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Volume 16, 12 Issues, 2016

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Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

Formerly: Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents

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Michelle Prudhomme
Universite Blaise Pascal - C.N.R.S
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Natural Compounds a Weapon to Ameliorate Breast cancer Cells: A Review

Ruchi Singh Thakur and Bharti Ahirwar.

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Sesamol induces apoptosis by altering expression of bcl-2 and bax proteins and modifies skin tumor development in Balb/c mice

Indu Pal Kaur, Tranum Kaur, Rishi Bhardwaj, Parneet Kaur Deol, Vandita Kakkar, Kim Vaiphei and SN Sanyal.

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Design and Green Synthesis of Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine Analogues as Potential Antiproliferative Agents

Rupinder Kaur Gill, Virender Kumar, Mahendra Bishnoi, Kamalendra Yadav, Kanthi Kiran Kondepudi and Jitender Bariwal.

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Docetaxel-loaded bovine serum albumin nanoparticles conjugated docosahexaenoic acid for inhibiting lung cancer metastasis to bone

Yuangang Zu, Yan Hu, Xueying Yu and Shougang Jiang.

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Protective effect of perindopril on tumor progression and angiogenesis in animal model of breast cancer

Snehal S. Patel and Surender Nakka.

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The Immunomodulatory Potential of Selected Bioactive Plant-Based Compounds in Breast Cancer: A Review

Yusha`u Shu`aibu Baraya, Kah Keng Wong and Nik Soriani Yaacob.

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Development on PEG-modified poly (amino acid) copolymeric micelles for delivery of anticancer drug

Zhimei Song, Peizong Deng, Fangfang Teng, Feilong Zhou, Wenxiao Zhu and Runliang Feng.

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Thiol-Activated Anticancer Agents: The State Of The Art

Daniele Dalzoppo, Veronica Di Paolo, Laura Calderan, Gianfranco Pasut, Antonio Rosato, Anna Maria Caccuri and Luigi Quintieri.

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Preclinical toxicity evaluation of paclitaxel biopolymer formulation

Nadezhda Pavlovna Ermakova, Anton Pavlovich Bonartsev, Anton Lavrentievich Zernov, Olga Ivanovna Konyaeva, Natalia Yurievna Kulbachevskaya, Irina Borisovna Merkulova, Tatiana Vladimirovna Abramovac, Vera Andreevna Chaley, Sergey Georgievich Yakovlev, Garina Alexandrovna Bonartseva, Konstantin Valdemarovich Shaitan and Vladimir Mikhailovich Bukhman.

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Y-shaped folic acid-conjugated PEG-PCL copolymeric micelles for delivery of curcumin

Runliang Feng, Wenxia Zhu, Wei Chu, Fangfang Teng, Ning Meng, Peizong Deng and Zhimei Song.

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Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effect of Dendrosomal Curcumin Nanoformulation in P53 Mutant and Wide-Type Cancer Cell Lines

Maryam Montazeri, Younes Pilehvar-Soltanahmadi, Mina Mohaghegh, Alireza Panahi, Samaneh Khodi, Nosratollah Zarghami and Majid Sadeghizadeh.

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Synthesis, characterization, anticancer and antibacterial activity of some novel pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidinone carbonitrile derivatives

Oluwole Aremu, Kaalin Gopaul, Pramod Nanasaheb Kadam, Moganavelli Singh, Chunderika Mocktar, Parvesh Singh and Neil Anthony Koorbanally.

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Application of GA-MLR for QSAR modeling of the arylthioindole class of tubulin polymerization inhibitors as anticancer agents

Elnaz Habibpour and Shahin Ahmadi.

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Recent Advancements In 1, 4-Disubstituted 1H-1,2,3-Triazoles As Potential Anticancer Agents

Pinki Yadav and Kashmiri Lal.

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Synthesis and Evaluation of A New Series of Thiazole Derivatives as Potential Antitumor Agents and MMP Inhibitors

Zafer Asım Kaplancıklı, Mehlika Dilek Altıntop, Özlem Atlı, Belgin Sever, Merve Baysal, Halide Edip Temel, Fatih Demirci and Ahmet Özdemir.

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NF-κB Signaling Pathway Inhibitors as Anticancer Drug Candidates

Maria Leticia De Castro Barbosa, Raissa Alves da Conceição, Aline Guerra Manssour Fraga, Barbara Dias Camarinha, Gabriela Cristina de Carvalho Silva, Antonio Gilcler Ferreira Lima, Elisama Azevedo Cardoso and Viviane de Oliveira Freitas Lione.

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Hybrid Benzoxazole-Coumarin Compounds Induce Death Receptor-Mediated Switchable Apoptotic and Necroptotic Cell Death on HN-5 Head and Neck Cancer Cell Line

Sahar Yaghmaei, Parichehr Ghalayani, Siamak Salami, Farahnaz Nourmohammadian, Soheila Kohestanimobarhan and Vahideh Imeni.

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Phytochemical Analysis with Antioxidant and Cytotoxicity Studies of the Bioactive Principles from Zanthoxylum Capense (Small Knobwood)

Olusola Bodede, Shakira Shaik, Moganavelli Singh and Roshila Moodley.

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Induction of Autophagic Cell Death In Apoptosis-Resistant Pancreatic Cancer Cells Using Benzo[α]Phenoxazines Derivatives, 10-Methyl-Benzo[α]Phenoxazine-5-One And Benzo[α]Phenoxazine-5-One

Sanjima Pal, Sunita Salunke-Gawali and V Badireenath Konkimalla.

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Retinoic acid Signaling in P19 Stem Cell Differentiation

Jyotshna Kanungo.

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New poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) microparticles with paclitaxel sustained release for intraperitoneal administration

A.P. Bonartsev, A.L. Zernov, S.G. Yakovlev, I.I. Zharkova, V.L. Myshkina, T.K. Mahina, G.A. Bonartseva, N.V. Andronova, G.B. Smirnova, J.A. Borisova, M.S. Kalishjan, K.V. Shaitan and HM Treshalina.

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Lichen acids may be used as a potential drug for cancer therapy; by inhibiting mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase purified from rat lung

Ilknur Ozgencli, Harun Budak, Mehmet Ciftci and Mustafa Anar.

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Anticancer drug combinations, how far we can go through?

Da-Yong Lu, En-Hong Chen, Hong-Ying Wu, Ting-Ren Lu, Bin Xu and Jian Ding.

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