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Volume 22, 38 Issues, 2015

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Forthcoming Special Issue(s)

Recent Advances in Developmental Signaling Pathway Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer

Guest Editor(s): Kyle Hadden
Tentative Publication Date: December, 2015
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Special Issue(s) - In-Press

Natural polyphenols and diabetes: Understanding their Mechanism of Action?

Guest Editor(s): Jianbo Xiao
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Published Special Issue(s)

Cardiovascular drug therapy in clinical practice: comparison between different approaches (Children vs Adults; USA vs Europe)

Guest Editor(s): Vassilios Fanos
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Authors' Comments
Publishing with Bentham in my experience has always been a great pleasure; I never had problems or unnecessary delays, and regarding the points raised by the Referee's .Even if they required a lot of changes, it always led to an improvement in the manuscript quality; thus, a special thanks for the referee's work and quality.
I would also like to appreciate the Editor of the journal, as he was able to select competent people for this crucial task.
Additionally, it is always a pleasure to read articles published in Current Medicinal Chemistry; owing to their quality and the up-to-date topics .Current Medicinal Chemistry is one of the few journals that I check every month. In particular, my last submission is of interest for both pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.”

Dr. L. Costantino
Has contributed: Challenges in the Design of Clinically Useful Brain-targeted Drug Nanocarriers

Current Medicinal Chemistry


Volume 22


Number 6

Multi-Kinase Inhibitors

; Pp: 695 - 712

Laura Garuti, Marinella Roberti and Giovanni Bottegoni

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666141216125528
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Benzothiazoles - Scaffold of Interest for CNS Targeted Drugs

; Pp: 730 - 747

Lukas Hroch, Laura Aitken, Ondrej Benek, Martin Dolezal, Kamil Kuca, Frank Gunn-Moore and Kamil Musilek

DOI: 10.2174/0929867322666141212120631
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Role of microRNAs in Osteoblasts Differentiation and Bone Disorders

; Pp: 748 - 758

Yasir Arfat, Wei-Zhong Xiao, Munazza Ahmad, Fan Zhao, Di-Jie Li, Yu-Long Sun, Lifang Hu, Chen Zhihao, Ge Zhang, Salman Iftikhar, Peng Shang, Tuan-Ming Yang and Ai-Rong Qian

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321999141106121227
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Medicinal Chemistry Of P2X Receptors: Agonists And Orthosteric Antagonists

Catia Lambertucci, Diego Dal Ben, Michela Buccioni, Gabriella Marucci, Ajiroghene Thomas and Rosaria Volpini

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P2X Receptors and Diabetes

Carmen Fotino, Andrea Vergani, Paolo Fiorina and Antonello Pileggi

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Current Developments in Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Biomedical Applications

J. J.T.M. Swartjes, P. K. Sharma, T. G. van Kooten, H. C. van der Mei, M. Mahmoudi, H. J. Busscher and E. T.J. Rochford

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The Role Of P2X Receptors In Bone Biology

Niklas Rye Jorgensen, Susanne Syberg and Maria Ellegaard

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Imidazoles and benzimidazoles as tubulin-modulators for anti-cancer therapy

Fernando C. Torres, M. Eugenia García-Rubiño, César Lozano-López, Daniel F. Kawano, Vera L. Eifler-Lima, Gilsane L. von Poser, and Joaquín M. Campos

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Dipeptidyl-peptidase IV (DPP IV/CD26)-activated prodrugs: a successful strategy for improving water solubility and oral bioavailability

Sonsoles Velázquez, Sonia de Castro, Alberto Diez-Torrubia, Jan Balzarini and María-José Camarasaa

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Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Oxygen and Ethanol: A Potential Combination Therapy in Stroke

Sweena Parmar, Shannon Moore-Langston, Vance Fredrickson, Jung-Min Kim, Radhika Rastogi, Omar Elmadoun and Yuchuan Ding

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Neonatal Brain Hemorrhage (NBH) of Prematurity: Translational Mechanisms of the Vascular-Neural Network

Tim Lekic, Damon Klebe, Roy Poblete, Paul R. Krafft, William B. Rolland, Jiping Tang and John H. Zhang

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Erythropoietin in Stroke Therapy: Friend or Foe

Rhonda Souvenir, Desislava Doycheva, John H Zhang and Jiping Tang

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Ion transporters in brain tumors

Damin Cong, Wen Zhu, John S. Kuo, Shaoshan Hu and Dandan Sun

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