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Volume 14, 8 Issues, 2017

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Current Organic Synthesis

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E-Pub Articles Ahead of Print

Functionalized Chitosan for Pharmaceutical Applications

Catalina Natalia Cheaburu-Yilmaz, Sinem Yaprak Karavana and Onur Yilmaz.

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Main Routes of Ethanol Conversion Under Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditions Over Ag-Containing Zirconium Phosphate Catalyst

Nataliya V. Dorofeeva, Olga V. Vodyankina, Vladimir I. Sobolev, Konstantin Yu. Koltunov and Vladimir I Zaykovskii.

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Short Approach to Pyrrolopyrazino-, Pyrrolodiazepino-Isoindoles and their Benzo Analogues via the IMDAF reaction

Fedor I. Zubkov, Daria N. Orlova, Vladimir P. Zaytsev, Alexander A. Voronov, Eugeniya V. Nikitina, Victor N. Khrustalev, Roman A. Novikov, Mikhail Krasavin and Alexey V Varlamov.

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Polymers Tailored for Controlled (Bio)degradation through End-group and In-chain Functionalization

Joanna Rydz, Marta Musioł and Marek Kowalczuk.

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Modifications of Hydroxyl-Functionalized HEA/HEMA and Their Polymers in the Synthesis of Functional and Graft Copolymers

Dorota Neugebauer.

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Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Anticancer Evaluation of New Arylazothiazoles

Sobhi M. Gomha, Thoraya A. Farghaly, Nadia T. Alqurashi, Hanaa Y. Abdou and Eman K Mousa.

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Biodegradable Polyurethanes Cross-Linked by Multifunctional Compounds

Joanna Brzeska.

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Stereoselective Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Monoterpene-Fused 2- Imino-1,3-oxazines

Zsolt Szakonyi, István Zupkó and Ferenc Fülöp.

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Carbon Nanotube Embedded Polymer Composite: Properties and Applications

Fanismita Mohanty and Sarat K Swain.

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Effect of Agar on Flexural, Impact, and Thermogravimetric Properties of Thermoplastic Sugar Palm Starch

Ridhwan Jumaidin, Salit Mohd Sapuan, Mohammad Jawaid, Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak and Japar Sahari.

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A Review on Polyurethane and Its Polymer Composites

Atiqah Afdzaluddin, Mastura Taha, B.A. Ahmed Ali, Muhammad Jawaid and Mohd Sapuan Salit.

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Preparation of 5-hydroxymethyl- Furfural from Glucose and Fructose in Ionic Liquids by Reactive Vacuum Distillation Over a Solid Catalyst

M. B. Nasirudeen, H. C. Hailes and J RG Evans.

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A Review on Advances in Organoborane-Chemistry: Versatile Tool in Asymmetric Synthesis

Paranjeet Kaur, Gopal L. Khatik and Surendra Kumar Nayak.

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Applications of Michael Addition Reaction in Organic Synthesis

Gangliang Huang and Xue Li.

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Diversity and Chemoselectivity in the Acid-Catalyzed Rearrangements of N,N’- Diarylhydrazines

Jiaxi Xu.

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An Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of benzo[1,4]thiazines, benzo[1,3]thiazoles and benzo[1,5]thiazepines

Ahmed Fikry Mohamed EL-Mahdy, Omima S. Mohamed, Hassan A. H. El-Sherif and Zeniab A Hozien.

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Effect of Natural Fibers Surface Treatment and their Reinforcement in Thermoplastic Polymer Composites: A Review

Deepak Verma and Siddharth Jain.

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2-Azetidinones in One-Pot from Imines and Carboxylic Acids via 1,4-Dichlorophthalazine

Maaroof Zarei.

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Recent Advances in Polymer Recycling: A Current Review

Mohamed El Mehdi Mekhzoum, Hanane Benzeid, Denis Rodrigue, Abou El Kacem Qaiss and Rachid Bouhfid.

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Catalysis of Organic Reactions in Binary Solvent Mixtures and Concentrated Solutions of Inorganic Salts

Wojciech J. Kinart and Zdzislaw Kinart.

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Nanoindentation and the Low Velocity Impact Response of Biofibre, Biopolymer and its Biocomposite Derived from Sugar Palm Tree

J. Sahari, S.M. Sapuan, E.S. Zainudin, M.R. Ishak, M.A. Maleque, M.Y.M. Zuhri and R Akhtar.

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A Review of Rice Husk Bio- Based Composites

N.A.M. Aridi, S.M. Sapuan, E.S. Zainudin and Faris M AL-Oqla.

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Studying Patterns of Synthesis of Low Freezing Distillates from Atmospheric Gasoil by means of Mathematical Modelling

Nataliya S. Belinskaya, Emiliya D. Ivanchina, Elena N. Ivashkina and G Sejtenova.

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An Overview on Polylactic Acid, its Cellulosic Composites and Applications

Naheed Saba, Mohammad Jawaid and Othman Y Alothman.

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Current Trend in the Application of Nanoparticles for Waste Water Treatment and Purification: A Review

M Amil Usmani, Imran Khan, Aamir H Bhat, Renjith S Pillai, Naheed Ahmad, M K Mohamad Haafiz and Mohammad Oves.

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The First Total Syntheses of the Diglycosides Virgaureoside A, of Solidago virgaurea L., and its analogue iso-Virgaureoside A

Elena V. Stepanova, Marina O. Nagornaya, Maxim L. Belyanin and Victor D Filimonov.

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Increasing the Selectivity of Synthesis Stages for Linear Alkyl Benzenes

Emiliya D. Ivanchina, Elena N. Ivashkina, Evgeniya V. Frantsina, Irena O. Dolganova and Stanislav Y Ivanov.

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Methods for Metal and Non-Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of Six-Membered Oxygen Containing Poly-Heterocycles

Navjeet Kaur.

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Synthesis of a Sulfonamide Pyruvate Kinase M2 Activator for Cancer Therapy


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Synthesis of 2-Arylbenzothiazoles via Condensation of Disulfides with Aldehydes Catalyzed by Na2S under Microwave Irradiation

Chenjie Bai, Ning Zhu, Bo Liu, Hailong Hong and Limin Han.

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The Utility of Hydrazonoyl Halides in the Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocyclic Compounds

Thoraya A. Farghaly, Magda A. Abdallah and Huda K Mahmoud.

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Synthesis and Antitumor/Antiviral Evaluation of Some 6–Thienyl–5–cyano-2– thiouracil Derivatives and Their Thiogalactosides Analogues

Hosam Ali Saad, Wesam S. Shehab and Samar Mouneir.

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Synthesis and Anti-tumor Activity of Some New Sebacoyl Chloride Based Heterocycles

Islam Helmy El-Azab and Nadia A Elkenzi.

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Chiral Ionic Liquids: Design, Synthesis and Applications in Asymmetric Organocatalysis

Avtar Singh and Harish Kumar Chopra.

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Total Synthesis of (–)-Tatarinoid B

Olga Inozemteva and Claudia G Lucero.

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The Branched C5 - C6 Hydrocarbons Synthesis on Pt - Catalyst

V. A. Chuzlov, E. D. Ivanchina, I. M. Dolganov, G. Zh. Sejtenova and S Y Ivanov.

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The Increase in the Yield of Light Fractions During the Catalytic Cracking of C13-C40 Hydrocarbons

Elena Ivashkina, Galina Nazarova, Emiliya Ivanchina, Nataliya Belinskaya and Stanislav Ivanov.

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Formaldehyde Synthesis over Foam Metal Catalysts

Alexey Pestryakov and Valerii Lunin.

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Gold and Silver Catalysts for Liquid Phase n-octanol Oxidation: Effect of Promoters

Yulia Kotolevich, Ekaterina Kolobova, Alexey Pestryakov, Jesús Efrén Cabrera Ortega, Nina Bogdanchikova, Vicente Cortés Corberán, Evgeniy Khramov, Yan Zubavichus, Rodolfo Zanella and Ekaterina Pakrieva.

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Synthesis of New 5-Oxazolones: Their Ring Opening Reactions to Obtain New Benzamide Derivatives

Omer Tahir Gunkara, Muge Guleli, Senem Akkus Cevikkalp, Kerem Kaya and Nuket Ocal.

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Novel Polymers Based on Dimethyl Esters of Norbornene Dicarboxylic Acids synthesized using Metathesis Ring-Opening Polymerization

Galina S. Bozhenkova, Roman V. Ashirov, Alexey A. Lyapkov, Stanislav A. Kiselev, Mekhman S. Yusubov and Francis Verpoort.

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More Insights Into Support and Preparation Method Effects in Gold Catalyzed Glycerol Oxidation

Nina Bogdanchikova, Inga Tuzovskaya, Laura Prati, Alberto Villa, Alexey Pestryakov and Mario Farías.

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Polyamides: Developments and Applications towards Next-generation Engineered Plastics

Muhammad Pervaiz, Mohammad Faruq, Mohammad Jawaid and Mohini Sain.

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New Page to Access Pyrazines and their Ring Fused Analogues: Synthesis from N-Propargylamines

Esmail Vessally, Akram Hosseinian, Ahmadreza Bekhradnia and Mehdi D Esrafili.

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Synthesis of Polytetrazines, Pyrazoles and Polypyrazoles Based on 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition

Abdelwahed R Sayed.

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Computation-Assisted Disconnection Approach for the Synthesis of Neoantimycins, 15-Membered Macrocyclic Depsipeptides

Shuhei Yamakoshi, Masako Okamoto, Hiroaki Sawamoto, Yuuki Arai, Eiji Kawanishi, Michiko Sasaki and Kei Takeda.

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Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction Catalyzed by Supported Palladium Under Microwave Irradiation

Qing Han Li, Yong Ding, Gang Zhang, Zhen Zhang and Song Mo.

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Constructing Heterocycles by Visible Light Photocatalysis

María E. Budén, Javier I. Bardagi and Roberto A Rossi.

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Efficient and Green One-Pot Multi-Component Synthesis of α-aminophosphonates Catalyzed by Zinc Triflate

Idris Essid and Soufiane Touil.

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