Targeting BMP9-Promoted Human Osteosarcoma Growth by Inactivation of Notch Signaling

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Volume 17, 9 Issues, 2017

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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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Ruiwen Zhang
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
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Targeting BMP9-Promoted Human Osteosarcoma Growth by Inactivation of Notch Signaling

Current Cancer Drug Targets, 14(3): 274-285.

Author(s): Ruidong Li, Wenwen Zhang, Jing Cui, Wei Shui, Liangjun Yin, Yang Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Ning Wang, Ningning Wu, Guoxin Nan, Xian Chen, Sheng Wen, Fang Deng, Hongmei Zhang, Guolin Zhou, Zhan Liao, Junhui Zhang, Qian Zhang, Zhengjian Yan, Wei Liu, Zhonglin Zhang, Jixing Ye, Youlin Deng, Hue H. Luu, Rex C. Haydon, Tong-Chuan He and Zhong-Liang Deng.

Affiliation: Molecular Oncology Laboratory, The University of Chicago Medical Center, 5841 South Maryland Avenue, Room J-611, Chicago, IL 60637, USA.


Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common primary malignancy of bone and is usually associated with poor prognosis due to its high incidence of metastasis and chemoresistance. Molecular pathogenesis of OS is poorly understood. We previously showed that OS cells are refractory to BMP9-induced osteogenesis and respond favorably to proliferation and tumor growth. Here we investigate if Notch signaling mediates the BMP9-promoted cell proliferation and tumor growth of human osteosarcoma (OS). We find that the expression of Notch1, Notch2, Notch3, DLL1, JAG1 and JAG2 is readily detected in most of the tested OS cell lines. BMP9-promoted OS cell proliferation, migration, and cell cycle S/G2 progression are effectively inhibited by a dominant-negative mutant of Notch1 (dnNotch1) or the γ-secretase inhibitor Compound E (ComE). Furthermore, BMP9-promoted tumor growth and osteolytic lesions in vivo are significantly inhibited by dnNotch1. BMP9 up-regulates the expression of Notch1, Notch3, DLL1, and JAG1 in OS cells. Accordingly, BMP9 stimulation induces a nuclear accumulation of NICD, which is blocked by ComE. Our results demonstrate that BMP9-promoted OS proliferation and tumor growth is at least in part mediated by Notch signaling, suggesting that osteogenic BMPs may function as upstream regulators of Notch signaling in OS tumorigenesis. Thus, pharmacologic intervention of Notch signaling may be explored as a new therapeutic strategy for human OS tumors.


BMP9, bone tumorigenesis, notch signaling, osteogenesis, osteosarcoma, soft tissue tumors.

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Volume: 14
Issue Number: 3
First Page: 274
Last Page: 285
Page Count: 12
DOI: 10.2174/1568009614666140305105805
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