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Volume 12, 10 Issues, 2015

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Letters in Organic Chemistry

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Miguel Yus
Universidad de Alicante Apdo

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Authors' Comments

"I am very happy for working with Bentham Science Publishers.

As I am from a country where English in not native, the language of my article needed editing and the people at Bentham Science Publishers helped me through every step of the way. As for my opinion, the Bentham Science Publishers can offer excellent service for English-editing.."

Dr. Nian-Guang Li
Has contributed: Efficient Chemical Synthesis of a Scutellarein Derivative Containing Morpholine Ring
"It was a great experience working with Bentham Science Publishers. I would like to express my appreciation for the prompt and early responses received by Bentham during the different stages of our paper’s acceptance and publication.

I am glad that I received timely, regular replies to all my queries. It is a good proof of how responsible and serious the editorial team at Bentham is towards their customer’s time and I wish them a lot of success."

Dr. Maryam Hajjami
Has contributed: L-Pyrrolidine-2-Carboxylic Acid-4-Hydrogen Sulfate (Supported on SilicaGel) as a New and Efficient Catalyst for Acylation of Alcohols, Phenols andAmines Under Solvent-Free Conditions
"I have been publishing my research work in many different journals since five years, but publishing my article in Letters in Organic Chemistry was both unique and rewarding. It was my first experience working with Bentham Science Publishers, and I found the editorial team to be competent and cooperative. Even when I suggested changes in my manuscript at the last moment, they were glad to oblige and incorporate them. My paper was accepted and revised in a swift manner, and I would approve the publication process at Bentham to be professional, rapid and hassle-free."

Dr. M. Nazir Tahir
Has contributed: A Rapid Click Chemistry Using Beta-Cyclodextrin Immobilized on GlassMicro-Particles
"Thanks for the kind acceptance of our manuscript for publication in “Letters in Organic Chemistry”. It was quite a memorable experience to work with Bentham Science Publishers.

I found the editors to be very efficient and they have done a very good job of processing and revising the manuscript.

Thank you! "

Dr. Xu Silong
Has contributed: Catalytic Approaches to Stoichiometric Phosphine-Mediated Organic

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