biomedical Problems
Petar M. Mitrasinovic
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