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Volume 3, 3 Issues, 2014

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Shaobin Wang

Curtin University
Perth, WA 6845 U1987

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Synthesis, characterization and new applications of catalytic materials

Guest Editor(s): Laura Briand, Gustavo Romanelli
Tentative Publish Date: October, 2013
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My experience of working with Bentham Science Publishers has been a wonderful journey of author-friendly handling of my manuscripts right from the submission to the print stage. I am grateful to Bentham Science for the same.
Given the promptness to address the author queries and quality of services such as a short span of time from the submission to the final print of the article, I would like to continue contributing my research to Bentham Science journals in future as well.

Dr. Ghanshyam S. Chauhan
Has contributed:

Current Catalysis


Volume 3


Number 1

Revisiting Iodine-mediated N-tert-Butoxycarbonylation of Amines

; Pp: 47 - 52

Ponugubati R. K. Murthia, Gondrala P. Kumar, Dandela Rambabua, Mandava V. B. Rao and Manojit Pal

DOI: 10.2174/22115447113029990018
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Effect of Pyrite Ore in Direct Coal Liquefaction Process

Felipe G. Santos, Humberto G. Riella, Maria Ana P. M. Martins and Ricardo Vieira

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Terpenes Functionalization: A Comparative Study in Catalytic Activity of Mesoporous Materials Modified with Ti and V

Analía L. Canepa, Luis E. Aguirre, Eduardo R. Herrero, Griselda A. Eimer and Sandra G. Casuscelli

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Improved Fe2O3/Al2O3 Systems for the Oxidation of a Model Organic Pollutant Using H2O2 as Oxidant

Carla di Luca, Fernando Ivorra, Paola Massa, Rosa Fenoglio and Francisco Medina Cabello

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Cobalt Supported on Zirconia. Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO Using Propane as Reducing Agent

Marco A. Ocsachoque, Delia Gazzoli, Irma L. Botto, Delia B. Soria, Aida Luz Villa, Maria Gloria Gonzalez, Esther N. Ponzi and Ileana D. Lick

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Steam Reforming of Alcohols for Hydrogen Production

Ivana Buffoni, Gerardo Santori, Francisco Pompeo and Nora Nichio

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CO Preferential Oxidation with Cu/CeO2-Al2O3 and CuPt/CeO2-Al2O3 Catalysts

Natalia E. Núnez, Hernan P. Bideberripe, Mónica L. Casella and Guillermo J. Siri

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Infrared and Raman Investigation of Supported Phosphotungstic Wells-Dawson Heteropolyacid

Silvana R. Matkovic, Sebastián E. Collins, Adrián L. Bonivardi and Miguel A. Banares

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Zirconia-Supported Copper and Kno3 Catalysts for Diesel Soot Combustion Deactivation by Hydrotreatment and So2

Sandra Mosconi, María L. Ruiz, María S. Leguizamón Aparicio, Marta I. Ponzi, Ileana D. Lick and Esther N. Ponzi

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Dimerization of α-pinene, using Phosphotungstic acid Supported on SiO2 as Catalyst

Nora Andrea Merino, Maria Cecilia Avila, Nora Alejandra Comelli, Esther Natalia Ponzi and Marta Isabel Ponzi

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Wells-Dawson type Catalyst: an Efficient, Recoverable and Reusable Solid Acid Catalyst for the Solvent-free Synthesis of Benzodiazepines

Gustavo A. Pasquale, Diego M. Ruiz, Graciela T. Baronetti, Horacio J. Thomas, Juan C. Autino and Gustavo P. Romanelli

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