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Volume 4, 4 Issues, 2017

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Bimal K. Banik
Vice President of Research & Education Development
Community Health Systems of South Texas (CHSST)
Edinburg, TX

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Editorial Board


Bimal K. Banik (Biography
Bimal K. Banik

Dr. Banik is the Vice President of Research & Education Development of Community Health Systems of South Texas. He has been involved in research, teaching, mentoring, advising and administration in USA for the past 27 years. He was a Tenured Full Professor and President’s Endowed Professor at the University of Texas-Pan American. Dr. Banik has been awarded several million dollar grants by NIH, NCI and Private Foundation. Importantly, he has published and presented approximately 700 papers and patented numerous discoveries. He has received many national and international prestigious awards in diverse areas. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of 4 journals.


Vice President of Research & Education Development
Community Health Systems of South Texas (CHSST)
Edinburg, TX

Associate Editors:

J. Xu (Biography
J. Xu

Professor Jiaxi Xu is full professor in Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing. He previously was appointed as an associate professor and full-professor of organic chemistry at College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China. He received his B. Sc. in chemistry in 1987 and Ph. D. in organic chemistry in 1992 in Department of Chemistry at Peking University, Beijing, China. He carried out postdoctoral stays in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China (1992-1994), in Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University, USA (2000-2001), and in School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA (2001-2002).


Beijing University of Chemical Technology

J. Yu (Biography
J. Yu

Prof. Yu was a post-doctoral fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2001 to 2004, a visiting scientist from 2005 to 2006 at University of Bristol, a visiting scholar from 2007 to 2008 at University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include semiconductor photocatalysis, photocatalytic hydrogen production, CO2 reduction to hydrocarbon fuels, dye-sensitized solar cells, indoor air purification, adsorption, and hydrothermal synthesis of nanomaterials. He is Thomson Reuters "Hottest Researcher" of 2012. His name is also in the list of 2014, 2015 and 2016 Highly Cited Researchers from Thomson Reuters in Materials Science and Chemistry. He becomes a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2015.


Wuhan University of Technology

Regional Editors:

Region: North America
Q.-H. Zheng (Biography
Q.-H. Zheng

Dr. Zheng is Director of PET Radiochemistry and Tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine, USA. He has near 30 years of experience in synthetic organic chemistry, and 21 years of experience in radiopharmaceutical chemistry. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (1990) from Zhongshan University, China. He serves as an Editorial Board Member, a manuscript reviewer, an abstract reviewer and a grant reviewer for many scientific journals, scientific meetings and grant agencies/foundations. He has published over 300 research and review articles, meeting abstracts, and book chapters.


Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN
Region: South America
M.V.N. De Souza (Biography
M.V.N. De Souza

Marcus Vinícius Nora de Souza is a senior technologist at Oswaldo Cruz public health foudation – RJ, and leads a research group in organic chemistry, with emphasis in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, acting on neglected diseases (tuberculosis and malaria), cancer and synthetic methodologies. He has authored more than 250 manuscripts, 5 patents and 3 books, and their formation includes a PhD in organic and bioorganic chemistry (Universite de Paris XI (Paris-Sud) – France) with stage at the University of Barcelona – Spain, and three postdocs in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry (University of Florida – USA, Federal University of Juiz de Fora – MG, Pharmaceutical industry Genzyme - Boston – USA).


Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology
Far-Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro

Editorial Board Members:

K. Al-Zaydi
King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia

N.G. Bhat
The University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, TX

A.K. Chakraborti (Biography
A.K. Chakraborti

Dr. Asit K. Chakraborti is Professor and Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S. A. S. Nagar, Punjab, India. He had his M. Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India in 1977 being placed first in the first class. He received Ph. D. degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India in 1985. He is the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.


National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

G.H. Elgemeie (Biography
G.H. Elgemeie

Prof. Elgemeie is the author of over 220 scientific international papers on heterocyclic chemistry. He work as a professor at Helwan University in Egypt. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow. He is an international elected member of the Scientific Board of the International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP), UNESCO, in Paris. He was appointed to the position of Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Egypt in Berlin, Germany. He acted as a Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Foundation in Cairo. Prof. Elgemeie supervised several cooperation projects with the European Community under the TEMUPS programme. He has been awarded: D. Sc. Degree, and the African Union Scientific Award "Continental Scientific Award".


Helwan University

R.C. Gupta (Biography
R.C. Gupta

Dr. Ramesh Gupta is Dean SASRD, & Professor of chemistry at Nagaland University India. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Science, and Master of Science in organic chemistry from Lucknow University India, and Doctorate in Chemistry at Lucknow University, on Drug Development. Dr. Ramesh Gupta is a Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemist and has worked for several years as visiting professor/Scientist in various Medical schools; Louis pasture University France, University of Arizona USA, Osaka University & Nagoya University Japan, Kyung Hee University, Korea advance institute of science and technology (KAIST) Korea, Ben-Gurion University Israel, Linkoping University Sweden, University of Mons Belgium, University of Western Australia, Sydney ,University of Bergen ,Norway and some others. Prof Guptas’ research focuses on the Natural & Synthetic Drug Development, role of sulfur amino acids in health care, functional food, nutraceuticals and environmental Biotechnology & gender issues.


Nagaland University

J.Y. Hwang
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

G. Keglevich
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

S. Mallakpour
Isfahan University of Technology

R.C. Maurya (Biography
R.C. Maurya

Dr. Maurya, D.Sc. is currently Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Dean Faculty of Science, R. D. University, Jabalpur, M.P., India. He earned D.Sc. degree from this University in 1995. He is an elected Fellow of the RSC, Great Britain, U. K.. During International Year of Chemistry (2011), he has been honoured for dedication towards teaching and promoting Chemistry in India by Tata Chemicals, Bombay in Collaboration with Association of Chemistry Teachers, India. He is recipient of Best Science Teacher Award 2012 of MPCST, in Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur. Dr. Maurya bagged Silver Medal Award in International Conference on “Futuristic Materials and Emerging Trends in Forensic and Life Sciences” in 2015 by the Indian Association of Solid State Chemists and Allied Scientists.


Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya

L.R. Odell
Uppsala University

M. Pineiro (Biography
M. Pineiro

Marta Pineiro achieved her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 2003 in the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and since 2002 has been enrolled at the University of Coimbra, being at present Auxiliary Professor. Her research interests are in the area of sustainable synthesis, microwave-assisted organic synthesis and synthesis and biological applications of tetrapyrrolic macrocycles. She has published so far 45 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 16 meeting proceedings and is the co-author of 5 books and book chapters and 2 patents.


Departamento de Química

S. Sarveswari
SAS, VIT University

V. Singh
University of Allahabad

M. Thirumavalavan (Biography
M. Thirumavalavan

Dr. M. Thirumavalavan is a Senior Research Scientist at Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan. He has nearly 18 years of experience in the research, discovery and teaching aimed to new cutting edges both in Science and engineering technologies. Previously, Dr. Thirumavalavan served as the Research Scientist at various countries working on multi-disciplinary fields of science and technology. Currently his research is focused on different nanomaterials to explore their wide applications in chemical, biotechnology and pharmacology fields. Notably, Dr. Thirumavalavan has authored more than 45 manuscripts and also being one of the editorial board members of few journals.


Post Doctoral Scientist

Y. Wang (Biography
Y. Wang

Prof. Yong Wang was born in 1976 and received his B Eng (1997) and M Eng (2000) in chemical engineering from Tianjin University, China, and Ph.D. (2004) in chemical engineering from National University of Singapore. He worked as a research fellow in Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliances from 2004 to 2006. He is currently a professor and the vice dean of School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University. His current research interests focus on nanomaterials for energy storage and environment. He has published over 80 peer-review papers with a total citation more than 5000 times.


Shanghai University

M.H. Zeng (Biography
M.H. Zeng

Dr. Zeng is a currently a full professor in Guangxi Normal University. After got Ph.D. from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2004, he started independent research on the synthesis, properties, structural transformation and post-synthetic modification of coordination polymers. Currently his work mainly focus on the complex chemistry of coordination molecular in solution, especially their assembly mechanism, which can push the rational preparation of target materials with interesting magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties. He has published more than 100 papers and got more than 3300 citations in above research.


Guangxi Normal University

D. Bandyopadhyay
University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, TX

D. Bogdal
Renewble Materials Politechnika Krakowska ul

C.F. Chen (Biography
C.F. Chen

Prof. Chen is now working at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2000, he was selected for Hundred Talents Program by CAS. In 2006, he was awarded National Science Fund of China for Distinguished Young Scholars. He has published about 250 research papers and 3 books during the last two decades. His current research interests include (1) synthesis of triptycene-derived macrocyclic hosts and their applications in supramolecular chemistry, (2) synthesis of novel chiral organic dyes and their applications in organic functional materials, (3) synthesis of helicene-based catalysts and their applications in catalytic asymmetric synthesis.


Chinese Academy of Sciences

A. Figiel (Biography
A. Figiel

Prof. Figiel serves as the head of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the research and practical aspects of drying, food engineering and food chemistry. He has authored more than 90 manuscripts (27 published in JCR journals), 5 book chapters, patent and patent application. He is a principal investigator in 4 projects with particular emphasis on the exploitation of R&D results. Prof. Figiel is also a member of Polish Society for Agrophysics and Polish Society for Agricultural Engineering.


Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

J.J. Gutierrez
The University of Texas Pan American
Edinburg, TX

V.K. Ivanov (Biography
V.K. Ivanov

Dr. Ivanov is Director of the Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has nearly 25 years of expertise in materials chemistry, microwave chemistry and sonochemistry. Dr. Ivanov holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. He has authored more than 250 papers and 14 patents. Dr. Ivanov is also a Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry

L. Kustov
Russian Academy of Sciences

I. Mangalagiu (Biography
I. Mangalagiu

Dr. Mangalagiu is a professor of organic and medicinal chemistry and Vice-Rector with research at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. Previously, prof. Mangalagiu served as Dean, Vice-Dean, Head of Organic Chemistry Department, etc. at Faculty of Chemistry. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the research, focused in the area of Heterocycles Compounds. He has over 160 papers, 13 patents, 3 international chapter books, etc. He was Visiting Professor and/or invited speaker to prestigious foreign universities (Ludwig Maximilianus University Munchen and Technische Universität Braunschweig, University of Florence, Universite D’Angers), awarded with numerous prizes and honours: DAAD and NATO award, “Costin D. Nenitescu Medal” (Romanian Society of Chemistry), “Al.I.Cuza University Award in Research”, “Grand Prize Euroinvent” (Euroinvent, Romania), Special Award of Croatian Association of Inventors, etc.


University of Iasi

H.M. Meshram
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

M. Ozil (Biography
M. Ozil

Musa Özil, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University in Turkey. His research interests are design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new heterocyclic compounds such as triazole, oxadiazole, thiadiazole, benzimidazole, coumarine… etc. He is the member of the Editorial Board of Current Organocatalysis, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds and Current Microwave Chemistry. He has published over 60 research articles, meeting abstracts, and book chapters.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan University

T.M. Pinho e Melo (Biography
T.M. Pinho e Melo

Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo studied Chemistry at the University of Coimbra, where she obtained the PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1995. She was Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool (1992-1993). She received her Habilitation in Organic Chemistry in 2003. She is currently Director of the Department of Chemistry, Associate Professor with Habilitation and Head of the Organic Chemistry Research Group at the University of Coimbra. She is also President of the Division of Organic Chemistry of the Portuguese Chemical Society. She has published more than 115 peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals. Her research interests are in the area of synthetic and mechanistic heterocyclic organic chemistry. She is particularly concerned with the development of synthetic routes to new bioactive molecules.


University of Coimbra

J.A. Seijas
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

M. Taddei
Università degli Studi di Siena

B. Torok
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA

F. Wiesbrock (Biography
F. Wiesbrock

Frank Wiesbrock received his doctorate at the Technical University of Munich in 2003 for his work on metal ß-amino carboxylates under the supervision of H. Schmidbaur. His subsequent biannual postdoctoral stays with U.S. Schubert at the Eindhoven Technical University and T. Calogeropoulou at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens focused on block copoly(2-oxazoline)s and dendrimers from microwave-assisted synthesis. Since 2008, he is assistant professor at the Graz University of Technology, where he completed his habilitation in 2012. Currently he is employed at the Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) as senior researcher and manager of the consortial ‘PolyComp’-Project.


Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH

Y.-J. Zhu (Biography
Y.-J. Zhu

Ying-Jie Zhu is a full Professor at Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He received Master degree and Ph. D. from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1992 and 1994, respectively. He worked as an Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at USTC from 1994 to 1997. From 1997 to 1998 he worked as a Visiting Professor at University of Western Ontario, Canada. From 1998 to 1999 he worked as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at Fritz-Haber Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany. He then was a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Utah and University of Delaware, USA, from 1999 to 2002.


Chinese Academy of Sciences

T. Besson
Université de Rouen
Rouen Cedex

D.I. Brahmbhatt (Biography
D.I. Brahmbhatt

Dr.D.I.Brahmbhatt is Head(Ex.) and Professor of Organic Chemistry at Department of Chemistry, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, India. He has 37 years of research and teaching experience. His research area is organometalic reaction, organic synthesis especially oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles, microwave assisted organic synthesis and synthesis of natural products. He has produced 22 Ph.D. students and published more than 60 research papers. He has remained as a chairman of board of studies in Chemistry, coordinator of UGC - CEAP(Center of Excellence in Applied Polymers) programme at S.P.University and member on board of CAS (Center for Advanced Study) programme at Department of Chemistry, S.P.University and acted as a committee member in different committees at Sardar Patel University.


Sardar Patel University

M. El-Newehy
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

F. Gao (Biography
F. Gao

Dr. Fei Gao is now an assistant professor in ShanghaiTech University, China. He received the PhD degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Nanyang Technological University, in 2015. He was a postdoctoral visiting scholar at Stanford University in 2015. After that, he joined NTU again working as a research fellow and electromagnetic-ultrasound group leader. His research interests include fundamental study and system development of thermoacoustic and photoacoustic imaging modalities, circuit and system for biomedical applications. He has authored and co-authored over 50 journal and conference papers, one book chapter, and two patents filed.


Nanyang Technological University

R. Hoogenboom (Biography
R. Hoogenboom

Richard Hoogenboom (1978) studied chemical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands). In 2005, he obtained his Ph.D. under the supervision of Ulrich S. Schubert and continued working as a project leader for the Dutch Polymer Institute. After postdoctoral training with Martin Moeller and Roeland Nolte, he was appointed as associate professor at Ghent University in 2010 and in October 2014 he was promoted to full professor. His research interests include stimuli-responsive polymers, supramolecular polymers, and poly(2-oxazoline)s. He has published > 300 scientific articles and is currently associate editor for European Polymer Journal and Australian Journal of Chemistry. Prof. Hoogenboom is the recipient of the inaugural Polymer Chemistry Lectureship (2015) and the fifth PI IUPAC award (2016).


Ghent University

B. Kahveci (Biography
B. Kahveci

Dr.Kahveci was born in 1965 in Trabzon ( TURKEY). He studied heterocyclic chemistry at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University from 2000 to 2011, and then studied at Karadeniz Technical Univercity. After 2008, he focused on heterocyclic synthesis with microwave technics.He has authored more than 70 manuscripts. He wrote with his co-authors firstly Turkish book tittled “Inroduction to Microwave Organic Synthesis”.He is going to translate a book that tittled “Heterocyclic Chemistry at a glance” from English to Turkish with his co-authors.Now. he works as a professor at Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences at Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey.


Karadeniz Technical University

H. Liu (Biography
H. Liu

Prof. Hong Liu’s efforts mainly dedicate to the research of pharmaceutical chemistry and drug design and discovery. She is also focusing on the development of new organic synthetic methodologies, building focused combinatorial libraries, and the discovery and optimization of lead compounds for new drugs. Dr. Hong Liu has published 269 academic papers in peer-review journals, such as Chemical Reviews, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, etc. Dr. Liu wrote 11 books as chapter author as well and applied 55 patents.


Chinese Academy of Sciences

M.A.P. Martins
Federal University of Santa Maria
Santa Maria

C. Mukhopadhyay (Biography
C. Mukhopadhyay

Professor Chhanda Mukhopadhyay ranked first in the first class in both the Undergraduate and Post Graduate Examinations of the University of Calcutta.

She did her Ph.D. from the renowned institute, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in 1991. Next, she moved onto Bose Institute in 1992 and worked there till 1994 to work on “the structure and dynamics of bent DNA”. From 1998-2000, Professor Mukhopadhyay worked at M.D. Anderson Cancer Centre at Houston, Texas Medical Centre, USA. At present she is a full professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta. She has over 108 publications in many international journals of repute like Organic Letters, Green Chemistry, etc...Her research interest is on Organic Synthesis with special emphasis on nitrogen containing heterocycles like pyridines, imidazoles, triazoles etc…, Green Chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis mainly silica based, organic-inorganic hybrid catalysts, mixed metal-oxide catalysts, host-guest chemistry focussing on the formation of pseudorotaxanes, application of nano-catalysts towards organic transformations, multicomponent reactions. She was awarded the Chemical Research Society of India Bronze Medal Award 2015 and R.S. Verma Memorial award by the Indian Chemical Society in 2015.


Department of Chemistry
Calcutta, West Bengal

R.M. Palou (Biography
R.M. Palou

Rafael Martínez Palou holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Havana. He performed graduate studies in Chemical M.Sc. and PhD. in Organic Chemistry with honors and best doctoral thesis in 2001 from National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. He received a postdoctoral position at Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP, 2001-2002) where he worked as researcher since 2002. He is involved in the development of new organic compounds for chemical treatment in the Oil Industry and in biofuels and biomass valorization. He has published more than 50 papers and reviews in international journals, twenty patents, and is author of seven book chapters and the book "Microwave in Chemistry" published in the US in 2006.


Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
Mexico, D.F

M.L.N. Rao (Biography
M.L.N. Rao

Maddali L. N. Rao obtained Ph.D. in 1996 from the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. He had carried out post doctoral research in Japan and USA before joining IIT Kanpur in the year 2003. Dr. Rao with more than 20 years of research experience is currently Professor in the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur. He has been actively involved in the development of New Generation Cross-coupling reactions, GREEN Organometallic methods for organic synthesis. His other broad research interests spread across Organic Synthesis, Metal-catalyzed reactions, Organocatalysis, microwave-mediated organic synthesis, organometallics and Green Chemistry.


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

R.K. Sharma (Biography
R.K. Sharma

Dr R. K. Sharma is a Professor and Co-ordinator of the Green Chemistry Network Centre at Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, India. He has teaching experience of more than 25 years in subject areas related to bioinorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, catalysis, organometallics and inorganic chemistry. His research interests primarily focus on the fabrication of metal selective functionalized silica gels for their applications as scavengers, sensors and catalysts, designing of novel metal-chelating inhibitors of transcription factor NF-κB-DNA binding, chemical speciation, molecular modelling studies etc. He has about 150 research publications including reviews, journal articles and book chapters to his credit.


University of Delhi

Y. Tang
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

R.S. Varma (Biography
R.S. Varma

Dr. Varma obtained his Ph.D. from Delhi University in 1976. After postdoctoral positions at Robert Robinson Laboratories, University of Liverpool, UK, he was a faculty member at Baylor College of Medicine, Senior Scientist at Houston Advanced Research Center, and Research Professor at Sam Houston State University prior to joining as senior scientist in the Sustainable Technology Division at US Environmental Protection Agency in 1999. He has over 40 years of research experience in management of multi-disciplinary technical programs ranging sustainable nanomaterials to development of eco-friendly synthetic methods using microwaves, ultrasound and mechanochemical mixing. He has published over 450 scientific papers, awarded 15 US Patents, 7 books, 27 book chapters and 3 encyclopedia contributions with (H-Index 89) and total citations ~ 25,000.


National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Cincinnati, OH

R.N. Yadav
University of Texas-Pan American
Edinburg, TX

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