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Volume 21, 38 Issues, 2014

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Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Molecular Determinants of Bacterial Diseases

Guest Editor(s): Rita Berisio
Tentative Publish Date: January, 2015
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Critical Appraisal Of Ischemic Stroke Pathophysiology: Road To Cerebral Resuscitation?

Guest Editor(s): G.K. Rajanikant, Etheresia Pretoriush
Tentative Publish Date: March, 2013
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Dr. Sandra Moreno
Has contributed: Neuroprotective Properties of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha (PPARα) and its Lipid Ligands

Current Medicinal Chemistry


Volume 21


Number 25

Genetic Determinants of HDL Metabolism

; Pp: 2855 - 2863

A. Ossoli, M. Gomaraschi, G. Franceschini and L. Calabresi

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140303154452
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Metabolism of HDL and its Regulation

; Pp: 2864 - 2880

D. Kardassis, I. Mosialou, M. Kanaki, I. Tiniakou and E. Thymiakou

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140303153430
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Subfractions and Subpopulations of HDL: An Update

; Pp: 2881 - 2891

M. Rizzo, J. Otvos, D. Nikolic, G. Montalto, P.P. Toth and M. Banach

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140414103455
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Inflammation, High Density Lipoprotein and Endothelium

; Pp: 2902 - 2909

Sepideh Madahian, Kaveh Daniel Navab, Nasim Pourtabatabaei, Seyedehsara Seyedali, Sheila Safar, Samra Vazirian and Greg Hough

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140414105530
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Chronic Kidney Disease - Different Role for HDL?

; Pp: 2910 - 2916

Rysz Jacek, Gluba Anna, Fliser Danilo, Speer Timo and Wiecek Andrzej

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140414103817
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Effect of DNA Repair Deficiencies on the Cytotoxicity of Drugs Used in Cancer Therapy – A Review

Jose Manuel Calderón-Montaño, Estefanía Burgos-Morón, Manuel Luis Orta and Miguel Lopez-Lazaro

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Nutritional Iron Deficiency: the Role of Oral Iron Supplementation

Joanna I. Lachowicz, Valeria M. Nurchi, Daniela Fanni, Clara Gerosa, Massimiliano Peana and Maria A. Zoroddu

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ABT-450: A Novel Protease Inhibitor For the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Ivan Gentile, Federico Borgia, Antonio Riccardo Buonomo, Emanuela Zappulo, Giuseppe Castaldo and Guglielmo Borgia

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Intracranial Stents Past, Present and the Future Trend: Stents Made with Nano-particle or Nanocomposite Biomaterials

Junjie Zhao, Deepak Kalaskar, Yasmin Farhatnia, Xiaoxin Bai, Peter E. Bulter and Alexander M. Seifalian

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Nanotechnology and Alzheimer’s Disease: What Has Been Done and What to Do

B. Ruozi, D. Belletti, F. Pederzoli, P. Veratti, F. Forni, M. A. Vandelli and G. Tosi

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Nanomedicine Based Nanoparticles for Neurological Disorders

Bhasker Sriramoju, Rupinder K. Kanwar and Jagat R. Kanwar

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Accessing Targeted Nanoparticles to the Brain: The Vascular Route

Annette Burkhart, Mihnaz Azizi, Maj Schneider Thomsen, Louiza Bohn Thomsen and Torben Moos

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General Aspects of Metal Toxicity

Henryk Kozlowski, Paulina Kolkowska, Joanna Watly, Karolina Krzywoszynska and Slawomir Potocki

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Pharmacophore and Binding Analysis of Known and Novel B-RAF Kinase Inhibitors

, 2014 :21(17); 1938 - 1955

F. Baska, I. Szabadkai, A. Sipos, N. Breza, C. Szantai-Kis, L. Kekesi, R. Garamvolgyi, Z. Nemes, F. Baska, L. Neumann, R. Torka, A. Ullrich, G. Keri and L. Orfi

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666140304152606
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HIV-Antigens Charged on Phosphorus Dendrimers as Tools for Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells-Based Immunotherapy

, 2014 :21(16); 1898 - 1909

Enrique Vacas-Cordoba, Hugo Bastida, Marjorie Pion, Aurelien Hameau, Maksim Ionov, Maria Bryszewska, Anne Marie Caminade, Jean Pierre Majoral and Maria-Angeles Munoz-Fernandez

DOI: 10.2174/0929867321666131129114022
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