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Volume 4, 2 Issues, 2017

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Giulio Francia
The University of Texas
El Paso, TX

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Editorial Board


Giulio Francia (Biography
Giulio Francia

Dr. Francia began his career by undertaking a PhD with Dr. Ian Hart at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, UK, which has since evolved into Cancer UK. After his PhD, he trained with Dr. Robert Kerbel in Toronto, Canada, on aspects of metastasis, therapies for metastatic disease, and tumor resistance to therapy. He is now Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at El Paso, where he is attempting to set up a research program that is internationally recognized for pioneering new cancer therapeutic ideas, and for generating in vivo models to help translate laboratory findings into the clinic - by developing new metastatic tumor models, and by refining those he has already established.


The University of Texas
El Paso, TX


Ronit Satchi-Fainaro (Biography
Ronit Satchi-Fainaro

Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro (Ph.D.) is Head of the Cancer Angiogenesis & Nanomedicine Laboratory; Chair of the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, serves on the Preclinical Dekanat of the Faculty of Medicine, is President of the Israeli Society of Controlled Release and is Chair of IAUCC. Prof. Satchi-Fainaro received her Bachelor of Pharmacy from the Hebrew University, Israel (1995) and her Ph.D. from the University of London, UK (1999). She then spent two years as postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and Children’s Hospital Boston working with Judah Folkman on novel angiogenesis-targeted nanomedicines. In 2003, she was appointed Instructor in Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School and continued to have a Visiting Associate Professor position there till 2011. She joined Tel Aviv University in 2006.


Tel Aviv University, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Tel Aviv

Associate Editors:

J.M.L. Ebos
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo, NY

K.X. Sun (Biography
K.X. Sun

Dr Xueying Sun obtained MD and PhD from Shandong University in 1994. He is currently holding a professorial position at the Department of Surgery, the Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, and a position of Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Department of Molecular Medicine & Pathology, FMHS, University of Auckland. His present research and professional specialities include tumor hypoxia, cancer molecular targeted therapy, cellular signalling and non-coding RNAs. He was a winner of World Health Organization Fellowship (1999-2000) and Wellcome Trust Leave Fellowship (2001-2005). He has published over 200 research articles in peer-viewed journals including 120 articles in Science Citation Index journals. He is also a member of Editorial board of five academic journals, and a member of the review panels for National Natural Scientific Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education of China.


Harbin Medical University

D. Fan (Biography
D. Fan

Professor Daiming Fan is the member and vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign associate of the USA National Academy of Medicine, past president of Fourth Military Medical University, past president of Chinese Society of Gastroenterology, director of Xijing Hospital of Digestive Diseases, and director of State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology. He is now the vice president of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, and vice president of Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology. As the congress president, he successfully organized the GASTRO2013 (WCOG/APDW) in Shanghai. He was the first awardee of the Prize “French National Academy of Medicine-Servier”.


Fourth Military Medical University

G.M. Pitari
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA

Regional Editors:

Region: Europe
G. Bocci (Biography
G. Bocci

Dr. Bocci is a professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pisa. He obtained the degree of Medicine (1995), the degree of Clinical Pharmacology (1999) and a PhD in Pharmacology (2003) from the University of Pisa. Dr. Bocci was post-doctoral fellow for 3 years at the University of Toronto. Dr. Bocci is PI of projects granted by international associations, foundations and pharmaceutical companies. He is member of ASCO and AACR. He is author of more than 130 scientific papers published on international journals, 11 chapters on books, and 5 patents. He is regional editor of Clinical Cancer Drugs from the foundation of the journal.


University of Pisa
T. Robak (Biography
T. Robak

Tadeusz Robak MD., Ph.D. is Professor of Hematology at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. He currently holds the posts of Professor of Hematology at the Medical University of Lodz and Chief of Department of Hematology at the Copernicus Memorial Hospital in Lodz, Poland. The particular research emphasis has been on the application of new drugs in the treatment of leukemia multiple myeloma and lymphoma and interactions of antineoplastic agents. Professor Robak published more than 550 journal articles, 480 abstracts and 25 books and chapters. He received award “Eminent Scientist of the Year 2010” from International Research Promotion Council (IRPC).


Medical University of Lodz
Region: USA
N.S. Yee (Biography
N.S. Yee

Dr. Yee obtained a medical doctorate (M.D.) and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Molecular Biology from Cornell University. Currently, Dr. Yee is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Hematology and Oncology in the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. He is also a medical oncologist in the PennState Cancer Institute, and an attending and consultant physician in the PennState Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. He has published extensively in basic, translational, and clinical sciences, including original research articles, review articles, book chapters, and clinical case reports. Dr. Yee is currently the Regional Editor of this journal (Clinical Cancer Drugs), published by Bentham Science Publishers.


Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute
Hershey, PA

Editorial Board Members:

N. Andre
Children Hospital of "La Timone"

G.-Q. Chen
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Q. P. Dou
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

C. Funes
Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

J. Ho (Biography
J. Ho

Dr. James Ho is an Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant at the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). He received his medical degree (M.B.,B.S.) in 1993 and M.D. in 2007 from HKU, with training in internal medicine and respiratory medicine. He is FCCP and FRCP (Edin, Lond and Glasg). Dr. Ho has an established track record in lung cancer research, and the areas of focus over the years include preclinical models, the role of antioxidants, epidemiology, diagnostics, and clinical trials. He has published more than 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

P. Limonta
University of Milan

H. Nagai
Toho University Omori Medical Center

P. Nowak-Sliwinska
University Hospital Lausanne (CHUV)

D. Santini
University Campus Bio-Medico

Y.J. Surh
Seoul National University
South Korea

M.C. Yergeri
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy

A. Bardelli
University of Torino

S. Cos Corral
University of Cantabria

U. Emmenegger
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

A.W. Griffioen (Biography
A.W. Griffioen

Dr. Griffioen obtained his PhD in immunology and medicine from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He is Being trained and formally registered as an immunologist, dr Griffioen’s research interest is in vascular biology and angiogenesis. He is currently professor of experimental oncology and angiogenesis and is heading the Angiogenesis Laboratory at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Dr. Griffioen has published over 220 scientific publications, is inventor on 20 patents and is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Angiogenesis (1997).


VU University Medical Center
The Netherlands

Y. Imai
Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

S.E. Lipshultz
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI

G. Natale (Biography
G. Natale

Gianfranco Natale is associate professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Pisa. He obtained the degree of Medicine (1990) and the degree of Clinical Pharmacology (2004) from the University of Pisa. He participated in the organization of scientific congresses and exhibitions. He is author of more than 80 scientific papers published on international journals, 20 chapters on books, and 1 book. He is director of the Museum of Human Anatomy “Filippo Civinini” of the University of Pisa and he is interested in the history of medicine.


University of Pisa

W.K. Oh
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY

E. Segal
Paris Descartes University
Saints-Peres, Paris

H. Tang
Tianjin Medical University

P. de Souza
University of Western Sydney

J. Brabek (Biography
J. Brabek

Jan Brábek is an Associate Professor at Charles University and BIOCEV and a principal investigator of laboratory of Cancer Cell Invasion. His areas of expertise are individual cancer cell invasiveness (molecular and cellular mechanisms of mesenchymal and amoeboid invasiveness, invasive structures – podosomes, invadopodia) and integrin-mediated Src signalling (signalling through FAK/Src and p130CAS, regulation of Src and its signalling), phosphoproteomics of Src-transformed cells. He is a member of the Invadosome Consortium, in 2006 he received an Award of the League Against Cancer.


Charles University
Czech Republic

A. Di Paolo (Biography
A. Di Paolo

Antonello Di Paolo received his MD (1992) and degree in Pharmacology (2000) from the University of Pisa, Italy, while he gained his PhD (1997) at the Superior School of University Studies in Pisa. Currently, Antonello Di Paolo is associate professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pisa and physician at the Unit of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics, Civil Hospital, Pisa. His main research is focused on pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of anticancer agents, with special interest in fluoropirimidines in colorectal cancers, small tyrosine kinase inibitors and immunomodulating agents in hematological malignancies. He is authors of more than 100 articles published on indexed international journals.


University of Pisa

J. Fidler
University of Texas
Houston , TX

M. Hajduch
Palacky University and University Hospital Olomouc
Czech Republic

J. Li
Fudan University Cancer Center

D. Marchetti
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

R.J. Nicholas
Virginia Cancer Specialists
Fairfax, VA

J.W. Park
University of California
San Francisco, CA

S.Y. Sun
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

B.M. Veneziani
University of Naples Federico II - Medical School

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