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Volume 16, 14 Issues, 2015

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Francis J. Castellino

Kleiderer-Pezold Professor of Biochemistry
Director, W.M. Keck Center for Transgene Research
Dean Emeritus, College of Science
230 Raclin-Carmichael Hall, University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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"In view of the growing volume of literature, the role of high quality review journals has become increasingly important. Current Drug Targets is an important journal in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug design, which is strongly recommended to the scientific community."

Jean-Marie Lehn
Nobel Laureate

Forthcoming Special Issue(s)

Brain Hemorrhages and Future Management

Guest Editor(s): Gang Chen, Peter Lackner, Ihsan Solaroglu, John Zhang
Tentative Publication Date: December, 2015
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Published Special Issue(s)

By-Products As Scaffolds For Drug Delivery Systems: Design, Targeting Approaches, And Sustainability

Guest Editor(s): Luciano P Silva, Graziella A Joanitti
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I really appreciate working with Bentham Science Publishers. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Ms. Shabana Seemee and Ms. Samina Khan, as they expressed a high level of professionalism. Moreover, their advices and suggestions concerning revision of the manuscript were clear and allowed fruitful assistance.
Our submission is likely to be of interest to the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.
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Thank you very much for cooperation.

Dr. Wojciech Miltyk
Has contributed: αIIbβ3-Integrin Ligands: Abciximab and Eptifibatide as Proapoptotic Factors in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Current Drug Targets


Volume 16


Number 1

Coping With Oxidative Stress. The Yeast Model

; Pp: 2 - 12

Maria Angeles de la Torre-Ruiz, Nuria Pujol and Venkatraghavan Sundaran

DOI: 10.2174/1389450115666141020160105
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Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Neurotrophic Approach

; Pp: 20 - 30

Carme Espinet, Hugo Gonzalo, Catherine Fleitas, Maria Jose Menal and Joaquim Egea

DOI: 10.2174/1389450116666150107153233
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Next Generation Sequencing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: New Avenues Toward the Personalized Medicine

; Pp: 47 - 59

Simona Coco, Anna Truini, Irene Vanni, Maria Giovanna Dal Bello, Angela Alama, Erika Rijavec, Carlo Genova, Giulia Barletta, Claudio Sini, Giovanni Burrafato, Federica Biello, Francesco Boccardo and Francesco Grossi

DOI: 10.2174/1389450116666141210094640
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Affinity-Based Methods in Drug-Target Discovery

; Pp: 60 - 76

Gabriela Rylova, Tomas Ozdian, Lakshman Varanasi, Miroslav Soural, Jan Hlavac, Dusan Holub, Petr Dzubak and Marian Hajduch

DOI: 10.2174/1389450115666141120110323
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CXCR3, CXCR5, CXCR6, and CXCR7 in Diabetes

Poupak Fallahi, Alda Corrado, Andrea Di Domenicantonio, Giada Frenzilli and Alessandro Antonelli

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EGFR Transactivation by Peptide G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Cancer

Terry W. Moody, Bernardo Nuche-Berenguer, Taichi Nakamura and Robert T. Jensen

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PDZ Structure and Implication in Selective Drug Design against Cystic Fibrosis

Joshua Holcomb, Nicholas Spellmon, Laura Trescott, Fei Sun, Chunying Li and Zhe Yang

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Molecular Foundations for Personalized Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Kurt W. Fisher, Rodolfo Montironi, Antonio Lopez Beltran, Holger Moch, Lisha Wang, Marina Scarpelli, Sean R. Williamson, Michael O. Koch and Liang Cheng

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Targeting ENaC as a Molecular Suspect in Cystic Fibrosis

Nadine Bangel-Ruland, Katja Tomczak and Wolf-Michael Weber

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Anti-IgE Therapy with Omalizumab for Severe Asthma: Current Concepts and Potential Developments

Girolamo Pelaia, Alessandro Vatrella, Maria Teresa Busceti, Luca Gallelli, Rosa Terracciano and Rosario Maselli

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Novel Approaches for Potential Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis

Victoria Sawczak, Paulina Getsy, Aliya Zaidi, Fei Sun, Khalequz Zaman and Benjamin Gaston

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Inhibition of the VEGF/VEGFR Pathway Improves Survival in Advanced Kidney Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Roberto Iacovelli, Cora N. Sternberg, Camillo Porta, Elena Verzoni, Filippo de Braud, Bernard Escudier and Giuseppe Procopio

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The Role of JNK Signalling in Responses to Oxidative DNA Damage

Zeeshan Shaukat, Dawei Liu, Rashid Hussain, Mahwish Khan and Stephen L. Gregory

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Oncotargets in different Renal Cancer Subtypes

Holger Moch, Rodolfo Montironi, Antonio Lopez-Beltran, Liang Cheng and Axel Mischo

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Cardioprotection by Targeting the Pool of Resident and Extracardiac Progenitors

Konrad Urbanek, Caterina Frati, Gallia Graiani, Denise Madeddu, Angela Falco, Stefano Cavalli, Bruno Lorusso, Andrea Gervasi, Lucia Prezioso, Monia Savi, Francesca Ferraro, Federica Galaverna, Pietro Rossetti, Costanza Annamaria Lagrasta, R e Fancesca, Eugenio Quaini, Francesco Rossi, Antonella De Angelis and Federico Quaini

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(1→3)-α-D-Glucans from Aspergillus spp.: Structural Characterization and Biological Study on Their Carboxymethylated Derivatives

Adrian Wiater, Roman Paduch, Adam Choma, Stączek Sylwia, Małgorzata Pleszczyńska, Michał Tomczyk, Marcello Locatelli and Szczodrak Janusz

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Targets Involved in Cardioprotection by the Non-Anaesthetic Noble Gas Helium

Nina C. Weber, Kirsten F. Smit, Markus W. Hollmann and Benedikt Preckel

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Intestinal Microbiota: a Regulator of Intestinal Inflammation and Cardiac Ischemia?

Mohammad Bashashati, Hamid R. Habibi, Ali Keshavarzian, Max Schmulson and Keith A. Sharkey

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The Impact of the Emerging Genomics Data on the Management of Age-Related Phenotypes in the Context of Cellular Senescence

Alberto Montesanto, Silvana Geracitano, Sabrina Garasto, Sergio Fusco, Fabrizia Lattanzio, Giuseppe Passarino and Andrea Corsonello

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Platelet Activity in the Pathophysiology of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Chunqiu Chen, Yongyu Li, Zhen Yu, Zhanju Liu, Yanhong Shi, Urszula Lewandowska, Marta Sobczak, Jakub Fichna and Martin Kreis

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Affinity-Based Methods in Drug-Target Discovery

, 2015; 16(1): 60 - 76

Gabriela Rylova, Tomas Ozdian, Lakshman Varanasi, Miroslav Soural, Jan Hlavac, Dusan Holub, Petr Dzubak and Marian Hajduch

DOI: 10.2174/1389450115666141120110323
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Synergistic Activity of the c-Met and Tubulin Inhibitor Tivantinib (ARQ197) with Pemetrexed in Mesothelioma Cells

, 2014; 15(14): 1331 - 1340

Leticia G. Leon, Maria Gemelli, Rocco Sciarrillo, Amir Avan, Niccola Funel and Elisa Giovannetti

DOI: 10.2174/1389450116666141205160924
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Targeting SUMOylation Cascade for Diabetes Management

, 2014; 15(12): 1094 - 1106

Dornadula Sireesh, Elango Bhakkiyalakshmi, Kunka Mohanrama Ramkumar, Shanmugakani Rathinakumar, Panneer Selvam Anto Jennifer, Palanisamy Rajaguru and Ramasamy Paulmurugan

DOI: 10.2174/1389450115666140915124747
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