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Volume 12, 10 Issues, 2015

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Current Alzheimer Research

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Prof. Debomoy K. Lahiri
Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine
Neuroscience Research Center
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Frontiers for the early diagnosis of AD by means of MRI brain imaging and Support Vector Machines

Christian Salvatore, Petronilla Battista and Isabella Castiglioni.

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Decreased regenerative capacity of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (NG2-glia) in the ageing brain: a vicious cycle of synaptic dysfunction, myelin loss and neuronal disruption?

Ilaria Vanzuli, Andrea Rivera, José Julio Rodríguez Arellano and Arthur Butt.

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Integration of 18FDG-PET Metabolic and Functional Connectomes in the Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of the Alzheimer's Disease

Antonio Giuliano Zippo and Isabella Castiglioni.

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A Statistical Projection of MRI Brain Images for the Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

F.J. Martinez-Murcia, J.M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez and A Ortiz.

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Statistical Voxel-Based Methods and [18F]FDG PET Brain Imaging: Frontiers for the Diagnosis of AD

Francesca Gallivanone, Pasquale Anthony Della Rosa and Isabella Castiglioni.

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Combining feature extraction methods to assist the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

F. Segovia, J. M. G'orriz, J. Ram'ırez, C. Phillips and for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.

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Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases: the Clinical Approach

Manuel Gómez-Río, Manuel Moreno Caballero, Juan Manuel Górriz Sáez and Adolfo Mínguez Castellanos.

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Cortical and subcortical changes in Alzheimer’s disease: a longitudinal and quantitative MRI study

Li Su, Andrew M. Blamire, Rosie Watson, Jiabao He, Benjamin Aribisala and John T O’Brien.

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Brain local and regional neuroglial alterations in Alzheimer´s Disease: cell types, responses and implications.

Adolfo Toledano, María-Isabel Álvarez, Adolfo Toledano-Díaz, José-Joaquín Merino and José Julio Rodríguez.

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Blood-based biomarkers of Alzheimer´s disease: diagnostic algorithms and new technologies

Pedro Carmona, Marina Molina and Adolfo Toledano.

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Calcium signalling toolkits in astrocytes and spatio-temporal progression of Alzheimer's disease

Dmitry Lim, J.J Rodríguez-Arellano, Vladimir Parpura, Robert Zorec, Fares Zeidán-Chuliá, Armando A. Genazzani and Alexei Verkhratsky.

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Dysfunction of glutamate receptors in microglia may cause neurodegeneration

Mami Noda.

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Effects of CX3CR1 and fractalkine chemokines in amyloid beta clearance and p-Tau accumulation in Alzheimer,s disease (AD) rodent models: Is fractalkine a systemic biomarker for AD?

José Joaquín Merino, Vilma Muñetón-Gómez, María-Isabel Alvárez and Adolfo Toledano-Díaz.

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Eigenanatomy on fractional anisotropy imaging provides white matter anatomical features discriminating between Alzheimer’s Disease and Late Onset Bipolar Disorder

Ariadna Besga-Basterra, Darya Chyzhyk, Itxaso González-Ortega, Alexandre Savio, Borja Ayerdi, Jon Echeveste, Manuel Graña and Ana González-Pinto.

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Untangling Alzheimer’s disease clinicoanatomical heterogeneity through selective network vulnerability – an effort to understand a complex disease

David Bergeron, Reda Bensaïdane and Robert Laforce Jr.

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Microglia in Alzheimer's disease: the good, the bad and the ugly

Dario Tejera and Michael T Heneka.

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Lymphocytes in Alzheimer’s disease pathology: Altered signaling pathways

Noemí Esteras, Carolina Alquézar, Ana de la Encarnación and Ángeles Martín-Requero.

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Metabolic Control of Glia-Mediated Neuroinflammation

Mithilesh Kumar Jha, Dong Ho Park, Hyun Kook, In-Kyu Lee and Kyoungho Suk.

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Rhein-huprine derivatives reduce cognitive impairment, synaptic failure and amyloid pathology in AβPPswe/PS-1 mice of different ages

FG Serrano, C Tapia-Rojas, FJ Carvajal, P Cisternas, E Viayna, Sola Irene, D Muñoz-Torrero and NC Inestrosa.

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Aging in Down syndrome and the Development of Alzheimer’s disease Neuropathology.

Elizabeth Head, Ira T. Lott, Donna M. Wilcock and Cynthia A Lemere.

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Prevalence of cognitive impairment and dementia in Malays – Epidemiology of Dementia in Singapore Study

S Hilal, CS Tan, S Xin, SM Amin, TY Wong, C Chen, N Venketasubramanian and MK Ikram.

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Cognitive Impairment, Neuroimaging, and Alzheimer Neuropathology in Mouse Models of Down Syndrome

E Hamlett, HA Boger, A Ledreux, CM Kelley, EJ Mufson, MF Falangola, DN Guilfoyle, RA Nixon, D Patterson, N Duval and AE Granholm.

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Clinical Assessment of Cognitive Decline in Adults with Down Syndrome

M Sabbagh and J Edgin.

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The NGF Metabolic Pathway in the CNS and its Dysregulation in Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease

MF Iulita and CA Claudio Cuello.

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Reduction of oxidative/nitrosative stress in brain and its involvement in the neuroprotective effect of n-3 PUFA in Alzheimer’s disease

S Serini and G Calviello.

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Nitric Oxide Homeostasis in Neurodegenerative Diseases

L Hannibal.

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The role of brain cholesterol and its oxidized products in Alzheimer's disease

AM Giudetti, A Romano, AM Lavecchia and S Gaetani.

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Left Anterior Temporal Glucose Metabolism and not Amyloid-beta Load Predicts Naming Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease

L Frings, TS Spehl, M Hüll and PT Meyer.

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The Role of α-Synuclein in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Molecular Pathways in Disease to Therapeutic Approaches

Al- Mansoori KM, Hasan MY, Al- Hayani A and El- Agnaf OMA.

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Bioavailability of 13-desmethyl spirolide C and improvement of Alzheimer disease markers in vivo observed by Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and immunoblotting analysis

E Alonso, P. Otero, C. Vale, A. Alfonso, A. Antelo, L. Giménez-Llort, L. Chabaud, C. Guillou and L M Botana.

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Pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1? and TNF-? are not associated with blood homocysteine concentration in Alzheimer's disease

L. Veryard, E. Jones, G. Weaving, E. Smith, L. Cheek, A. Wickramasinghe and N Tabet.

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Natural Modulators of Amyloid-Beta Precursor Protein Processing

Zhang C and Tanzi RE.

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Current advancements in Ab luminescent probes and inhibitors of Ab aggregation

C-H Leung, DS-H Chan, VP-Y Ma, K-H Leung and H-J Zhong.

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