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Volume 5, 3 Issues, 2015

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Current Inorganic Chemistry

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Yann Garcia

Université Catholique de Louvain Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences, Molecules, Solids and Reactivity (IMCN/MOST)

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Phase transition and Dynamical properties of Spin Transition Materials

Guest Editor(s): Norimichi Kojima, Shin-ichi Ohkoshi, Seiji Miyashita
Tentative Publication Date: July, 2015
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Calorimetry of functional inorganic materials

Guest Editor(s): Prof. Michio Sorai , Prof. Yasuhiro Nakazawa
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Current Inorganic Chemistry


Volume 5


Number 1

Doubly Thiocyanato(S,N)-Bridged Dinuclear Complexes of Mercury(II) from the Use of 2-pyridyl Oximes as Capping Ligands

; Pp: 26 - 37

Panagiota Danelli, Zoi G. Lada, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Vassilis Psycharis, Theocharis C. Stamatatos and Spyros P. Perlepes

DOI: 10.2174/1877944105666150417230934
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Current Trends in Iron Complexes Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides

Claude Forano, Mustapha Abdelmoula, El. Mouloudi Sabbar, Vanessa Prevot and Christine Taviot-Gueho

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Crystal Chemistry of Iron Containing Cementitious AFm Layered Hydrates

Guillaume Renaudin, Adel Mesbah, Belay Zeleke Dilnesa, Michel Francois and Barbara Lothenbach

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Reaction of Uranium(VI) with Green Rusts: Effect of Interlayer Anion

Drew E. Latta, Maxim I. Boyanov, Kenneth M. Kemner and Edward J. O'Loughlin

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Nickel(II) and Iron(II) Mononuclear Building Blocks Based on Oxime-containing Schiff Base: Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Structures

Viktor A. Reshetnikov, Maksym O. Plutenko, Sergey O. Malinkin, Matti Haukka and Igor O. Fritsky

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Peculiar Sequence of the Thermodynamic Protonation Parameters for Bis Chelate Ligands with Methylhydroxyiminoethanamide Moieties

Igor Vasyl Nikolayenko, Jonathan Raymond Barry, Ashwin Manival, Thomas-John Theron and Craig Grimmer

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